And regarding the Luckiest day of the year …

I am sorry to go against the regular optimism and I guess Mars isn’t letting me be quiet so I apologise if this offends anyone but after seeing 5 posts in my feed on this … I just want to say about Jupiter meeting Sun on 27th Nov being the luckiest day in 12 years, this transit is being widely misunderstood. Jupiter meets Sun every year and ofcourse it’s a great event every year but this is the year when it’s meeting with a retrograde Mercury which is in strong square with Mars which is in highly emotional Pisces at its detriment and where both Neptune and Chiron are so we are already hurting there. It’s passive aggressive expression of feelings in wrong direction. Us being made aware of at an exaggerated level where we would like to be is in the house that Jupiter is visiting but with a misplaced exaggeration going & expressing it in a Martian way in the house where Pisces is. There are more chances of emotional blow up with this transit vs any productive activity. This is the time in Mercury retrograde cycle which it is most notoriously known for. Mercury has become a morning star but it’s retrograde plus it meets Jupiter making it believe it’s the right time to throw the baby out with the bath water. That’s when we make most of our mistakes that are attached to Mercury retrograde. Plus Jupiter is just exaggerating that. I am looking forward to Dec when things are clear, Jupiter is visible Mercury direct and they meet on 21 st Dec but this day of 27th Nov is for awareness of what’s holding you back from being all you can be in the house Jupiter is visiting but not for any kind of expression of it, cause expression would be highly misplaced. I would love to say Merry Christmas now cause Lord knows these blaring music in Malls & trees already up are commercially making us ready for the cheers but Christmas is still in December not in November. 💫


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    Well said

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    So true


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