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Happy birthday dear Virgos, this is your September 2018 Astrology horoscope. Sun is shining in your sign, it’s start of your solar year and as you will wish it so be it, this is your month and that’s why it’s get back to business month for all of us. Most productive most efficient most organised time of the year when we put all the energies lessons or retrograde and eclipse season to active use and for service in the world just the way you like it.

Specially for you this month comes with your beautiful expansive lucky transformative new moon on 9th in your sign kick starting a new cycle and planets work in favour of full cylinders forward movement with the perfection and details sorted just as you like it. Second half has elements of revisiting and clearing out, cutting some losses but that’s part of making it all work for you. its very important though to take advantage of first two weeks of this month to get started, you were launched into this plain already mentally and philosophically on 26th August with the full moon in Pisces, if you have not gone through the very potent activation process that full moon promises please do go over it through the video or article, it’s very important for you as you are directly part of it. It’s your launch pad.

So let’s dig in. It’s your birthday reading so I am sorry it will be Long. If you prefer hearing it and parts of it see my YouTube video with timestamps in comments.

Virgo you have spent last two months going inwards, working behind the scenes in the background perfecting every inch of you and going inward discovering what you love, what’s your joy, what’s creative for you and what skills you have that can be put to use, additionally realising the unhealthy attachments, habits, place of work that’s holding you back from the promise. Your ruler Mercury just revisited the eclipse point on 29th August bringing to full awareness what’s gotto end and Mars planet of action will revisit eclipse point end of month when you final cut from the past so your rebirth is complete. Theme of eclipse season for you was letting go and we took a brief emotional pause on 26th August focused on Pisces your partnership house to consider how to handle dynamics of your partnerships (work or love) versus all this focus on you and your path cause it’s your time, insights intuitional knowing coming from that though helped launch you to your very own brand of new beginning.

🏹Time to come out make your mark!🏹

The will power, the knowing accumulated in earlier cycle now is brought to touch it feel it see it world with planets moving forward, your ruler Mercury is finally moving forward clear communication, Mars is moving forward clear action. Cardinal energy is very potent at start of month which fairs new start. When Sun is shining in your sign bravery, self assertiveness, directness even selfishness comes up , take it all in, you need it all, all of it to make whatever you need to make happen , happen. It’s all for the sake of being service to the world but we don’t have time to explain it all to the world. Making yourself useful to the world is your mission, cutting out the unnecessary is your mission it’s not an easy life being a Virgo.

💫2nd September Mercury out of shadow and trine with Venus💫

On 2nd September your ruler comes out of shadow phase and it has processed information trends of eclipse season it’s ready to explore new territory and it meets beautiful Libra Venus on 3rd September in positive aspect (trine). This colors first week with constructive collaborative energy where thinking and communication in partnerships go very well. Venus has been blessing your self worth and net worth area since 6th August through lucrative partnerships, this is brought to full awareness for you. To me first week is perfect for an honest discussion and letting go of any partnership dynamic not working which was highlighted during full moon of August 26th, cause it will be a very constructive talk and potentially benefit you financially. If your mind has been on faith, spirituality during the last cycle, 3rd September is a great day to tap into any higher power you believe in as Mercury is still there, call on your ancestors, God, parents who passed away for their blessings and draw strength from beyond. This aspect supports bringing those blessings to real life. You will be surprised what monetary ideas might come in your sleep.

💫💫💫5th September Mercury your ruler in your Sign💫💫💫
On 5th September your ruler Mercury moves into your own sign it comes home, this is your best weapon, best tool your communication skills your mind at its best, it’s exalted here. You are ruled by commitment, commerce, quick, sharp, direct, no wastage guidelines, so when your ruler was in flamboyant hyperbole mode, that doesn’t sit well with you. You need it to be real, humble, Sharp, productive and that’s what it does when it comes home from 5th-21st September so you function at your best during this time with Sun also shining all it’s energy vitality into you, Mars and Mercury both in their best signs / exalted – that’s thinking and action at its peak with period between 5-10th September particularly productive for work while Mars is in Capricorn. Mercury in your sign will allow you to go over copious amount of information to make business sense of it, see complex patterns and discern ideas from them with sense of what’s doable what’s not, use this cycle to do your best work, edit-improve-critic your work or those of others in sales/commerce/writing, you have a voice right now and very relevant voice.

