Astrology of 3rd December – We are void of course…

We are deep in water energy with three personal planets in Water signs, Mercury and Venus deep under the cover of Scorpio where our mind and heart is left to simmer to figure out the implications of our decisions and our real motivations, where our souls are bared. Yet with that Mercury retrograde we can’t intellectually understand why we do what we do. Chiron is letting us know where that phantom pain is coming from. It’s a day to meditate on our true motivations before we take any further action.

Mars is trying to calm down in Pisces and focus on our spiritual growth and trying to tell us it’s a season of giving & forgiving, why get revved up. Yet the recent events have us burning on the inside, it’s a volacano below the calm waters ready to explode. Wanting us to break through the niceties of it all and say what we truly feel.

Sun wants badly to look at higher purpose of it all & ride into sunset as it’s year end and we know next year things would be more expansive, so why focus on today when it all doesn’t feel so upbeat. It’s starting to conflict with Mars as what Sun wants to do has got nothing to do with pleasing or dealing with anyone else. Sun wants you to ignore the noise get idealistic with Neptune and look at your larger dream of tomorrow, the seed of future you just planted with Jupiter instead of problems or anger of today.

Moon usually combines all of these contradictions & processes it in the form of how we feel. But these are the few hours when moon is hanging helplessly as it’s void of course, when I don’t know how I truly feel how do I decide anything … Well we don’t.

It’s not a day to decide, it’s a day to evaluate our motivations BUT avoid getting sucked into the dark side. Cause we do need to swim underwater sometimes with the sharks and demons and fears of our mind to feel the fear, to see what we are so afraid of leaving behind. What are we loosing by choosing a different path, by breaking away, whose motivations and dreams are we honouring if not ours. BUT this is one moment and not our whole life, so don’t let the sharks of your mind to consume you as you summoned them to see why you do what you do. Your intuition is your guide today and not your intelligent mind.

Mars will not let us rest for Long, cause it’s the underwater volcano right now, once Moon goes into Scorpio in the night it’s gotto come explode on surface.

But before that happens simmer & explore, don’t decide, just go void of course listen to your intuition, to music, see the signs, the synchronicities, the coincidences, the dreams & epiphanies life is bringing you.

Light & love 💫


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