Retroshady Brexit!

I think Brexit is biggest example of what happens when you make an important announcement with mercury retrograde in your house of communication. 14 November when Brexit plan was announced, Mercury was about to go into retrograde. Mercury retrograde is the period of changes in our perspective, communication going crosswire & worst time to pin down a single path as we are about to take a back step or a mental time out to figure things out – possibly changing our perspective.

I thought U.K. government had an army of astrologers, why would this important announcement be made when Mercury the planet that rules our communication was appearing to stand still about to take a u-turn in the house of media & communication of the U.K. You wouldn’t accelerate before a u-turn would you ?

Irony is the administration has called off the vote on the day mercury is visible back in the sky after it’s rebirth as a morning star… Some might say Mrs May finally saw the light… let’s see if we find a new draft launched on the day mercury revisits those degrees ~ 24 Dec, choppy markets & volatile Christmas.

I am expecting 21 December the day of rebirth of that draft which comes to some level of clarity of direction by 24 December so will be on lookout for that in my Christmas stocking!

Mind you the Solar eclipse of January 6th 2019 will be very close to the natal Sun of U.K.’s birthchart. So the new beginnings which comes with Saturn & South Node will require restructuring all through 2019 as Saturn will revisit that eclipse point through its retrograde cycle three times, each time modifying its limitations and rules.

I do expect though this process to over time bring U.K. to firmer grounds & more solid international standing. But a rebirth is never easy.

Light & love 💫


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