This is all great energy but don’t expect it to be smooth and easy, Virgo is tough energy and when it’s a lot of it, you do see critics coming out, your internal ones and external ones, well things are happening people will comment on it and not so kindly, your head will stay stuff and yes not so kindly, that’s why we need the influence of Jupiter, a touch of which makes it positive constructive thinking and critique. Jupiter shows up very upclose and personal as it will touch three of your personal planets, your Sun, your moon, your Mercury – your energy, your thinking, your feelings in positive healing way in sequence from time of your new moon on 9th September so your natural self doubt is managed but you will have to be mindful of this and work on it and aware of critical energy rife right now.

We are building towards your new moon on 9th September as all these energies are live and active participants.

🏔6th Saturn Direct🏔

On 6th September Saturn finally moves direct at 2 degree Capricorn in your house of Joy and business risk after being retrograde since 17th April so you have been reviewing the very fabric of how you love, how you raise your children, how you take responsibilities of your loved ones, how you take business risk, putting increased work and pressure on all of these areas. But how we have all visible planets moving forward. You set your own structure on how to love, how to raise kids, how to manage your relationships while focus on your work grows, how you take on calculated business risks. You will continue to put large amount of very productive work in these areas till 2020 when all you are building now will be tested for its very foundational strengths so no shortcuts which you naturally don’t take. This isn’t for short term whatever you are building now, new romance, having a child, birthing a child or a buisunes.

We have been talking of Saturn in Capricorn building your commercial foundations merging in positive energy with the revolutionary commercial ideas of Uranus in Taurus since May. Now with forward motion these energies blend well and they are most potent till 14th September , frantic pace of foreign travel might slow down a bit as Uranus is retrograde but you still continue to revolutionise your thinking, applying foreign ideas, applying new quick acquired knowledge to what you are building till Nov. If you are a new parent you apply new foreign innovative techniques to parent, you are setting your own rules. This is entrance of exotic foreign love in your life whom you might have met during your foreign travels this year. As Uranus is moving backward and really strong right now watch for epiphanies of brilliance⚡️ coming your way in this area of business risk, parenting, love 💕

🏔7th Earth Grand Trine with Mercury🏔
Then on 7th September we have the third and last Earth Grand Trine directly benefiting from all of this, it’s energy exists 1-2 days before and after exact day so it’s effective during your new moon blessing it. That’s a positive flow of energy between your ruler Mercury in your sign with this Uranus Saturn energy flow. These three planets in earth sign ground and manifest materially for you in physical world watch for messages, new business coming your way. In July and August this touched your Sun and Venus but as Saturn was retrograde we were not creating, we were working on getting partnerships in order, money sources in order, getting our mind, physical strength in order now it’s implementation energy, getting it the show out to the road, rolling it out to sales, commerce, publishing it out. Sign those contracts as Mercury is sharp you see the details, you have sharpest discernment this month. Additionally Venus is in your money house so we gave positive energy flowing to that till 9th specially.

🌊7th Sept Sun Oppose Neptune 15 degree🌊

For Virgos born between 6-10th Sept or 13-17 degree, Neptune going retrograde since June 18th would have brought some disillusions in your marriage partnerships. This reality check might strike with a vengeance on 7th weaking your confidence, it’s a day so try to stay in if you feel weak inside out as you might invite people with emotionally abusive energy during these days as you will be more vulnerable. Reality and stability are not always exciting as you know and your season comes with a lot of reality. This aspect can make you physically feel weak so take appropriate break and rest on this day. Build up to Moon coming in your sign anyways gets a bit intense. Use this energy for any creative projects, writing, imagination.

