Venus Retrograde 2018 ✨ Regeneration of Heart Chakra✨(Part II)

🔥 Phases of Regeneration & Specific Dates 🔥

Let’s talk about how this evolution will happen, what phases we are expected to undergo, what dates and what aspects Venus will make so we are better prepared. For Venus retrograde impact by sign you can access below video with timestamps by sign in comments provided :

Venus is currently an evening star and it’s been so most of this year, all summer you saw it shining bright in the Western Sky brightest barring object barring the Moon & visible just after sunset, this is Godess of Love in its traditionally revered form, “Hesperus” – receptive, feminine Venus feeling, understanding, absorbing love and financial abundance not running after it, receiving it. It’s the traditional feminine archetype of Venus depicted and we would see it in our life as well people born under evening star represent the qualities of it. You can easily whether you were born under Venus as evening or morning star, by checking if Venus is ahead of Sun in countercyclical manner in your natal chart.

When evening star is at it’s peak in September we are also likely to remember past lovers, relationships, Evening Star Venus likes to take an internal journey vs an external one and familiar feels better.

See what Venusian themes are showing to you till 5th October cause that and more of what Venus rules in your chart will become the question of do you love what you have right now in that area of life, Venus will go over these themes two more times till December. That was the reason in September monthly horoscope videos I had suggested we don’t go overboard in terms of financial and relationship commitments specially week before retrograde as we might end of revisiting them a couple of times, being in Scorpio all or nothing approach and death rebirth process of regeneration the relationships developing now are there to cause transformation in us and possible to grow us but new relationships developing now may not necessarily progress in their current format. What we love is about to undergo death rebirth.

Venus will spend part of this cycle till 9th September in Libra but after 9th September it changes to Scorpio and you see intensity & depth in relationships, intimacy, finance, creativity rise as Scorpio is reaching out into truth of our feelings those we wish to be with. This is further exaggerated by the aspects Venus starts making which will also be revisited two more times till December. Here is the preview you probably saw :

Aspect 1 : Venus square Mars 8th September
Conflict, friction, urge for excitement, friction, let’s break up, fight or have an exiting physical experience! It’s repeated on 10th October though with much more intensity as Venus will be retrograde. This conflict will become constructive action in November after as these two planets will be in positive aspect of trine on 10th November.

Aspect 2 : Venus oppose Uranus 12th September
Internal revolution, wanting to break free, disassociate from previous cycle to create more value, worth, freedom, control for oneself. Sudden events or people showing up to make this tangibly felt. In society we see people experimenting or tempted to try weird unique beauty styles. Looking to break up or loose something which once was of great value to self. This is repeated on 31st Oct while Venus is retrograde when you feel this very strongly and then again on 1st December when Venus goes direct to finally release the old and embrace the new.

Aspect 3 : Venus sextile Saturn 13th September
This is what I feel makes this Venus cycle mst beneficial as Saturn has focus on your material Long term abundance so while the friction, revolution, excitement is important to regenerate this is truly what matures Venus and makes it all last and not fizzle out. It’s under the shadow of Saturn that we want to take important decisions so dates for this stabilising influence are 13th September, then 24th October when Venus is retrograde, then again 16th December for final establishment of harmony and order.

Aspect 4 : Venus square Nodes 16th September
Nodes are karmic destiny we are meant to live to get to the life path we are meant to walk to be our definition of success. In this cycle we will experience growth through conflict with people we have karma with. First brush with that around 16th September will feel mild, followed by much more intense interaction on 31st September when there is lot more instability and third time of resolution on 27th November

In September these aspects are all happening at very early degrees of Scorpio, so things plans thoughts are very underdeveloped at this stage, there will be unawareness as Mercury hasn’t yet come to picture. These aspects will tempt you to jump in with both feet instigating, exciting, rebelling, conflicting yet freeing you all at same time.

All these aspects are followed by a surge of Cardinal energy to initiate things from 21st September with Libra season starting and Venus will be at its highest illumination that day followed by its movement below the horizon for its underworld journey.

Phase II : Venus Retrograde as Evening Star 5th October to 26th October

Venus is about 30degrees ahead of Sun when it appears to be pulled back and appears to start moving backward from earth. Venus is invisible which per ancient astrology signifies that the planet’s blessings are disrupted causing disruptions & confusion in relationships, business affairs, money values, self worth, style. Mayans called Venus grisly and violent during its retrograde period. I can’t say that’s how we should be expecting things to be but retrograde period of Venus in Mars dominant sign of Scorpio wouldn’t be devoid of drama and extremes. We now have 40 days of rumination of love, values, Creative issues and at global level diplomacy would be reviewed, international relationships will undergo a period of review, test of strength and realignment. This is a period we would like to go to what’s known, the old, cling to the past, so we might invite a few old connections back into our life but those would normally come back to remind us why we let them go in the first place.

Its suggested to not 1) spend large sums of money during this time on anything of value, 2) making large relationship commitments, 3) making significant style or looks change ownether it’s colouring hair or elective cosmetic work. No major decisions on Venusian themes – love, finance, beauty, art. You will change your mind. My closet is full of clothes never worn bought during Venus retrograde, you can check yours too. It’s a good time to get rid of those.

