Knock at The Door !

Reach that place in your heart where you are scared to go to. Close your eyes and think about your life, think about how you are truly feeling. You would get the answers your conscious mind already knows. You are not digging deep enough. You reach a corner in your mind a thought, you have repressed and you dont want to go to. Thats the thought you need to dig, thats the closed door you need to knock.

You need that door to open for you to truly know whats going on inside you. No one else can tell you best but yourself. I am not preaching meditation, I am just asking you to look closely at yourself and not be scared of what might come out of that silence.

That secret that you are keeping from yourself wont let you be happy, you would try to find it in all your external world and in your conscious mind, persuade yourself with distractions that you couldn’t lead a much fuller life.

There are no hidden demons, your mind and heart knows exactly how you can be happy – you just need to knock on the right door. Open the door and start healing.

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4 Responses to Knock at The Door !

  1. pooja says:

    sometimes we try hard to supress our inner voice,because we have our own perception about ourselves and we cannot accept that we are not how did we thought ourselves to be but something how we did’nt really want us to be.but untell and unless we dont listen to our inner voice with acceptance there are bound to be clashes inside and we bound to get depressed,so may be solution for everything is acceptance.

  2. good its really a good start.need a forum to share my problems,worries and many more.hope it will serve thank u

  3. Susheel says:

    Yes, so true! We are so afraid to face our real self! And to hide our real problems from our own view! We simply keep inventing excuses to bypass the real issues…! That’s what keeps happening in my own life. Thanks for this website…it might be helpful to me in dealing with my issues, hopefully!

  4. reena jain says:

    yes , we keep repressing our painful episodes of life in some remote corners of our heart …we should rather face it and accept this. ‘ACCEPTANCE’ ….that too with conscious efforts …will make us feel light and free of worries .dont suppress….deal with the deeply burried issues.


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