Astrology of 14/15 December – What’s the final verdict ?

Venus has been doing this dance all the way from September, a decision hanging in balance, should I go all in for this thing, this job, this lover, this opportunity, this purchase or move on forever – all or nothing question on a subject of your desire, your possession, something deep and personal that’s going to stay with you, fixed water.

Start of December with Uranus opposing Venus you might have made an impulsive decision in your heart that felt final. End of discussion… isn’t it, I have had it, I don’t want to think anymore. But then Mercury your intelligent mind had to review it, evaluate it, change your perspective a bit, be sure of how to go about it all. So this decision edited last two weeks.

Today and tomorrow as Venus completes this journey through deep Scorpio of the retrograde , getting done with that thinking finally, you get last piece of input to be sure.

It’s Saturn , an older person, a saner voice of your own, a Long term view of your prosperity and stability, asking your impulsive wanting to be free self. Are you sure ? Calming your inner voice down to tell you to be sure, it’s just you and You who is affected by this decision, so what do you want?

Don’t worry if you feel weak right now, you will feel power inside you grow over weekend as Mars Pluto will come for your inner power. But a moment of this rethink or this advice usually coming from outside of you is an opportunity to cool our mind, to think through a sobered go getter heart.

It’s not asking you to stay put, not at all, Saturn in Capricorn is Cardinal, it wants you to move. But what direction and how ?

That stable outlook to choose comes today, so we add sanity to the whole melodrama of last few weeks today.

Jupiter will be visible in sky today, rebirth of faith visible faith. He is there for you, use the knowledge it’s bringing, will this move help me grow, expand, be prosperous, gain an opportunity for adventure ?

Talk to elders, experienced people, your Father, your mentor, your sane self but give yourself these two days to have a final verdict.

Don’t worry about your power, your ego, your strength to actually make it happen, it’s coming, it’s on the way. Dissolve for now under Pisces moon and a Saturnised Deep Venus heart to firm your desire💫

Light & love 💫

Check out details of your rising or ascendant / Sun / Moon zodiac sign if you haven’t yet in the monthly videos with timestamps-


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