Discipline the good in you!

I know sounds ironic… but very important – Discipline the good in you.

We have been taught from our childhood to discipline the bad in us, to hide the Hyde in us, that evil part of us which would not help us grow, would not care for others, would not perform his duties. We spend most of our lives trying to undo what Hyde did – lose that weight , say sorry to our family our better half for all the hurt , make up to our friends whom we cheated on the way up…

In short we spend so much energy to tame the evil and because its a part of us putting it down isn’t easy and not without pain.

What if we put a positive spin to things and we try to grow the good in us. What if we try to discipline all that’s good in us try to make it stronger. We use all our energies in trying to grow whats positive in us rather than trying to fight whats negative.

The myth of the story goes that as times goes by Hyde grows stronger than Jekyll and Jekyll fears that there won’t be any of him left in him. What if you have the power to change this …

Lets consider this – You are so obsessed with your weight that you forget that you have a great talent for writing or for understanding people or for singing. You spent years and years obsessing about that one flaw that you forgot to live the good in you, you missed on becoming something you could have been great at.

Make the good in you so strong, so powerful that you have no time for the bad. Forgive the bad and embrace the talents that you have.

Discipline whats good in you and you wont have to care about the bad.

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8 Responses to Discipline the good in you!

  1. Jeevan Kumar Mittal says:

    Good article. But where to share feelings? All what to share, I want to share.

  2. Pankaj says:

    I agree totally that we need to recognise and channelise the good in us ,the good in the world makes it move and the bad is just an hinderance.The bad is also a smaller proportion of all of us but gets undue notice and this attention leads to littling the good in us

  3. pooja says:

    its true that we always think about the things in which we are lacking,because we always try to be perfect failing to understand that we cannot be perfect but we can be best at what we are,what nature has intended us to be,as the saying goes we cannot make somebody love us but we can be somebody that can be loved and then leave it upto the person to realise our worth,we should remember that loving unconditionally means loving ourself first,realising that god is there inside us watching us loving us and he is full of love that means there is love inside us and we are worth of loving ourselves,of been loved and also loving others.

  4. r k bhatia says:

    one shud try to live the life of “original self”. trying to hide or to flash and flaunt oneselves possessions creates problems. try to trust and respect others as “person” only rather because of somebody’s financial/official/social status.

  5. heavensent says:

    hmmm very interesting.and inspiring.and not forgetting to mention-true!!!
    thank you for your spirit lifting article.

  6. Aaditya says:

    hey..nice to see you people talking so positively n highlighting the brighter things we have inside of us..reading such blogs itself makes u feel better inside..i had a break up last night..resorted to google to seek help..n it got me here..thank you guys u made me smile…

  7. annie says:

    We also need to work on areas for improvement, especially if it is what we wantto achieve

  8. Anwesha says:

    Thanks! this is a mood lifter. I had had a bad day and was looking for some inspiration to lift my spirits.


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