Venus Retrograde 2018 ✨ Regeneration of Heart Chakra✨ (Part I)

💕 Venus Retrograde 💕 5th October to 16th November 2018

🌪What’s happening?🌪

Venus is going retrograde from 5th October to 16th November 2018 to be exact but themes of Venus would dominate our psyche from September to December as the all consuming sign of Scorpio dominates this journey of growing through death and rebirth or regeneration in love, relationships, resources, values…✨
On 26th October when Venus will meet Sun in an inferior conjunction and come closest to earth, its new cycle will begin and it will descend most of October to the underworld to transform from a receptive loving pleasing sensual Greek Aphrodite evening star to passionate wild courageous powerful free will morning star and so would transform our approach to themes of love, beauty, intimacy, fame, values, money, resources, creativity (“Venusian themes”). Venus vibrates in 5th harmonic with Earth invoking creativity and heart responses from us so it’s goes deep into all that makes us feel good and loved.

As we stand today Venus is in Scorpio and it will continue to be in Scorpio all of rest of September, October and then again all of December all the way till 7th January. Venus will be retrograde from 5th October to 16th November. It will go direct in November in the sign of Libra and all of November Venus will be in Libra. During the whole cycle Venus will cover the ground from 25 degree Libra to about 11 degree Scorpio three times. This is reevaluation cycle of who or what you love & value or what you don’t, what balance of give and take exists in your relationships, how much are you valuing your creative pursuits while getting lost in day to day, how much are you valuing your own beauty inside out, does your external beauty reflects your inner self, does your self image need a make over. It’s a sensory fest marked with intensity of Scorpio, all or nothing, full regeneration resolving in harmony of Kibra to get you closer to people, lovers, environment, style, arts, financial prospects that make you feel loved and valued. This long drawn journey will connect us more deeply with all that we truly love and heal us.

It’s regeneration of our heart chakra💗

⚡️Who is most impacted?⚡️

Venus is a visible planet and it comes closest to earth compared to any other planet during retrograde period making its impact deeply felt both physically and psychologically across earth. At an individual level, it impacts the area of your chart where Libra and Taurus is in addition to seeing tangible events in the area where Scorpio is in your horoscope. The evolution of each of these areas will happen differently, more so in October as we also have full moon in Taurus and new moon in Libra the two Venus ruled signs, making October all about Venus. That’s why this also to some extend becomes your October 2018 General Horoscope.

I will discuss in which areas this could play out for each sign at the end of the article but it’s important to understand what role Venus plays in our life, specific phases and underlying rational for it all so you can handle this important transit effectively.

Even though all of us will feel it but intensity will be higher for Venus dominant signs Libra & Taurus and ofcourse Scorpio.

This transit could feel harsh briefly if you have natal planets & ascendant in early degrees Taurus, Leo & Aquarius, it can exaggerate sensitivity & feelings of hurt, unappreciated, unloved, lack cooperation, relationship issues could come up briefly in October when Venus will oppose or square your planets. Though these signs are rewarded with greatest breakthrough.

You could feel this as a softer even exhilarating aspect if you have natal planets in early degree of Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo & Cancer. Also last degrees of Sagittarius, Aquarius, Leo and Gemini feel beneficial aspect of this transit in November.

✨ Echoes of past in the present ✨

Venus goes retrograde every 18 months for 40-43 days in different sign but due to synodic cycle of Venus-Earth, Venus retrogrades every 8 years around the same degrees in the same signs, just regressed by 2-3 degrees. So this is one of those times when we do really have advantage of the hindsight!
Ofcourse the overall sky, planets, our growth stage isn’t exactly the same but Venus retrograde invokes similar cycle of growth in a progressed fashion every 8 years slightly shifted to the west or more regressed into one sign prior. So in 2010, or to be exact from 8th October to 18th November 2010 Venus went retrograde covering 27 degree Libra to 13 degree Scorpio and now from 5th October to 10th November 2018, Venus will be retrograde covering 25 degree Libra to 10 degree Scorpio charting similar course.

Difference this time will be focus of other planets affecting our overall growth phase and the aspects Venus is making to other planets affecting how the resolution of the issues will happen. The most stark difference in this cycle is absence of Jupiter in Venus retrograde so there is no overall euphoria or over the top energy rife during this retrograde. Instead Saturn participates in this retrograde period making it leading in my view a matured Long term growth solution. Mars and Uranus will be active participants like last cycle making sure there is freedom, tension, revolution but this cycle in my view represents a better balance of harmony (Libra) and passion (Scorpio). Nodes are invoked so this cycle will feel more karmic, destined and we achieve a much more matured level of growth in the area of our life affected by Venus retrograde. Jupiter already expanded illuminated this part of our life from 17th September to 30th November 2017 when it traversed through these exact degrees and we felt growth in this area. Uranus has been opposing these very degrees since May so somewhere inside you are already itching to make this change. Mars has also been repeatedly squaring these degrees so you have seen urge for excitement even conflicts in this area.

