Astrology of the weekend 1st & 2nd December: Regenerating & Shedding skin

After the fated decision we made using the cardinal power we received to act on what in our heart we know is right, we are now moving into deep waters next few days. Cause we want to feel through this change and test our capacity to live the decision we have taken, both Mercury and Venus will be in deep fixed water of Scorpio by Monday and emotions will run deep and high by Monday.

Take a breather this weekend under the balanced moon of Libra to be in harmony and peace with your decision, cause life is more than this one moment. With Pluto our emotions are regenerating this weekend.

Neptune challenging this moon will ask us to use our intuition to sense through this change and not think of this sensitivity as our weakness. Don’t cloud what you are feeling by belittling it as over reaction or over sensitivity. These transits exaggerate what we are feeling so we can address them, deal with them, making small things unbearable so we can’t ignore the pain of what’s nagging our insides, what’s not working.

We are always shedding skin this weekend we are doing just that and Mars is quiet for now cause he is being tamed by Saturn so our reactions are subdued. But on Monday or even Sunday you feel it taking back reigns, the impetus to push, combust, sparks flying, more on that later.

Till then regenerate under the Plutonic Libran Moon

Light & Love 💫


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