Mars Rahu Conjunction – Angarak Yoga – War or Breakthrough!

Mars & Rahu will meet in tropical zodiac Cancer on 12th June 2019, this is Angaraka Yoga which is associated with unprecedented drive, tempers, warrior spirit, rebellion & risk taking. We think we know what we want & we want it now. But this aspect is happening while Mars is invisible, out of bounds & in its fall positions. So while this aspect teaches us lessons in self assertion, the actions might not be optimal & driven by emotions more than thought through plans & good motives. Combined with moral & ideological high of Jupiter Neptune square which is meeting on 16th Jun but felt all month – this is actions under delusion illusion – to use Trump’s words.

This is a war like energy unfortunately under misinformation when less than honorable actions are seen so we need to be prepared in our own personal situation to get ahead of this energy to leverage the positive element of it well versus letting its energy take over us. Many of the great leaders who have broken out of society’s norm & seen unprecedented success like Lincoln, Einstein, Shivaji have this aspect but we need awareness for its optimal usage.

And that’s why we need to get ahead of it.

Saturn Ketu conjunction – which is currently active & is releasing old disfunction in our administration, our respective lives & urging us to change our modus operandi of rules by which we run our lives – that aspect will be opposed by this high energy volatile Mars Rahu combination on 14th June. This is rebellion, this is outburst against disfunctional rules & administrations, this is volcanic eruption, this is solar flare which changes the magnetic field of earth creating power outages, communication issues, stress, anger, anxiety, weakness.

I say this for us to be prepared as some things do need to come to a head for us to find accelerated progress & growth with the July eclipses & this aspect is very much a precursor to the 3rd July Eclipse.

While all of this is well in making now, we will in my view see the first string of events from 6th June when Moon in Cancer meets Mars opposing Pluto Ketu which is an emotional trigger for what follows.

We are in a mutable month, 8-11 Jun gives us a mutable T-Square which can be a turning point for us for the better if we stay open to reviewing views & information that’s shown to us contrary to our belief. After all that’s what Mutable season is for. To grow, to learn, to change our mind. The Mutable T-Square will put us inevitably on a cross road where the main way out would be a choice in my view which will decide the forward course.

So suggestion is to plan ahead, set your intentions – 31 May-4 Jun – set your intentions when Venus meets Saturn Pluto – what am I working towards & why I want it so much – what’s in my heart. And stay flexible around 8-11 Jun when possibly alternative facts are shown to us.

Good luck & God Bless 💫

Review sign specific Video for your rising / sun / moon sign to see how you can make best use of this aspect

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4 May 2019 New Moon in Taurus – The Abundance!

After the fire season we are slowly but surely moving towards firmer ground. This new moon in Taurus on 4 May 2019 is a crucial step in that direction & instrumental in bringing stability, abundance, grounding, Long term clarity, direction & love in our path. It’s happening at the degree of Karl Marx – the degree of human evolution as move out of stagnant murky waters to solid abundant grounds.

Refer to the overview of the first half of May’19 & The New Moon

Saturn in Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn & South Node in Capricorn continue to be in close proximity with Saturn meeting Ketu on 30th April or 1st May – there is a wall that is hit, an old karmic constraint comes up which we need to resolve this time differently. Releasing that fear, that behavioural pattern, that rule – shifts everything for us.

Mars in Gemini meeting Jupiter in Sagittarius on 5th May can bring few over the top actions & good results provided we don’t go overboard. Our desire actions would require some compromise. Mercury moves into Taurus as well on the 6th of May when it becomes a better time to start something new.

Uranus in Taurus will continue to surprise us specially on 8th May when Mercury meets Uranus in Taurus at a degree of discovery so new information comes out about this new start.

Venus in Taurus will begin after 15th May so expensive things are best bought or investments best made after that. Venus will meet Uranus on 18th May when certain surprises in our personal life could be experienced. These are freeing aspects paving the way to next step of realisation of how to act differently this time to progress faster & further.