While the Grand Trine is excellent energy to solidifying deals, if you are signing any long term partnerships avoid signing those on 7th, it’s just a day.

⚡️8th September Warning : Venus Squares Mars⚡️
Venus comes in hard aspect to Mars potentially causing conflicts in relationships, your agenda of work and money will conflict over and again this month with your attention towards loved ones. For established relationships this could act as the much required spark of excitement but for the new ones or unestablished one this could be possible parting ways as you realize your true worth during this past cycle of Venus. You want to continue to give energies to your loves one and romantic interests but not at the cost of your self-worth or net worth you are creating right now, as I said its your time. Mars in Capricorn is a very cool headed and disciplined so I don’t expect outbursts and walkouts, it’s a day, just stay away from conflicts if you can.

Use this aspect for you, use your new self-worth to help you drive to the right kind of partnership. Hard aspects teach us what we are looking for in love.

✨9th Sept New Moon at 17 degree Virgo✨
This brings us to your new start your own personal new moon, we get one each year and this has your name written on it. Its putting down seeds of intentions for next year , if you have your ascendant / sun / moon between 14-20degrees of Virgo e.g. Virgo Sun born between 7-13th Sept, this is a brand new start for you. For Virgo Sun a new start in career potentially, in your health routines, in your achievements, in authority figures in your life, your father. For Virgo Moon its possible pregnancy, new starts in place of living, a relocation, a new start for women in your life, your mom. For Virgo ascendant specially 14-20degree its a full refresh but specifically change in how we present ourselves to the world, our looks.

Time to make detailed plans for next steps, which I am sure you have already been working on. A full low down on how you will immaculately put things together. Try to stay away from making too much out of minor issues during this time and overthinking as Virgo Moon can be very critical. The August 11th Solar eclipse has brought you into awareness over last one month of an ending and this is the new start to it. And it’s a magnificent one as it comes with the grand transformative positive energy of Jupiter Trine Pluto which is an active participant in this new moon as both Jupiter and Pluto are in positive energy with Sun and Moon. This aspect is forming and exact on 12th Sept so it’s strong and this will continue to grow and make its benefits felt over coming days.

💫9-15 September Jupiter sextile Pluto💫
Jupiter which started its forward motion on 10th July after backward motion since 8th March, is here this year to help your thinking, your very core issue of overthinking, getting lost in details and sometimes spiraling down in negative thoughts about yourself or your projects. It’s here to infuse fresh energy optimism even luck in healing your thoughts and your relationships with your coworkers and siblings(younger). Your success will benefit immensely from this expanded way of thinking so note your insights this year if you are working on a new project specially that come to you around this month (9-15th September). It’s also blessing you with courage to make your bold move, asking you to shed the skin of old inherited belief of self, it comes here only once every 12 years or so, please use those insights to grow your business as you are thinking bigger than ever. It’s akso very supportive of growing your skills and rapid learning is also supported by Uranus so take in the new information coming your way, any knowledge enhancement courses right now will generate monetary benefits for you.

Jupiter and Pluto have been in positive energy for most of this year working in positive energy with you and aiding your transformation. This is their third and last exact meeting, with first one in January when they met to decide what needed to change, then in April to internalize the change as Jupiter was retrograde and now to conclude the change with blissful Jupiter direct benefiting your career, your material well-being, your communication, your sales and your joy, your children.

This is delivery new moon, you have been nurturing this baby for whole 9 months starting 15th Jan but now its fully formed and ready to go out in the world. Jupiter gives you the mental push forward and the positive outlook, much needed luck, psychological support and Pluto gives the sheer power by going deep at your very core of how you receive joy in your life, it has shaken your joy inside out having you Long for this change and not just internal change, it supports material changes. You are here to create material wealth and outer planets this year fully support that working in positive energy with you. This is you coming into your full power 🎗

Jupiter meeting Moon is a very fertile energy for both actual fertility as well as ideas, make use of these two days as you find appropriate for that !

