The commitment weekend … Weekend Astrology Horoscope

It’s not as easy as wrong or right
And it ain’t always black and white
Life’s a thousand shades of gray…
~ J. Michael Harter ( no EL James didn’t come up with that! )

Tender nurturing security seeking Venus in Cancer leads with the heart, eats it’s heart out, cuddles up and drowns in sea of flowers or goo. It could lack judgement and perspective and as I last warned Neptune aspect might make it all too emotional and well romantic idealistic; but look who comes this weekend to town to this mush party none other than perspective himself : Saturn in its ruler in all its strength and glory to ask us : “I Do” or “I Don’t”. Opposition it is but that’s what we need reality check and the push to do the right thing. Sun Mars trine get those big guns out , the push to move forward and do the right thing. Take a call, you live all but once but living the wrong life you die every day. Chiron the wounded healer Sextile this Sun Mars drive, digging deep and giving us the impetus to realise why we are not taking a call, call to move on and to heal. It’s Sun in Gemini season people , yes yes I know Moon in Scorpio is sobering but it’s soulful so I am not saying it’s time to paint the sky with his or her name : it’s commitment time , to yourself or to someone or to something or some work or some habit or some future that you always wanted. Pick a side , I know it’s Gemini season but to go to the fun side take a call.

Remember we talked about the season to be clean inside out and the beautiful Jupiter Neptune trine that just went exact. All those supportive energies exist for us to be in the know. But only you know what’s right for you so stop looking outside, use the Moon in Scorpio and ask yourself and you will stick with the answer that’s the promise of this Saturn to you!

Now for those who want a piece of goo listen to my choice of Venus in Cancer facing Saturn song below and those interested in more detailed horoscope for this weekend by sign can scroll down 🙂

Aries take a call on your house or living situation and take care of your family obligations. Taurus are you going to take that course to add a new skill set. Gemini I know it’s birthday month but will you be trying to bridge earning drop due to tight financial support. Cancer how you would to move forward as a person in this relationship. Leos you are working hard at work but is this just the means to an end or your destination , ask the hard question is this you ? Virgo is it friendship or is it Long term love. Libra time to sober up about buying or not that property. Scorpio what’s your message, you have learned it right but are you communicating it right ?
Saggis let’s put a lid of self respect to too much carnal , your full moon is coming might be time to put an end to few things or relationships. Capricorn truly you do or you don’t : propose or dispose please. Aqua the smartest of the lot don’t be fooled about your health take a call loss or health! No brainer time to kick a habit. Lastly my sweetest Pisces fun should always be life’s goal but are we indulging someone or something without an eye for Long term.

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