But the thing is, it’s Libra season, Venus is closest to the earth, you will be tempted to all of this. See if you would rather this extra Venusian energy in finding new bargains because the seller didn’t know it’s true value, giving away unwanted Venusian items from your closet, renegotiate a previous financial contract, renegotiate terms of existing relationships, fully release some ex or old relationships attachments for once instead of initiating new cycle. Cause the retrograde period is best served as a period of disengagement from previous cycle and looking deep within as to what you feel your new cycle should be. Being closest to earth even though invisible Hesperus or Evening Star nature of Venus will be at its peak, it’s a bit insecure, feeling unloved and unappreciated is common. But this inward journey can lead to some creative breakthroughs and rebirths if you give yourself the space for it. Some old Creative passions can resurrect from the dead, they are best brought to public eye when Venus goes direct. It’s great time to go deep into research mode specially on Occult, astrology related matters.

Retrograde period is naturally a recoil time, that might be triggered by an event or conscious decision to retreat. Even if busy in day to day you will find yourself looking for deeper meaning in these daily interactions. Being in Scorpio this introspections will bring to light parts of us normally hidden from view.

There will be a lot of truths coming out, people saying the naked truth about relationships to create authenticity. Discord you experience right now shows the distance between your reality and your ideals of values, creative inspiration, beauty and relationships. Use that knowledge. Unfortunately Venus in Scorpio doesn’t like to commiserate even though it has X-ray vision of feelings but it doesn’t like to give in to weakness, so you wouldn’t be hearing a lot of reassuring words coming through. You tend to magnify flaws and faults in relationships right now as they are under a microscope and above aspects support that exaggeration to help you wake up to the gap between reality and ideal. Strong relationships evolve and weak relationships are buried left behind never to be looked back at in focus single minded Scorpio retrograde.

This is astrologically very busy time as Sky is very busy lots of aspects during this time which work with Venus let’s explore them by date :

Aspect 1 : 9th October New Moon in Libra square Pluto
Pluto is a very active participant early October so theme of personal power, control issues with authority figures, intensity in thoughts and speech will be fairly evident even though we try to see both sides with Kivra energy so rife in Sun, Mercury and the new moon. Yet there are multiple aspects encouraging creative thought processes. Drive your life force creatively towards your life purpose versus trying to prove yourself to others. You will be wasting your energy dissipating it cause everyone would be on a power trip. Use this freshly infused Libra energy to add some objectivity, balance and diplomacy to relationships at the same time not loosing the authenticity and power offered by Scorpio Venus

💥 Aspect 2 : 10th October Venus square Mars at 10 degree💥
Moon will also be in Scorpio this day so needless to say emotions will run deep with possibility of outbursts. Mars in Aquarius is a bit of a rebel and detached. Venus in Scorpio wants all or nothing. Moon in Scorpio goes deep and brings out magnified deep hurts. People will be taking things more personally in general. Frustrations with loved ones will seem high.
This is the day of sexual tension as well. Solid relationships can experience this as a workout of energy in form of good old sex but in a relationship where things haven’t been said, you can experience verbal explosions. Such strong Scorpio energy with Mercury just moved into Scorpio as well, doesn’t want to accept superficiality and power struggles are very much possible.
Secrets might start to come out in coming days but this isn’t a good time to intentionally expressing your feelings as they will come out according to energy of the day which is explosive. This can be experienced a day earlier as well. I find oppositions are opportunities we are looking for both freedom, innovation, brilliance, progressiveness in our actions which can benefit all, as well as depth intensity soulfulness in our heart felt relationships, who doesn’t want both. Well this gives us opportunity to create both at a cost mainly of not giving into the petty fights.

On global level this is a women reform energy especially related to physical abuse so we can see some news of revelations, forceful movement and progress in that direction. Jupiter in Scorpio has already been leading the charge on this as you can see since late last year.

😇 Aspect 3 : 14th October Mercury Meets Venus 😇
Mercury our mind our intellect has been making aspects of its own around 11th October prior to this with the karmic nodes and Uranus. So we see sudden ideas, flurry of activity coming through here, this is very much conflict with few Karmic people or sudden karmic/destined events happening leading us kicking and screaming to ideas that free us and keeping us honest cause that’s the theme. We are being pulled to Mars in Aquarius and Uranus freedom dissolution of past cycle at the same time when your creative and mental intellect Venus and Mercury wants to dive in both feet in, into something that’s more authentic, fixed, true, soulful for you. Saturn as before is an active participant trying to keep an eye on Long term material stability and some objectivity. This conflict is much more at our own intellect level yet, I like that our logical mind is making these aspects before the retrograde Venus does cause on 14th that logical intellect is transferred through a constructive conversation or communication to our emotional intelligence Venus in this beautiful conjunction.

You will continue to see this solution undergo multiple iterations while fixity and depth grows. 19th is a great ideation day as Mercury trines Neptune but if you engage in a discussion you will conflict more than reconcile so avoid that day for a negotiation. 22nd October is better for it when Mercury sextile Pluto.

