Pisces Full Moon 26th August : Flying our grounded Kite

I was doing the Pisces reading for their full moon end of the month and I thought all signs could benefit from the messaging of what this intuitive, compassionate, dreamy, soft full moon in 3 degree Pisces on 26th August 7:56am (E.T.) is bringing to all of us. This beautiful full moon is ending the intense eclipse and retrograde season in the last sign of the zodiac…how apt.

I am a Mars dominant person so doing comes naturally to me so I had to figure out how to unlock full potential of this full moon, what should I be “doing” cause as much as it’s sensitive, creative, compassionate, this flowing water packs a punch.
Let’s see how to unlock its full potential.

On 26th August the beautiful Pisces full moon will throw a softening light towards us to bring out our sensitive compassionate, intuitive, imaginative side at the end of an intense and let’s just call it brutal summer of eclipses , retrogrades and hard aspects. Full moon in Pisces is all about merging with the collective, fantasy, feeling things out, day dreaming, acceptance, softness, solitude, recharge, restore. As this sign is last sign of zodiac it has little bit of all signs so it’s about seeing yourself reflected in behaviour of others and gaining better understanding of both, it’s about understanding without saying, knowing about something without doing it. Highest form of intuition and spirituality.

But the thing is this normally let’s flow in the moment and dream our dreams full moon is coming with a very solid grounding wake up to reality and do something Grand Earth Trine. It’s earth meets water both with their own strengths yet executed very differently. We want to see how we can use both because lucky for us, they are coming in a very unique, productive and fated configuration called Kite cause that’s how it looks!

Details of the configuration
To break it down we have : 1)Saturn in Capricorn, perseverance, sheer hard work, disciplined, let’s create something long lasting in our career/life path/administration energy joining forces with 2)Uranus in Taurus, let’s add creativity and brilliance in our ways to achieve financial freedom ending neoslavery as I call it energy; and these two are now actively engaging with the most important planet in the horoscope 3)Sun in practical, let’s be productive and analyse what can make everything more perfect sign of Virgo. The result is a powerful Configuration that is grounding, yet evolving, thriving and wanting to manifest something earthly specifically around our life path, career or administration and eliminating letting go of lost causes, no waste, no frivolity, sheer hardwork with perfection, efficiency and realism.

It’s no fireball but it’s a rooted aspect meaning what comes out of it has got to stay for long term vs fiery let’s get excited this minute quit move to Timbuktu and then after a week forget about it due to lack of follow through energy. Saturn in Capricorn won’t allow that and Sun in Virgo doesn’t like wastage.

But such a rooted powerful energy has the downside of lacking inspiration, the wings, the leap of faith and more importantly higher purpose and the thing is Saturn doesn’t promote the materialism even though it’s at home right now in Capricorn but that’s one area where he doesn’t agree. Virgo Sun also wants to work for greater good so this trine has an intrinsic desire to be more yet lacking the requisite pull to get it out of its comfort zone. While this earth grand trine configuration in itself is very positive, to realise it’s full potential it needs an external pull to harness it’s energy and propel it in the right direction.

Thats what makes this full moon so special as on the day of the full moon, this Creative, imaginative, fantastical, dream the unknown Pisces moon provides the much needed inspiration and direction by opposing the Virgo sun and sextiling in positive aspect with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. The full moon and Grand earth trine come together in a very unique fated and rare Kite configuration. And the two very much need each other to be wonderful cause a full moon in Pisces though beautiful alone would just be a light on our subconscious and compassionate sensitive side and Grand Trine alone would just be a grounding manifesting energy waiting to be harnessed but together we have lift off.

The full moon forms the apex the exit point the relief the leap of faith so the inituition flies this kite off the ground and the earthly grounded grand trine provides the propellers, imagine a ring of energy powering a dragonfly shooting it up in the air taking the ring with it. But if the dragon fly doesn’t have a backbone it will collapse, opposition of Sun to moon is the backbone.