Speed spontaneity pioneering spirit is giving way to solid grounding common sense, five senses, pleasure, we will see clearer & go firmer as the month progresses. Our desire actions would require focus and changes as a part of maturing our plans.

Good dates this month – 2/9/11/13/16/18 May.

Degrees most influenced by new moon is 14 degree so around 3-8th of the month born specially fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) & to some extend earth signs of Virgo & Capricorn.

Degrees most influenced by Saturn Pluto South Node & who would see a breakthrough by removing an old restriction/mythology are 19-23 degree or 10-16th born Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn). This will come easier to Taurus, & Virgo – earth signs.

Jupiter continues to bless 23 degree/around 13-15th born Fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius , Leo) & create breakthroughs for mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini)

Refer to sign specific details of the new moon & aspects in first half 2019

Good luck and more to come 💫

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Extreme events of past few days & the full moon that just went & what’s about to come – Meaning of it all 💫🙏

It’s not a popular statement but what we are seeing is a repeat of Last entry of Uranus in Taurus when Hitler started coming to power, The night of Long knives was executed (1934-Uranus entered Taurus) and bull headedness / hard opinions & hard liners became popular. It tore the society, like today when we have never been more divisive.

Pluto being strong while going retrograde along with South node is exposing power issues & underbelly of our society, but in cardinal sign its a self inflicted/induced transformation. World war was delayed yet created with these uncompromising steps, it was a man made disaster as are current events. My condolences to those who were personally impacted. We do have to dig deeper.

The Sri Lanka government officials had full warning of the blasts per media but the internal infighting of power between President & PM costed lives. French Govt had protests going on around the Church for longest time, yet the alert was low. Phils is a typhoon prone country, yet growing abundance wants to create glass swimming pool on top of a high rise. We can go on…Its not one side of the argument – fault if any is on both sides.

Full moon of 19th April has unleashed the first Uranus impact. And Ketu brings back past right in front of our eyes for one purpose – What would you do differently this time ? Would you rise from your previous response – beyond your ego (Pluto-Ketu) & beyond your self created boundaries of religion, money & countries (Saturn-Ketu) to rise to a higher consciousness. Would you seek love & oneness when hatred & divisiveness is being sold in buckets.

Moksha isn’t a mass event – bombing of places, burning of churches doesn’t result in it, Moksha is an individual experience of a person rising above, driven by mass consciousness being evoked by extreme situations such as these.

Uranus in Taurus is a gift of innovation, of progress, of abundance but every gift is a responsibility & we are being tested as a society on how well we honor our gifts.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

Today large part of the world lives in relative abundance & freedom compared to previous times, yes, poverty, pain, loss, wars do exist but an earth that has seen much worst in form of non stop wars, asks us – how are we handling our current freedom, how are we honouring our current resources, our natural resources, our human faculties, our ability to progress technologically like never before. How are we using our time our energy our gift of being born in this time ?

May is a much calmer month as we would look to evolve in a meaningful way from what has transpired so far.
Uranus in Taurus will continue to be getting activated as it will meet Mercury our mind on 8th May & then Venus our person life & heart on 18th May – these points will help us give the Why? to recent events. Check if you haven’t yet videos on these topics specific to your sign as these energies continue for next few months.

Do check what Uranus in Taurus means for your Rising/sun/moon sign in March Videos

Do check what Full moon of 19th Apr, Saturn Pluto Ketu Conjunction means for your rising/sun/moon sign in April Videos

I wish you much love as we progress together 💕

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In the gold between my cracks…

I know you were with me today I could feel it..
Why do I keep trying to find pieces of you in every person I like and then disappointed to not find the whole of you…
Why don’t I just accept when you make your presence made felt to me and accept that you are loving me as unconditionally as is ever possible …
It’s not so easy you see for a person who likes to see it to believe it that a power so big yet so invisible exists and is with me always.
And only the power of belief, which isn’t my strongest qualities can make me feel your presence felt truly.

