Extreme events of past few days & the full moon that just went & what’s about to come – Meaning of it all 💫🙏

It’s not a popular statement but what we are seeing is a repeat of Last entry of Uranus in Taurus when Hitler started coming to power, The night of Long knives was executed (1934-Uranus entered Taurus) and bull headedness / hard opinions & hard liners became popular. It tore the society, like today when we have never been more divisive.

Pluto being strong while going retrograde along with South node is exposing power issues & underbelly of our society, but in cardinal sign its a self inflicted/induced transformation. World war was delayed yet created with these uncompromising steps, it was a man made disaster as are current events. My condolences to those who were personally impacted. We do have to dig deeper.

The Sri Lanka government officials had full warning of the blasts per media but the internal infighting of power between President & PM costed lives. French Govt had protests going on around the Church for longest time, yet the alert was low. Phils is a typhoon prone country, yet growing abundance wants to create glass swimming pool on top of a high rise. We can go on…Its not one side of the argument – fault if any is on both sides.

Full moon of 19th April has unleashed the first Uranus impact. And Ketu brings back past right in front of our eyes for one purpose – What would you do differently this time ? Would you rise from your previous response – beyond your ego (Pluto-Ketu) & beyond your self created boundaries of religion, money & countries (Saturn-Ketu) to rise to a higher consciousness. Would you seek love & oneness when hatred & divisiveness is being sold in buckets.

Moksha isn’t a mass event – bombing of places, burning of churches doesn’t result in it, Moksha is an individual experience of a person rising above, driven by mass consciousness being evoked by extreme situations such as these.

Uranus in Taurus is a gift of innovation, of progress, of abundance but every gift is a responsibility & we are being tested as a society on how well we honor our gifts.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

Today large part of the world lives in relative abundance & freedom compared to previous times, yes, poverty, pain, loss, wars do exist but an earth that has seen much worst in form of non stop wars, asks us – how are we handling our current freedom, how are we honouring our current resources, our natural resources, our human faculties, our ability to progress technologically like never before. How are we using our time our energy our gift of being born in this time ?

May is a much calmer month as we would look to evolve in a meaningful way from what has transpired so far.
Uranus in Taurus will continue to be getting activated as it will meet Mercury our mind on 8th May & then Venus our person life & heart on 18th May – these points will help us give the Why? to recent events. Check if you haven’t yet videos on these topics specific to your sign as these energies continue for next few months.

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I wish you much love as we progress together 💕

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