Get Set and GO!

The possibility of what you could have been is such a limiting thought. The possibility of what you can be right now this instant with all the good in you, is the empowering thought.

All our life, we keep saving and preparing for the future, keep imagining how great it would be if we could do this, if we could be that. What if this is it…
You are already your best at this instant this minute, you are complete. This moment you are living right now is what you would remember as fond memories. The strive for perfection and the thirst for more and more is a human virtue but there has to be a balance to be happy, to be able to appreciate what God gifted us, to be able to utilize his gifts to us. Waiting for perfection would only mean we would see our life go by…

One of people in industry once said to me that she met so many people in the organization – all bright minds, all buzzing with great ideas. Each one of them has a great idea and knows exactly how to actualize it, how to make it big but they all seem to be waiting … waiting like an athlete waits for a GO at a start line before he makes history!
I don’t know what they are waiting for
I don’t know what we would be waiting for to live our best life, to be the best we could be, to be live all these gifts we already have, to utilize our talents and make history

I say if we are waiting for a sign this is it … from now on its a GO!

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2 Responses to Get Set and GO!

  1. heavensent says:

    hmmm.i always wait for the green light in my life.but then i get stuck.but i tell myself so what?let me try again.often i feel that there is a glass ceiling.
    but then i realise that it couldnt be so bad.if not for these challenges, life wouldnt be half as exciting.

  2. Susheel says:

    i think fear is behind this procrastination. at least that is what my problem is. i am afraid of making the change, of making mistakes, of what people might think if i do something, etc.

    and i have been reading that, ‘courage is not the absence of fear but conscious action in-spite of the presence of fear.’ so true but tough to practice…! yet that’s the way to go about it…! there seems no other way around! 🙂


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