Astrology of 20th March – Happy Equinox & Supermoon tonight!

On the day of a Vernal equinox, a new astrological year begins, the flowers bloom in one place & the leaves shed in the other – Change is in the air. The season of Rams always brings its freshness, it brings the pioneering spirit out in all of us but this time it starts with Chiron right next to Sun reminding us to not compromise our self identity even if it was suppressed in the past. It creates a sensitivity where the old wound was, for we heal only if we pain.

As we progress towards the night we observe the beautiful Libra Supermoon at critical zero degree. This is the last full moon which is a Supermoon in a series we have been seeing this year creating a more emotionally & physically impactful endings / culminations. We bring the last six months of edge of the seat 0-1 degree full moons to a close as we have been ticking the boxes to start afresh.

This full moon at the critical zero degree of Libra brings what’s hurting our self identity to a closure for Chiron in Aries puts up a fight for its healing, it’s a reminder that we are enough as just us and if a relationship or a contract , a commitment makes us feel any less, it’s not part of our future program. Balance is restored on this degree of perfect form but not without a price. This beauty comes with a purge, it comes with even over the top emotions as Uranus makes an inconjunction with the moon, creating an uneasiness, restlessness & even physical discomfort when we don’t break free from what we know is toxic. Don’t worry the next full moon will bring that toxicity to closure as we have the next full moon in April in same area but at 29 degree & with Uranus with Sun. We are starting what would be a 6 week purge at the very least – of toxicity in structure of our life, of unsaid unseen underbelly of our administrations & elite society.

Pluto South node conjunction of 4th April has already started showing its work, unlocking the seedy underbelly of our society, we all knew existed but there was no reckoning for so far. The evolution of the soul doesn’t come without a good purge & that’s what Pluto Ketu conjunction has initiated, more of that in April.

But as we stand tonight under this beautiful supermoon, culmination of chapters of imbalance in our life are key specially in relationships. Venus rules this full moon & creates potent contacts with Mars & Jupiter, highlighting our passions & what we love, even creating an optimism that perfection is not illusive and hence we must try & move forward from what’s not serving us as we have a lot to celebrate in the present & the optimistic future. We love more deeply, more passionately but more importantly more authentically without loosing who we are. And a new cycle begins!

If you haven’t yet, do check out what the full moon, Pluto Ketu Conjunction & Uranus in Taurus means for your rising / sun / moon sign –

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