Finally the exalted self worth!

Yes it’s finally here the beautiful Taurian new moon just before the start of new seven year cycle of revolution in financial market ( did someone say treasuries reached seven year high ??? But let’s not get technical now , we have full seven years to do that ).

Right now it’s time for new start in our self worth and our material worth, to have the courage to get what we deserve and speak our values … put to words what we have been holding back, to set the right boundaries where we were not treated well. Cause your patience might have been taken for your weakness but that’s not what is it ; Taurus is a bull it’s not weak it’s patient yes persistent yes consistent yet but not weak. Mercury in Taurus and Venus in Gemini ; the exchange of rulers makes them strong and talk of finances come out in open so if you aren’t paid what you worth ( my dear Aries ) or treated what you worth in your personal relationships ( my dear Scorpios ) or creating the legacy that you deserve ( my dear Leos) or living in the abode that’s beautiful enough for your free spirited soul ( my dear Aquarius) or creating a life that deserves the beauty of all that Taurus stands for ; its time for Uranus to shake it and new moon to give you a new segue to.

And no I don’t intend to leave my rest of favourites on what areas would be shaken, evolved and hit with brilliance : cause for my dear Cancer it’s their friends or groups they belong to , for Virgos it’s the goals and their higher education and travel , for Libras it’s their partners’ resources and inheritance , for Sagittarius it’s their health , diet and day to day work, for Capricorn’s it’s new fun fun fun and for my dear expressive romantic Pisces it’s time to evolve their thinking, their ideas and communicate / teach the world what they know. My bestie Gemini it’s time to look into your dreams and what relaxes you and takes you away from worldly worries , may be a Long distance trip to hobbits awaits 🙂

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  1. Hello. impressive job. I did not anticipate this.


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