Neptune does oppose this new moon though its weaker aspect as it’s separating but it’s important to take care of your physical wellbeing and knowing that you might be more vulnerable due to that aspect. New Moon anyways it’s good to take care of your health, any flare ups in allergies, stress to your nervous system playing out in form of veins, migraines etc. or sensitivity of your digestive tract, pancreas, small interstine, destress and take care of your health, stay off extra sugar. Mars is also about to move next day onto your health sector so inflammation during this time could come up.
I don’t believe delusions will be an issue for you as your mind is sharp as a razer under Mercury in Virgo and Neptune is retrograde but the usual warnings of Neptune, be on lookout for people trying to use you for their benefit and any tricksters, confusion with partners.

This aspect brings something very different to picture as well which is pull of the past relationships as you move to new things, as you had a very emotional full moon there end August – I will just say, don’t idealize the past, whatever was the comfort of yesterday was not to continue so move forward.

This energy develops over next two weeks and you would have already started feeling it earlier in the month. Wait for a day to initiate new things as Moon becomes visible 🌒

💫Virgo new moon is a great time to give, donate, service others or at very least eliminate things from your home and diet.💫

Let’s see to the other side of New Moon as there is a lot of work ahead though you are fully up for it.

🏊‍♀️9th September Venus moves to Scorpio🏊‍♀️
The themes of money and love that playout this month do keep them in mind as they would continue to be revisited over next few months all the way to December as Venus will go backward next month and is already in shadow since 2nd September. Venus is extending its stay and is working on the same sector as Jupiter, your mind, your thinking, your sales / communication skills and your relationship with siblings. They both have decided to support you there as its your important house apart from work and health as communication is your ticket to commercial success and setting you in the right mindset is key.
Materially you will see this period bring about success further in commercial sphere driven by you going deep into the subject and doing detailed work. If you are engaged in any activities of research, astrology, occult this would help you bring that to the commercial world.
It’s also all or nothing energy so following your new moon that becomes your mindset in general and specifically about the people you work with. So many of them will not fit the bill and would have to go as your intensity rises.

Some love hate relationship with a colleague could potentially convert into love during this time.

🔥10th September onwards Mars moves to Aquarius🔥
Bringing all its drive to your workplace, your health and routines as we need to make it all work plus you do need to clear up some of the old loose ends from July eclipse and cut the final cord with your past work and health habits. Mars is now retracing path of 16th May onwards and will continue to do so till 8th Oct as it will only then be out of shadow. Matters stuck since May now progress forward and with Aquarian energy there are innovative, progressive solutions coming through to improve your work and health sector. Mars is spending 6 months (16th May-15th Nov) in your work and health sector versus normal of 7 weeks so it can perfect your base. Earlier Mars in Capricorn earlier in the month was great to initiate things, now this energy is helping you both add innovation and be a bit detached so you can cut what’s not required out of your life.
Because you know now clearly what is to go , what you need to leave behind, 26th September when Mars will revisit eclipse point ideally you would have made the break away from your old work and health situation.

💥9-16th September Venus Mars Uranus T square💥
Venus Uranus are in opposition/hard aspect creating a struggle between faith vs logic, higher belief vs mundane, adventure vs details, adding the unusual vs staying with regular, freedom of thoughts and travel vs getting down to day to day and details. This is a healthy debate in my view for a new start and this is exact on 12th September. But Mars is also squaring both Venus and Saturn forming a T square which is a tough opposition in fixed signs you need to unlock. Mars and Uranus square as during the eclipse is edging you to make changes in your work and health. Mars Venus square might be causing some work frictions with coworkers. The key to unlock this T square is Mars, it’s been at it since May, you have been bedding the routine down to the T on how to make you work and health efficient, so just use those lessons and sheer hardwor. You need the balance of day to day or mundane skills to higher knowledge and faith and sheer hard work while keeping a balanced head is the key, being a Virgo is not easy ✨

On another hand this can add a lot of exotic exciting energy to both your love life and business. You need the infusion of fresh ideas, new type of people, foreign influence into your skills, communication, your colleagues, your immediate environment. This can very much bring about a foreign exotic lover during work which can be exciting or add new energy into your love life as you learn more. Venus is sextiling Saturn so this aspect whether it generates sparks in mind, relationships or coworkers is here to stay Long term so choose the new partners wisely.