How to unlock potential of this configuration

While the earth grand trine is a flowing aspect, the moon opposition to sun and sextile to Uranus and Saturn requires work though being Moon, it’s internal work required for this external material manifestation in our career, life path, day to day life, commerce and administration to happen.

Moon and Sun opposition is the backbone of this kite, it’s a challenge to your instincts your emotional strength, a much needed conflict to see whether you are able to rise from the day to day practical existence to see the higher purpose to dream a bigger grander tomorrow no matter where you are right now. It’s fundamentals of law of attraction.

Being in Virgo and Pisces it’s polarity of earth vs water, details vs big picture, practical vs creative/spiritual, act/go after vs being receptive, doing it vs allowing it to come, material vs intangible, analytical mind vs imaginative intuition.

It’s left brain vs right brain, thinking in words vs feeling it visualising it, linear thinking vs intuition.

It’s the day we have potential to use both sides of our brain imagine the potential!

And we need both, the challenge we need to come through to unlock this aspect is how to balance the two, how in this unending day to day grind, we give our imagination the time and space to provide the lift off we need for this very brief moment.

It’s about creating perfect image of what you want in your mind without self imposed boundaries and letting you feel how it would feel if it was to be true. It’s no coincidence that Mercury went direct just before it and Neptune is retrograde cause in practical Virgo season even fantasy needs to be perfect without a fog, so it’s about vision of real earthly things, not limiting but real. Plus retrogrades eclipses have battered us down. We are the most open and receptive when we are battered. So universe has also tried to batter many of our souls to help them be open cause sometimes what we need comes in packages we don’t like or doesn’t look how we thought it would cause there is a difference between what we think we want and we actually need to feel how we want to feel. We want to feel happy but a billion dollar car won’t get us there so universe won’t get us that cause it wants to match the feeling we have asked for not the object.

Pisces is an area of no attack no weapons lack of defences lack of fences it’s one day this year to drop your guard down and see who you can be if there was no fear holding you down, instead there was a fated propeller behind you letting you go where you want.

Role of law of attraction to unlock this opposition

We absolutely must try and practice law of attraction for this brief cosmic goldmine to unlock our next greatest inspiration, the seed of something new seemingly bazarre thought with a structure in mind and a higher purpose.

On our side we have to do two things envision our leap of faith “Ask” and then be open to receiving it by dropping our internal critic of : it can’t happen I can’t do it I am not up for it or good for it ; for a brief moment around the time of that full moon, “Allow”

We take a paper write, close our eyes, meditate, make a wish, walk by water, take a long bath, listen to emotive music, pray, forgive, release, channel, volunteer whatever flies your kite gets you in a receptive relaxed mode to receive the download and let you be at least in your mind all you could be if you didn’t limit yourself by your own thoughts.

Law of attraction doesn’t teach us to take it easy but yeah it wants us to stop forcing an issue jut as Pisces full moon wants just as all the retrogrades did. Sometimes to realise our worth we need to station and stop the action to see the view.

So while the sign of intuition and imagination is leading the way helping us soar higher than the ground we stay on, the grounded energy of the earth grand trine still plays a potent part of making sure something comes out of it all – spiritual metaphysical is important to help you “Ask” and “Allow/Receive” but the “ given” part of the universe is ensured by the grand earth trine.
spiritual metaphysical is important to help you ask and receive but the “It is given” part of the universe is ensured by the grand earth trine.

Other components of the Kite

Sun in Virgo is also eliminative, what we need to get rid of ? what’s unnecessary for us to soar? are the things in your closet holding you down ? or are there things in your mind in your diet in your social circle nay sayers who you believe to be your friends ? what needs to be eliminated to cut this cord holding your kite stationary on the ground? Expect this full moon to be emotional.

