Let it all go …The Enlightened full moon in Sagittarius

“But if we’re strong enough
To le t it in, in, in
We strong enough
To let it go… let it all go let it all go “

~ David Rhodes / Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde

After the reality check of Saturn Venus and the Plutonic heavy intense dig deep spit your gut out weekend it’s time to move over to the bright side 💫 , with the enlightened Full Moon in Sagittarius 🌝 throwing the light of truth, higher purpose, adventure, travel and bravery on one part of your life. Depending on where in world you are, you should see it in its full glory on 29th or 30th May and effects last for two weeks for everyone but for a life time if it aspects your personal planets around 8 degree of Sagittarius e.g. your Sun if you were born around 29th Nov to 2nd Dec this will bring some very big part of your life, your job your relationship to a close to start new chapter.

Full moon as we know bring something to completion probably something started in Dec of last year taking some form or shape over the next two weeks. This full moon is flower moon it’s time for wildflowers of all colours to bloom in their way to show up as their true self. Saggis have no pretence and neither does this moon it’s truth time and time to let go of whatever is holding you back from being your true self. He is a warrior he is an archer he aims for the higher meaning of your life plus the nodes , north node south node Rahu ketu whatever you would like to call them I call them the path to our destiny , why we came to this world ; this path flows with this full moon so see where it’s taking you cause that’s not just for now it’s nudging for a longer term goal.

We have done a bit of healing a bit of taking a stance now, it’s time to change the season and celebrate the clarity we are getting on our life and bring some chapter of our life to close so we move to the next. This is also celebrated as Vesak Day or Buddha Purnima in Easter part of the world to celebrate the life of Buddha and the enlightenment he brought to the world. Vedas celebrate the Soma that was poured over Buddha making him and his teachings immortal. All sorts of animals insects were set free on this day to mark this day of liberation. If we love our true life the legacy we leave is immortal while everything else is just for a moment. So what are you creating to honor your higher purpose ?

Full moons are also time of oppositions of heightened emotions , this is opposition between Gemini and Sagittarius part of your life so the part where you go get detailed information show your skills and where you aim for a higher life , it’s about balancing not getting sucked into too much details vs getting the bigger picture. And it’s perfect time to get the big picture with the Grand water trine joining the party. Venus in Cancer joins end of this week the Creative spiritual Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces water trine. So wherever water signs are in your chart they flow together this week bringing in the right support for you to see the big picture of your life.

It’s time of joy happiness but also of staying away from excesses which the rule of Saggistrius Jupiter could also bring specially as I talked about in last post we try to not go over the board with the emotions and self delusion cause Water trine is about receiving not pushing. It’s feminine energy it believes in asking and expecting to receive vs push full force. You would give up the positivity this Grand trine promises if you give in to the dark side of emotions and the impulsive reckless energy here.

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