Cause when I just accept that I sit on your palm with no worry in the world, everything you ever wanted for me comes to me cause you are all that is love.

And I always try to find them in the pieces of manifestations you make for me versus believing in the real manifester.

Why don’t I just believe in you when I am not able to believe in me.

That you have always had me in the palm of your hand but it’s only when I believe then I can see it so clearly…
The stories you have written the webs you have weaved to make everything I ever wanted to come to me …
Never in the way I asked cause what’s the fun in that and we are not the best story tellers compared to the mastermind as yours …
But always in the way I needed cause journey is our real destination what we really asked for is all on the path and not in the end…

Every step of it as you show me adds someone or something to me breaks me rebuilds me

As I am told with our cracks filled with gold …

Yes it’s for the thrill of it all but I keep still looking for the whole of you when it’s always there right with me in the gold between my cracks

Reference –
1. Gold joinery – Japanese tradition

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Astrology of 20th March – Happy Equinox & Supermoon tonight!

On the day of a Vernal equinox, a new astrological year begins, the flowers bloom in one place & the leaves shed in the other – Change is in the air. The season of Rams always brings its freshness, it brings the pioneering spirit out in all of us but this time it starts with Chiron right next to Sun reminding us to not compromise our self identity even if it was suppressed in the past. It creates a sensitivity where the old wound was, for we heal only if we pain.

As we progress towards the night we observe the beautiful Libra Supermoon at critical zero degree. This is the last full moon which is a Supermoon in a series we have been seeing this year creating a more emotionally & physically impactful endings / culminations. We bring the last six months of edge of the seat 0-1 degree full moons to a close as we have been ticking the boxes to start afresh.

This full moon at the critical zero degree of Libra brings what’s hurting our self identity to a closure for Chiron in Aries puts up a fight for its healing, it’s a reminder that we are enough as just us and if a relationship or a contract , a commitment makes us feel any less, it’s not part of our future program. Balance is restored on this degree of perfect form but not without a price. This beauty comes with a purge, it comes with even over the top emotions as Uranus makes an inconjunction with the moon, creating an uneasiness, restlessness & even physical discomfort when we don’t break free from what we know is toxic. Don’t worry the next full moon will bring that toxicity to closure as we have the next full moon in April in same area but at 29 degree & with Uranus with Sun. We are starting what would be a 6 week purge at the very least – of toxicity in structure of our life, of unsaid unseen underbelly of our administrations & elite society.

Pluto South node conjunction of 4th April has already started showing its work, unlocking the seedy underbelly of our society, we all knew existed but there was no reckoning for so far. The evolution of the soul doesn’t come without a good purge & that’s what Pluto Ketu conjunction has initiated, more of that in April.

But as we stand tonight under this beautiful supermoon, culmination of chapters of imbalance in our life are key specially in relationships. Venus rules this full moon & creates potent contacts with Mars & Jupiter, highlighting our passions & what we love, even creating an optimism that perfection is not illusive and hence we must try & move forward from what’s not serving us as we have a lot to celebrate in the present & the optimistic future. We love more deeply, more passionately but more importantly more authentically without loosing who we are. And a new cycle begins!

If you haven’t yet, do check out what the full moon, Pluto Ketu Conjunction & Uranus in Taurus means for your rising / sun / moon sign –

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Reiterating the warnings for Mars-Uranus conjunction today

Continue to be careful while driving due to possible high heat/rage, using electronic devices, back up your work & careful in handling sharp objects specially today,.

Communication & overall communication / travel devices might not work as required on 13th so if you can postpone important business decisions or communication that’s best for 13th. Discussions with young ones & siblings can be charged up on the 13th as well.

Use the transit to free yourself of a restricting situations but use the physical impact of this transit wisely, stay safe.

