Mars Rahu Conjunction – Angarak Yoga – War or Breakthrough!

Mars & Rahu will meet in tropical zodiac Cancer on 12th June 2019, this is Angaraka Yoga which is associated with unprecedented drive, tempers, warrior spirit, rebellion & risk taking. We think we know what we want & we want it now. But this aspect is happening while Mars is invisible, out of bounds & in its fall positions. So while this aspect teaches us lessons in self assertion, the actions might not be optimal & driven by emotions more than thought through plans & good motives. Combined with moral & ideological high of Jupiter Neptune square which is meeting on 16th Jun but felt all month – this is actions under delusion illusion – to use Trump’s words.

This is a war like energy unfortunately under misinformation when less than honorable actions are seen so we need to be prepared in our own personal situation to get ahead of this energy to leverage the positive element of it well versus letting its energy take over us. Many of the great leaders who have broken out of society’s norm & seen unprecedented success like Lincoln, Einstein, Shivaji have this aspect but we need awareness for its optimal usage.

And that’s why we need to get ahead of it.

Saturn Ketu conjunction – which is currently active & is releasing old disfunction in our administration, our respective lives & urging us to change our modus operandi of rules by which we run our lives – that aspect will be opposed by this high energy volatile Mars Rahu combination on 14th June. This is rebellion, this is outburst against disfunctional rules & administrations, this is volcanic eruption, this is solar flare which changes the magnetic field of earth creating power outages, communication issues, stress, anger, anxiety, weakness.

I say this for us to be prepared as some things do need to come to a head for us to find accelerated progress & growth with the July eclipses & this aspect is very much a precursor to the 3rd July Eclipse.

While all of this is well in making now, we will in my view see the first string of events from 6th June when Moon in Cancer meets Mars opposing Pluto Ketu which is an emotional trigger for what follows.

We are in a mutable month, 8-11 Jun gives us a mutable T-Square which can be a turning point for us for the better if we stay open to reviewing views & information that’s shown to us contrary to our belief. After all that’s what Mutable season is for. To grow, to learn, to change our mind. The Mutable T-Square will put us inevitably on a cross road where the main way out would be a choice in my view which will decide the forward course.

So suggestion is to plan ahead, set your intentions – 31 May-4 Jun – set your intentions when Venus meets Saturn Pluto – what am I working towards & why I want it so much – what’s in my heart. And stay flexible around 8-11 Jun when possibly alternative facts are shown to us.

Good luck & God Bless 💫

Review sign specific Video for your rising / sun / moon sign to see how you can make best use of this aspect

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