You’re going to hear me roar!

Last drops of brilliance of Arian Uranus are working with Mercury squaring the Mars bringing us to sudden brilliance and impulsive action, giving us the energy to put this brilliance to tangible action and just sheer physical vitality of this Arian Moon. But the dark side of it could lead us to sudden outbursts , breaking and banging things hurting each other figuratively and physically even. It’s a square but it isn’t supposed to be hard cause we are even lucky when we are hit instead of being nudged by brilliance and we aren’t in the mood to hide or not say what we think. Pluto is looking to transform our persona very gently though it’s asking us to clear out the mess, look deep inside and it’s truly spring cleaning time but let’s go a bit deep cause how else would be build the new next week. Creative mood continues with Jupiter and Neptune so if your mood kicks in don’t forget whatever sings for you , deepest insights come when you are on a Creative Mission and after all it’s still the weekend !

Love and light

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