Love & light 💫

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Astrology of 12-13th Feb’19 – Yin & Yang!

After a weekend of upheaval over the top, even abrasive energy, we have now descended into the seductive comfort of Taurus moon asking us to take a pause, to find value in existing moment, in the food we eat, in the comfort we live in and the warmth of our loved ones to counter the cold wave accentuated by the Aquarian new moon (as I indicated in my new moon video). We look for peace, for comfort, for slowing down a bit to enjoy a moment of peace before it starts all over again. Saturn Neptune soothes this moon asking it to engage in finding value in existing situation, to look for a disciplined approach & responsibility in our emotions & channel them in our Creative productive work.

It’s static, standing still if only for a moment to give you & financial markets a brief high & respite from your own internal upheavel to recover before it starts all over again…

…And it does on 13th second half when Mars finally enters the critical end degree of Aries & Moon moves into the restless of Gemini looking for answers again, looking to change the situation and countering the logic of Mercury for it finds that logic it saw doesn’t match how he or she truly feels. Conflict with the watery Mercury mind spoils the normally cool even playful demeanour of the Gemini moon. Under this first quarter moon the outcomes can go either ways & we will see that at political level as well, the duality, conflict between logic & emotions causing brief chaos before we find our way.

At a personal level, we communicate, read, discuss, argue only to realise we always had the answer within us & that sometimes choosing a way is better than oscillating between two minds. 13-15th is when we try to set a direction in this chaos cause after that we say adieu to this explosive Mars Uranus in Aries combination & move into fully embracing stability in our decision & direction chosen with the Taurus Mars.

Doesn’t mean changes won’t continue to happen as Uranus continues to be at the critical degrees and very strong as it’s about to enter Taurus for first time in 84 years changing how & what we derive value of our life from.

But we know what’s the path to our own brand of freedom, our authenticity, our new start cause that’s what Uranus in Aries of almost a decade has taught us that we all have our own unique paths, our unique destiny & our unique gifts to contribute to the world and we need to Pioneer our own cause in our personal situation versus following the norm of what the crowd wants.

Continue to be careful this week while driving, using electronic devices, back up your work & careful in handling sharp objects specially these two days (12-13 Feb’19). Communication & overall communication / travel devices might not work as required on 13th so if you can postpone important business decisions or communication that’s best for 13th. Discussions with young ones & siblings can be charged up on the 13th as well.

We have an over the TOP Valentine’s Day this year, more about that in next post. Do see what the Mars Uranus combination means for you if you haven’t yet –

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Astrology of 8-10 Feb’19 – Be Free

We have an opportunity this weekend to see our raw truth. To not lie to ourselves anymore, to know in no unclear terms where our desires are and where we are suppressing our own freedom with our own hands, where we have kept ourself & our potential in social bondage.

You might feel a bit raw, it may not be the easiest experience but this is the weekend where we meet ourselves without any pretence, no masks, no display, no worldly make up hiding the bumps & spots of our heart, just you meeting you…

Moon in Aries isn’t the easiest but it’s honest, it’s true to its own cause & it’s one purpose is to take care of your truth, your Essence, your one life on your own terms.

This weekend it meets the explosive duo of Mars & Uranus who are about to have their last in our lifetime meet in Aries on 13th Feb. I spoke about it extensively for each sign in my monthly videos.

It’s what I am calling The Declaration of Independence of our generation. We start new on our own terms.

Being free to be who we are, setting our soul free so it can have the human experience it came here to have, not the experience of others…yes it’s selfish… it’s meant to be…it’s not an ugly word being can you fill cup of anyone else if yours is empty?

So Ask cause it’s important to ask your heart before pure adrenal takes you over – What do you really want ? Can you stay with this any longer ? What area of my life I am living a lie? Are you living your truth or that of someone else? Can we stop cheating ourselves denying us our real life? Can I keep living as who I am not all my life? Where is my fake ?