Since Uranus is retrograde you can expect some light bulb moments, epiphanies in terms of business ideas, your talents, sudden sources of great information benefiting your work.

Be careful of the all or nothing energy of Venus in Scorpio☄️ to take undue risks and betting it all, though Saturn has you in control but still keep that check as things begin to turn around very fast in your favor. Venus Saturn aspects tries to tame the volatility of Venus Uranus☄️

✨14-18th September Jupiter Pluto sextile benefits Mercury✨
You have just benefited from Jupiter and Pluto supporting your Sun in the transformation as that went exact on 12th helping you in this new start in material practical growth. While rebirth is inevitable, Sun Jupiter aspect expects you to put in effort internally in your thoughts and outside in reaching out to people but it’s very easy, positive and productive energy. The same energy of positive transformation hits your mind, having deep effect on your thinking when this pair meets your ruler Mercury on 15th and 16th in positive aspect. Its great time to do deep research, finding someone with deep knowledge in your network to help you in your work. Its great time to meet someone who transforms you through love or time where you child transforms your thinking on something.

🌪Pluto is a death rebirth 🌪 planet and its very slow moving, since 2008 its been recreating your area of joy, romance, children and business risk. Pluto is over the hump now onto the later side of the death rebirth cycle and that’s why Jupiter is expanding your mind so you can get over the losses of the past and not color this future growth with whatever losses you might have incurred in the past. This meeting of these planets with your mind on 15-16th could bring you messages of why those losses happened and how they had to transform you to who you have become today.

🌊Beware on 13th Mercury will be opposed by trickster Neptune as happened to your Sun on 7th so be careful of any misunderstandings, miscommunications with partners, try to postpone important decision, it’s just a day on 13th keep things more for imagination and creativity.🌊

So now with all this positive energy we now need to start the break with the past as you are practical sign you need to see light of new day to end the previous one.

☄️18th September Mars Square Uranus goes exact☄️
You are forging new path with new philosophy and old place of work or old health habits stand in your way like sore thumb so you start cutting the cord formally. This is retrace of 27th Jul eclipse so you already have made up your mind on the ending you are just executing it now.

Mars will exactly revisit the eclipse point on 26th September when this cycle of loss needs to come to a conclusion.

🌪These are some very strong forces and aftershocks, I do unfortunately see this causing natural disasters so be very careful if you are travelling around 18th September or 26th September. Mars is meeting Ketu or south node which is Mars under the surface and Uranus is in earth sign currently retrograde and very strong, its shaking earth from inside. Earthquakes, aftershocks, accidents are unfortunately very much possible. You are not negatively aspected by any of these so I do not see any personal harm for you but this energy is rife around you so its best to be careful and if possible not travel around these dates.🌪

⚡️19-21st September Mercury meets Sun⚡️
Just before moving out of your sign, your mind and body meet working together making it a very busy and very productive couple of days. You will be in overdrive, you will overthink and I can’t ask you not to cause that wouldn’t be you but try to keep the thoughts positive with so much in your favor. Learn what Jupiter is teaching you, expanding your mind and be kind to yourself.