Do what you need to do to remember the details of September 2010 to December when Venusian themes of September-December 2018 might have showed up last for detailed review. We do forget the lessons no matter how harsh or gratifying they were but each Venus retrograde cycle expects us to utilise the lessons of last cycle that’s why it progresses. Look at your emails, messages, diary, notes of those exact months even dates. It’s uncanny how many people I have interacted with on this topic and similarity of themes they are already observing, hopefully we are wiser💫

🎼 What is Venus tangibly for me 🎼

If Venus is going to dominate the rest of the year, we might want to understand what Venus tangibly is to us and how Venus in Scorpio will feel like.

Venus rules love, beauty, intimacy, sexual pleasures, all kinds of pleasures, money, resources, arts, fashion, Creative pursuits. It controls our heart chakra our intuitive knowing, harmony, magnetic attraction, what we value, love and desire.

Venus is a satellite of Sun, it’s no more than 48 degree away from it. It’s the sensory detector of Sun, sifting and looking for what we love, what tastes good, what looks good, what we value in terms of people, lovers, places or environment, style, art, fashion, money or resources be it food or hard cash or our possessions. Based on this Creative intelligence it motivates our actions and guides our mental process so we can create the life around us that we love and value.

It’s a very important planet as it helps us access what makes us feel loved and what makes us love the rest of people, objects and most importantly ourselves. God knows after the time we have had we could take some extra love for ourselves and predominantly in sign of Scorpio assures the end outcome would be authenticity, healing and passion all in time for the holiday season! Venus aims to do that with its deep extended journey through the sign of Scorpio and Libra, the two signs which signify relationships and love but very different kind and in this we experience two very different sides of love, relationships and values over coming months. But relationships will be surely focus for rest of the year.

The natal nature and strength of Venus pretty much defines how we would approach and accept themes of love, relationships, creativity, style and finances. What else is there to life? It’s important to understand your Venus to fully understand how you can be more fulfilled in your life. Venus in Gemini person approaches and appreciates relationships (talk talk talk) completely different from Venus in Scorpio (quiet pls I am trying to read your soul) or Venus in Libra (second date I am browsing wedding bands in style now). Nature of natal Venus also guides how we handle Venus retrograde, meaning do we get there easily or with resistances.

Scorpio Venus will be experienced for the rest of September (from 9th September), all of October and then again in December all the way till 7th Jan. Scorpio Venus doesn’t take any pretence, doesn’t care for the superficial beauty, it wants to go deep into your soul and bare it open to empower you by just being you in all your true colours. That’s when we start coming out with reality of where we are in each of our relationships where we say we love the other person, where we are when we say we love what we do, where we are when we say we love what we have in terms of our resources. Is the object of our love, desire, passion, creativity worth it or not? It can deepen our relationships to people, objects, resources, Creative pursuits by going to the underbelly of things, cause Scorpio Venus isn’t scared of facing its own demons & ugly side & that of others, as long as it exposes deep truth, so we talk of intimacy issues, sexual passions, power control, addictions, hidden aspects, the masks we are wearing come off so we can go fully into it or release it forever. It’s all or nothing, pleasure with pain, death and regeneration, soulful, it’s power, focus, ambition, control, sex, intrusion, invasion, determination, being selfish to live authentic life at all cost. There is no place for the weak and the superficial.

It’s a warrior Venus and Venus in retrograde is already considered at war. Venus was defined by Mayans and Aztecs or Meso-Americans as Godess of War, they scheduled their battles around Venus retrograde as it was time to bare each other’s soul open. It’s war, this is the time Venus is reborn from being an evening star to the go getter morning star, it used to be said that we see the feminine Venus undergo a pseudo sex change to male version of it during a retrograde cause in those times males were considered to be more empowered and the go getters. This rebirth is exaggerated because of Scorpio dominance which believes in destroying it all to regenerate like a phoenix. That’s what we are working with as 26th October approaches.

Ofcourse Venus in Scorpio at war in October will not feel easy, it’s not it’s natural self but it depends on how we handle death rebirth ourselves. As a Scorpio rising myself death rebirth regeneration is part of my existence but for a Taurus or a Libra it will feel differently. But the resolution of it all in November when finally Venus will go direct will be in Libra so we should find an amicable balanced solution but it will retain the Scorpion power which we very much need. Any topics where we are sitting on the fence, Scorpio follow through direct motion in December will move singularly on it.

If you prefer video version below covers overview of Venus retrograde and then by sign specifics :

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