Protests, protests & more protests

Uranus is currently squaring south node in Capricorn and it’s going to go on till early next year. Breaking down of administrative walls that don’t serve our personal freedom is the theme. Saturn builds structures, in Capricorn firm structures. Historical events of dissolution of walls are part of Saturn synods with other planets not alone Saturn. Berlin Wall was demolished and created with Saturn in Capricorn. So there will be more nationalistic agendas, change in regulations with Long lasting implications.

But the Uranus in Aries squaring the south node in Capricorn is people vs state, fighting any rules that compromise our personal freedom and interests to satisfy political agendas is the theme.

With Pluto, Saturn, south node or Rahu all together in The sign that rules administrations and governments, we will see more restructuring of governments through the chaos of it all. Pluto loves it’s power games so expect more. And to some extend expect fiercer ones after Uranus goes direct on 6 January 2019.

Chaos is the genesis of all brilliance!

Light & love 💫


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