Uranus in Taurus is all about what you need to be free of to get your true worth in the material world where are we stuck fixed in our life where newness can add more to us, it’s about insights into what we could be if we let the oldway of sustainence go , the only reason humans survived was we evolved. In a retrograde phase Uranus is giving us aha moments internal realisation of what now we deep down know needs to change. Moon and Uranus want us to be open to new experiences, finding original ways of being, watching out for signs, epiphanies, encounters with the different people places objects which we would normally brush off as oddity or out of your comfort zone, even looking out for our sudden impulses where they take us. Expect this full moon to come with epiphanies.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn in its own sign has come to make sure we are solid from inside to make these changes cause you need a solid foundation , anything birthed now whether a child or a business comes with immense discipline and personal strength but with lomg term stable success it’s makes the shifty ground of Uranus firm for us to build something that would last and it makes sure we are using effectively the parts of existing structure that do work that do serve us. Moon and Saturn wants us to stick with this vision, show our commitment our loyalty to embracing this new at the same time maintain respect for the old. Expect hardwork following the full moon to make it all work but don’t worry it will flow it will not feel like a push but rather a pull as Saturn is part of ring being flown by the dragonfly.

Warning : Deception and Flooding
A few warnings :
Deception and Manipulation
Because of where Neptune is and Pisces being the apex stay away from being manipulated or becoming manipulative to win this opposition vs trying to find a balance in this opposition. Neptune in its own sign is all about spiritual awakening it’s age of people coming to their true spiritual essence and in its own sign karma retribution is accelerated it will come to bite you but good news is Neptune is retrograde so viel of illusion isn’t there and we see things clearly. Try to stay away from people playing the victim hence trying to fleece you, try to stay away from victim tendencies yourself, that’s the lower manifestation of this full moon.

Positive vision vs negative
But careful what you ask for here, your imagination and intuition specially for water signs have power to create or destroy, I am sorry but it’s a very powerful configuration so I have to warn, you are looking to manifest keeping in mind the spiritual and higher purpose not selfish self serving reasons, Neptune is higher manifestation of Venus so when you have full moon in a sign ruled by spiritual and higher knowledge planets you have to stay at a higher plain not just to avoid bad karma but overall nature doesn’t like oddity so when it’s trying to raise the vibration of the world, it’s best to be in flow with the energy of the universe versus not.

Flooding physically and metaphorically
This is earth meets water with sudden burst of energy flowing to a flowing water sign plus it’s just after eclipses. Normally when we have such an intuitive water moon, I will request you to be on water close to large sea but right now with Neptune very powerful in Pisces and this full moon in sign of God of Sea, I will not suggest that cause potential flooding of house , countries, emotions is very much possible.

What else can we derive from this experience ?
Virgo sun makes us harsh with ourselves picking out flaws , what this weekend also provides us the opportunity to do is add a gentle balm to our rough edges and it’s not about ignoring or hiding the flaws the imperfections, it’s about accepting all of you with the flaws and all. Seeing beyond the smudge, seeing beauty beyond the earthly defects, the scratches the scrapes time passage causes inside out, as it’s the last zodiac it’s end of a cycle. It’s feeling our blessings and allowing them to come in, push vs receptivity. Mars has dominated this season causing conflicts, harshness, pushiness, making it happen, not getting anywhere energy; let’s put our swords down, it’s a battle of hurting ourselves.

Don’t try to be anyone, no fire, no talk, no discussion, no arguments, yet not empty, cup full, relax every cell of your body so you can be.

Sun in Virgo wants us to be productive it knows till it puts a pause on the hurting, this directionless push, we won’t get to doing the real work. That’s what this moon is, our flight from reality so we can manifest our earthly goals by harnessing the potential within us.

It’s a Sunday it’s important to treat that day as God intended it to be, I can tell you there is no other day of this year I will pick for you to focus on you.

Good luck and I will see you on the other side 💫✨✨

P.S. I have covered which area this full moon and configuration touches for each sign in my monthly videos round about last 5 minutes or look st time stamps in comments

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