Ready for the new decade ?

No it’s not just an astrological phenomena, you can look around yourself, how many of the people you know are finding their own way of making money and the shackles are off. And yes to some extend that was last decade of Uranus in Aries start up era but that’s not all that it is. Humans survived this inhospitable earth – yes it has enough tools to survive but more to kill you as well – how? Because we evolved. So the fittest around you are already evolving to this new financial era. Even Trump the lowest form of life is evolving cause it knows how to survive – all this volatility in markets is man made or Trump made to be sure there is enough ways for him to make his material worth with this volatility. I don’t want to get into that cause it’s not a political discussion or “fake news” ! But I am giving his example as he doesn’t get a lot of things but economic evolution he gets. That’s why I am writing this as it was said by one of the icons of revolution that it’s a sin to hold back what we know.

This is the evolution of how we make money my friends , how we make our self worth play out in the real world but showing up, not in parts not half hearted but all of us, all in.

It’s a phenomena that would mark the end of this Neo slavery age that we are living. So it’s time to get out of your comfortable Taurian zones of how you are making money or at the very least dazzle your work place with some changes in how you do things. Specially my fellow Arians it’s very much about the money and your resources , the area where you most like the stability and where you have the inertia to go with the regular pay check. As I was telling one of my friends when a train moves and you fall you don’t blame the train, just your inertia and the fact that you were not ready … I am just asking you to be ready.

Look at your full armor your God gifted talents and see where can I create value from or get what you are truly worth from the talents you are using right now.

That’s the only way to honor start of this new era and make sure you aren’t getting negative returns as life as a whole inflates and moves upward.

Astrologically while I mentioned in my last post which area of life for each sign would be zapped by it but planets in your natal chart take dominance over anything else. So someone with Uranus in first house in natal chart it would come naturally , it would be a shock but a shock they have lived all their life, these are the people we already see out there living it and showing us how to do it. While someone with Jupiter in first house, their good past karma or karma of their father would bring this new opportunity to their door step and all they need to do is make the best of it and so on. It’s a great time to look at those details to see how to create worth in this new era and as it’s called… moving with times 🙂

Light and love ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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