Uranus in Aries had one & only purpose, to wake us all up to a new life of freedom we didn’t know existed, to shake us to wake us up to our truth. It’s not polite it’s not gentle it’s not meant to be – cause it’s raw truth. And before we get on the 7 year journey of Uranus in Taurus of revolutionising how we contribute materially to the world, we need to first be us. Cause the only way we can materially contribute to this world is by being the true version of us.

Our life is not of someone else’s to live, it’s not a homage to someone else’s desires, it’s not a road to someone else’s dream, as much as we know we got one and we want it to count. So like the Moon in Aries, like the Mars in Aries, like the Uranus in Aries my post is not polite but it’s real, it’s asking you to free you, to give you the permission to breath, to let that air in, the Breeze of new start of raw potential of a very powerful you

Don’t let go this opportunity, it’s the degree of Venus of Marilyn Monroe, the degree of Mars of Steve Jobs, it’s about siezing the moment of our release of our freedom, of our truth, of our potential, of our excellence.

Ofcourse there will be adrenal, ofcourse there will be impulsiveness, ofcourse there will be a bit of madness…life happens when we are out of balance..

We don’t ration how much air we should take in a breath, we take it all cause it’s life – every free breath is a life, every free moment is a life, every free day is a life, every free thought is why we have a thinking mind.

Have your reset, your new start, your freedom from self made bondages, live truly what our forefathers gave everything for, our so called independence, Be free…

Light & love 💫

Check out details of your rising or ascendant / Sun / Moon zodiac sign if you haven’t yet in the monthly videos with timestamps-


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Astrology of 14/15 December – What’s the final verdict ?

Venus has been doing this dance all the way from September, a decision hanging in balance, should I go all in for this thing, this job, this lover, this opportunity, this purchase or move on forever – all or nothing question on a subject of your desire, your possession, something deep and personal that’s going to stay with you, fixed water.

Start of December with Uranus opposing Venus you might have made an impulsive decision in your heart that felt final. End of discussion… isn’t it, I have had it, I don’t want to think anymore. But then Mercury your intelligent mind had to review it, evaluate it, change your perspective a bit, be sure of how to go about it all. So this decision edited last two weeks.

Today and tomorrow as Venus completes this journey through deep Scorpio of the retrograde , getting done with that thinking finally, you get last piece of input to be sure.

It’s Saturn , an older person, a saner voice of your own, a Long term view of your prosperity and stability, asking your impulsive wanting to be free self. Are you sure ? Calming your inner voice down to tell you to be sure, it’s just you and You who is affected by this decision, so what do you want?

Don’t worry if you feel weak right now, you will feel power inside you grow over weekend as Mars Pluto will come for your inner power. But a moment of this rethink or this advice usually coming from outside of you is an opportunity to cool our mind, to think through a sobered go getter heart.

It’s not asking you to stay put, not at all, Saturn in Capricorn is Cardinal, it wants you to move. But what direction and how ?

That stable outlook to choose comes today, so we add sanity to the whole melodrama of last few weeks today.

Jupiter will be visible in sky today, rebirth of faith visible faith. He is there for you, use the knowledge it’s bringing, will this move help me grow, expand, be prosperous, gain an opportunity for adventure ?

Talk to elders, experienced people, your Father, your mentor, your sane self but give yourself these two days to have a final verdict.

Don’t worry about your power, your ego, your strength to actually make it happen, it’s coming, it’s on the way. Dissolve for now under Pisces moon and a Saturnised Deep Venus heart to firm your desire💫

Light & love 💫

Check out details of your rising or ascendant / Sun / Moon zodiac sign if you haven’t yet in the monthly videos with timestamps-


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Retroshady Brexit!

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I think Brexit is biggest example of what happens when you make an important announcement with mercury retrograde in your house of communication. 14 November when Brexit plan was announced, Mercury was about to go into retrograde. Mercury retrograde is … Continue reading

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