🍂 September Equinox 🍂
🍁 As Spring Equinox for Southern Hemisphere and Fall equinox for Northern Hemisphere comes, the next cycle of bringing more balance, more harmony, more beauty, more money driven by partnerships and diplomacy begins on September 21st and 22nd with first Mercury moving to Libra followed by Sun moving to Libra where you use your acute discernment to see what and who you value and who you don’t anymore. Aim of this next one month cycle is to bring more wealth and harmony to you, you value this cycle and this cycle brings value to you. 🍁

⛔️23-25th September Mercury and Sun square Saturn and trine Mars⛔️

Both Mercury and Sun will undergo the Saturn checkpoints on 23rd and 25th September respectively because Mars is making a positive aspect with them speeding you up asking you to quickly get there in terms of material success and monetary benefits from the new venture or your efforts in partnerships but Saturn wants you to be sure that it’s not by ignoring your loved ones and its not coming with undue business risk, more importantly you are leaving some time for the organized fun, just the way you like it, structured well managed fun ! You are the only sign who likes to even have fun in the most organized way !🚯📵🚭🚱💓

Be careful and controlled in your words as Libra season doesn’t entertain harshness and diplomacy is very much required with these aspects otherwise having cracks in long term relationships is very much possible.

Also finances are very much in focus with your ruling planet in that area so money is on your mind, you are going over details of how to make it, how to improve it but in this time you will only be successful if you tap into your diplomacy and only take calculated business risk so you are not booking losses at for the sake of speed. Leave this period for any big discussions with your loved ones if they do come up put the swords down and leverage those sparks in another way, you will be able to “work it out” in other ways.

It’s time for that ending we talked so much about as Moon moves over to your dark side and its fully coming to light

🌕 24th September Full Moon 2 degree Aries 🌕
This illuminates your shared resources, financial support from other institutions, your sponsors, your dark side, your addictive side, any secret karmic relationships and light is coming here so you can resolve the issues here over the next two weeks and you handle this house with the go getter fighter energy. You fire into action when a crisis comes, its not to say there is a crisis but yes you might feel the need to review your finances and intimacy during this time and an outgo of money might come up along with some stresses on your relationship.
The Saturn square and Mars trine are very much part of this full moon so you might need to rework some finances driven probably by change in your partner’s financial standing or need to pay off debt or settle some expense but your drive towards your work and health will benefit both your joint finances as well as your intimacy. Saturn is forming a T square with Sun, moon and in hard aspect with Mercury so be careful of negatively thinking about this event as you are repaying a debt here. As they say you have taxes because you have a pay. This is in action go getter sign so you should be able to get through this as you get through most tight situations. There is a possibility of your partner needing your attention here as well as intimacy issues might come up. Key to unlock this T square is the Saturn so that whole work in the past of not taking undue financial risk, giving the requisite attention to your loved ones as you have created efficient framework and structure around how you handle your relationship, parenting style and business risks.

Full moon is also time of ending so some addictive karmic relationship might be coming to an end specially for August born or early degree Virgos. This aspect very much gives you the right mind set to get rid of any addictions of any sorts so use this full moon for that. Saturn aspect can make this a bit of wakeup call as well so just be prepared.

Chiron during this time meets the Moon and this is house of death so some old losses might get reignited and come again to light but Aries Moon springs into action so its more about cutting the feeling of loss out of your life so you can fully move forward. Use this full moon to release the past losses so you can release yourself of those and not carry them in your new cycle.

💫This full moon to me is a Purgatory full moon from where you come out as a fiery phoenix completely renewed.💫

⚡️Head, teeth, tongue, arteries are sensitive during the day of full moon and surgery is not suggested but consult your doctor for what’s best ⚡️

🌪25th September Chiron retrograde in Pisces🌪
Till Dec 4th you might have an undercurrent with your partner, marriage / business, where some healing is required. This is subtle but you feel this undercurrent bothering you and not letting you give yourself fully into this commitment so any past cuts with your partner, hurt of not being valued enough by them, will feel more deeply during this time, again aim is to heal them so you can both move forward.

⚡️26th September Mars meets South Node⚡️
We talked about how this is last stage of releasing your work and health habits which has been the theme of the last part of the month. Just be careful of any natural disasters in your area during this time.

🙏💫✨And then we rise… I will see you on the other side in October.💫✨🙏

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