Aspect 4 : 24th October Taurus full moon & Venus Saturn sextile
I find Taurus full moon such an excellent grounding comforting energy specially creating more material support for us. Sun is also now in Scorpio so we have all key planets in fixed sign now creating much more firmer and possibly fixed forward course of action. This doesn’t come without its share of surprise as Sun is very much opposed by Uranus and squared by karmic nodes. These are unexpected exciting encounters that shake us internally to realisation as to how close are we to our goals and life path. These encounters will very much feel fated. But what’s most magical about this culmination is Venus and Saturn meet and this is before Venus gets e tangled in nodes and Uranus, so we have Venus fully maturing before it’s final rebirth. Your creative intelligence has now received a Long term map and it’s ready to encounter and take on the next most unstable intense period of Venus retrograde.

Phase III : Inferior Conjunction Venus Sun 26th October
This is the turning point, the call to war, the beginning of new phase of Venus when Venus comes between Earth and Sun. It’s said Venus in arms of Sun transfers it’s knowledge from retrograde period to embody it and then walks on earth as a Man or human. Venus has died and now being reborn as a morning star Lucifer. During retrograde period it’s considered that feminine side of Venus is assualted and buried underground, what comes out is a male version, strong, courageous, valiant, militant, aggressive, self loving Venus.

This is considered period of insemination of all that Venus learned during its inward journey and if during this time Venus makes contacts with any of your personal planets particularly if they are at 2-3degrees of Scorpio or to some extend 2-3 degree of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, they get inseminated with this Venus stamp for a Long period of time as well.

Phase IV : Heliacal Rising : 27th October to 16th November
Venus is now morning star but still below the horizon and retrograde.
Mayans described this period when Venus rose from the underworld still covered in blood and gore of the dead. The first 6-7 days after inferior conjunction are considered the most unstable time specially for political situations, Venus is unstable so are diplomatic and personal relationships. This can be the time of failure by leaders, secrets coming out, resignations, major accidents and storms. Personal level we are very very vulnerable at this time, imagine like a heart post bypass, it’s just too tender and it’s just been set free it’s wild, it will feel like being wild and it will equally get hurt hard and deep. The whole idea of this metamorphosis of Venus is for us to experience love in its all forms, in its tamed controlled inward form as well it’s wild passionate impulsive form but we are trying to contain the damage while we do so, so be careful of your impulsive fools rush in outlook during this time.

The final frontier : 31st October Venus squares nodes and Uranus & enters Libra

Beautiful thing is this Heliacal rising will be happening in Libra from 31st October! Venus thrives in this sign it tames the recklessness retains the beauty and balance of Venus. But before it enters Libra it makes contact with Uranus and nodes for the second time on 31st October. This is the second and most impactful shock to our relationship, finances, creativity, self love, it’s break or make. I like that we have made contact with Saturn before this but it’s a shock nonetheless. No more fighting no more arguments we know now. We release or we progress.

Mercury also enters Sagittarius now on 31st so we are focused on higher ideals goals we will be reviewing those in Nov as Mercury will undergo retrograde period from 16th Nov to 6th December.

10th November : You will need your plans relooked at one last time in December but morning star Venus wants it’s power back it wants to move forward. It’s now accelerated into constructive actions on 10th Nov by trine with Mars. Even though retrograde with Libra energy rife we start making progress with diplomacy, love, reconciliation and balance.

About 6-7 days after conjunction Venus will be 10degree behind Sun. In November you will see it slowly rise in predawn eastern sky and by Christmas you will see it pre sunrise.

Phase V : Venus Stations Direct as Morning Star 16th November

Just before Venus turns direct and just after it turns direct at 25degree Libra it meets the most brilliant the most beneficent brightest star Spica cultivating knowledge and gifts. This is knowledge, talent, brilliance, skill beyond our means being gifted to our cardinal free will Venus the ordeal we have had. When Venus goes direct unlike Mercury it’s not a tangible knowledge that we have, it’s not an objective knowing unlike Mercury, it’s rather a feeling, a visceral knowing that you will see reflected in all your relationships, your creativity, your style. Cause it’s been a journey of truly loving yourself. Venus is now about 30degrees behind the Sun and she is the warrior empowered with the right tools.
People with Day horoscope or born in morning will benefit most from this Long Venus cycle of morning star but we all see the benefits.

Mercury will meet Venus on 16th November but Mercury will be taking its turn to be retrograde in November on that day so we rework review applying our higher ideals to what we have so far progressed with Venus retrograde.

Phase VI : Greatest Western Elongation 26th November
Venus is now a visible Morning Star 45-48 degree behind Sun which is now in Sagittarius.

– Venus will square the nodes one last time on 27th November to check if we are taking decisions in line with our path.
– Venus will oppose Uranus as well on 1st December for some positive surprise.
6th December Mercury turns direct so w can put our ideas to work.
– Finally Venus meets Saturn to firm up the structure on 16th December and comes out of shadow on 17th December

💫We are now going full speed ahead in our heart related matters, loving ourselves and all that we value more deeply and authentically 💫


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