Astrology of 8-10 Feb’19 – Be Free

We have an opportunity this weekend to see our raw truth. To not lie to ourselves anymore, to know in no unclear terms where our desires are and where we are suppressing our own freedom with our own hands, where we have kept ourself & our potential in social bondage.

You might feel a bit raw, it may not be the easiest experience but this is the weekend where we meet ourselves without any pretence, no masks, no display, no worldly make up hiding the bumps & spots of our heart, just you meeting you…

Moon in Aries isn’t the easiest but it’s honest, it’s true to its own cause & it’s one purpose is to take care of your truth, your Essence, your one life on your own terms.

This weekend it meets the explosive duo of Mars & Uranus who are about to have their last in our lifetime meet in Aries on 13th Feb. I spoke about it extensively for each sign in my monthly videos.

It’s what I am calling The Declaration of Independence of our generation. We start new on our own terms.

Being free to be who we are, setting our soul free so it can have the human experience it came here to have, not the experience of others…yes it’s selfish… it’s meant to be…it’s not an ugly word being can you fill cup of anyone else if yours is empty?

So Ask cause it’s important to ask your heart before pure adrenal takes you over – What do you really want ? Can you stay with this any longer ? What area of my life I am living a lie? Are you living your truth or that of someone else? Can we stop cheating ourselves denying us our real life? Can I keep living as who I am not all my life? Where is my fake ?

Uranus in Aries had one & only purpose, to wake us all up to a new life of freedom we didn’t know existed, to shake us to wake us up to our truth. It’s not polite it’s not gentle it’s not meant to be – cause it’s raw truth. And before we get on the 7 year journey of Uranus in Taurus of revolutionising how we contribute materially to the world, we need to first be us. Cause the only way we can materially contribute to this world is by being the true version of us.

Our life is not of someone else’s to live, it’s not a homage to someone else’s desires, it’s not a road to someone else’s dream, as much as we know we got one and we want it to count. So like the Moon in Aries, like the Mars in Aries, like the Uranus in Aries my post is not polite but it’s real, it’s asking you to free you, to give you the permission to breath, to let that air in, the Breeze of new start of raw potential of a very powerful you

Don’t let go this opportunity, it’s the degree of Venus of Marilyn Monroe, the degree of Mars of Steve Jobs, it’s about siezing the moment of our release of our freedom, of our truth, of our potential, of our excellence.

Ofcourse there will be adrenal, ofcourse there will be impulsiveness, ofcourse there will be a bit of madness…life happens when we are out of balance..

We don’t ration how much air we should take in a breath, we take it all cause it’s life – every free breath is a life, every free moment is a life, every free day is a life, every free thought is why we have a thinking mind.

Have your reset, your new start, your freedom from self made bondages, live truly what our forefathers gave everything for, our so called independence, Be free…

Light & love 💫

Check out details of your rising or ascendant / Sun / Moon zodiac sign if you haven’t yet in the monthly videos with timestamps-


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