Astrology of 12-13th Feb’19 – Yin & Yang!

After a weekend of upheaval over the top, even abrasive energy, we have now descended into the seductive comfort of Taurus moon asking us to take a pause, to find value in existing moment, in the food we eat, in the comfort we live in and the warmth of our loved ones to counter the cold wave accentuated by the Aquarian new moon (as I indicated in my new moon video). We look for peace, for comfort, for slowing down a bit to enjoy a moment of peace before it starts all over again. Saturn Neptune soothes this moon asking it to engage in finding value in existing situation, to look for a disciplined approach & responsibility in our emotions & channel them in our Creative productive work.

It’s static, standing still if only for a moment to give you & financial markets a brief high & respite from your own internal upheavel to recover before it starts all over again…

…And it does on 13th second half when Mars finally enters the critical end degree of Aries & Moon moves into the restless of Gemini looking for answers again, looking to change the situation and countering the logic of Mercury for it finds that logic it saw doesn’t match how he or she truly feels. Conflict with the watery Mercury mind spoils the normally cool even playful demeanour of the Gemini moon. Under this first quarter moon the outcomes can go either ways & we will see that at political level as well, the duality, conflict between logic & emotions causing brief chaos before we find our way.

At a personal level, we communicate, read, discuss, argue only to realise we always had the answer within us & that sometimes choosing a way is better than oscillating between two minds. 13-15th is when we try to set a direction in this chaos cause after that we say adieu to this explosive Mars Uranus in Aries combination & move into fully embracing stability in our decision & direction chosen with the Taurus Mars.

Doesn’t mean changes won’t continue to happen as Uranus continues to be at the critical degrees and very strong as it’s about to enter Taurus for first time in 84 years changing how & what we derive value of our life from.

But we know what’s the path to our own brand of freedom, our authenticity, our new start cause that’s what Uranus in Aries of almost a decade has taught us that we all have our own unique paths, our unique destiny & our unique gifts to contribute to the world and we need to Pioneer our own cause in our personal situation versus following the norm of what the crowd wants.

Continue to be careful this week while driving, using electronic devices, back up your work & careful in handling sharp objects specially these two days (12-13 Feb’19). Communication & overall communication / travel devices might not work as required on 13th so if you can postpone important business decisions or communication that’s best for 13th. Discussions with young ones & siblings can be charged up on the 13th as well.

We have an over the TOP Valentine’s Day this year, more about that in next post. Do see what the Mars Uranus combination means for you if you haven’t yet –

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So true, can see people driving like crazy wth utter disregard of others…


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