Aug-Dec’19 Astrology Horoscope – Jupiter transit through houses for each sign – Where is my once in a decade growth opportunity ?

Mid August – 2 December #Astrology #Horoscope
Jupiter transit through houses – Where is my once in a decade growth opportunity ?

Jupiter moved direct on 11 August & will stay so for next 8 months – it’s time to rise up from the darkness & to let the light in. Jupiter supports our expansion, growth, more importantly it’s a social planet that helps us attract opportunities & support from the outside world. Hope, enthusiasm, higher vision, opportunities, new prospects are encourage, enhanced, brought in our life with ease under the blessings of this great benefic.

This is a short mantra to open our hearts to the light that’s upon us – to open us up so we can move out of old energy to fully assimilate the blessings & step into 8 months of growth ahead.

Guru mantra (hymn of power) opens our hearts to the enlightenment & the blessings of the creator (Brahma), of the preserver (Vishnu), of trials & tribulations which transformed us irrevocably (Maheshwara). We honor all of it – our birth, our creation, our current moment, our trials/illnesses/injuries – for all of them as our Guru – our teacher – have enlightened us from within, making us more than we were.

“Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara
Guru sakshat, param Brahma, tasmai shri guravay namah”


Chant recital & by sign transit video

After 4 months of waiting, suspense, adjustments, revisions we are finally moving with anxiety & excitement towards things opening up & turning around as Jupiter turning direct unleashing blocked blessings & expansion. What was deferred, lost, altered, postponed now comes to pass albeit with changes. Plans, ideas, new starts, projects of great promise which were put on hold or taken back around mid April, now open up but with modifications from their original form. What you wished then & what you want now is different – opportunities, support, expansion – modify to be in line with the now.

The retrograde period enlightened us to our true Self, now we manifest the external growth inline with who we are. Cause the worst thing is not failing, worst thing is reaching the destination & realising that that’s not what we truly wanted.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is a genie in the bottle – Ask & it is given – an aspect that happens once in 12 years. Now that we know what we want – let’s make a wish by taking an intentional step to manifesting once in decade opportunity in these areas of our life starting this month all the way to 2 Dec’19.

You can look back to 2007 when Jupiter was last in Sagittarius – what did you grow significantly & how did it benefit you in 2008.

Jupiter is not a discretionary planet, so in order to take advantage of its positivity, we do need to focus this energy. Check for your rising / sun / moon sign where you can possibly expect growth, support & opportunities for you to take advantage of, over next four months.


♐️ #Sagittarius
Jupiter your ruler turning direct in your sign at its best – manifests beautifully to show you once in a decade expansion of who you are, your self image & what you are known for. It gives you faith, confidence, physical energy, sense of adventure to break through in terms of your goals, your external persona, your body, your committed partnerships.

Enhance what you show to the world, get support, expand goals, see more for yourself . “Ask & it is given” has never been more true – look back to 2007 to see how your expansion in 2007 benefitted you in 2008 or longer. The very frame from which you view your life is being expanded, aim higher you will get external support for it, if you seek out. We must allow this expansion to flow through to our professional & personal life by taking a few bold steps. Unwanted weight gain under this influence indicates us blocking this expansion by not giving it faith. This is your rebirth, redefining who you are, your faith, who you commit to & what path you commit to as you gain insights into what you want your next life’s chapter to be about.

+/-3° or 3 days of 15° Sagittarius or 6 December born benefit most in August, though most of you will feel the benefits all the way till 2 December.

♏️ #Scorpio
Jupiter turning direct opens hopes, confidence, faith to pursue new sources of income, growth in material abundance, opportunity to pursue skills that add to our networth and self worth – giving our life meaning & are in line with our values as we have understood in last four months of retrograde period. We might have multiple avenues of making revenue – multiple skills that can yield value in material value. Jupiter in last four months have helped us bring closer to realising what source of income is in line with who we want to be, in accordance with our values. So this is the time to now direct all your resources towards investing time & talents in the direction thats for you. Avoid overspending – invest not expense your resources towards your future growth. Invest in your skills, your body, your future material wealth which should have a higher purpose attached to it for you to continue with it for long period of time.

Earn through publication, travel, spiritual pursuits, speaking engagements, trade, foreign interactions / foreign land / foreign ideologies that expand you make you more than you were once you have a adopted them. This opens gates to your material houses which benefit so your career benefits with this aspect. Also supports going alone vs in partnership- go independent & solo. Supports breaking through situation of debt – karmic or material.

♎️ #Libra
Jupiter turning direct opens our mind to positivity, hope, higher purpose and eases access to commercial & communication opportunities of growth. Opportunities open up to communicate, market, sell, brand, travel short distance, learn new commercial / self made wealth / communication skills, connect closer with immediate environment / neighbours/ siblings (younger) – and manifestation is easier in these areas.

So take steps to expand your commercial & communication skills as well as your contacts. This aspects opens up opportunities to share your life with others, socialise, share ideas & helps make those connections commercially lucrative as well as knowledge enhancing. It gives us courage, impetus, opportunities to write more, read more, connect more, learn more, travel more and in the process of this all it expands our self knowledge.

Take a course, broaden your contacts, launch new marketing campaign/ rebrand yourself/ learn a skill you found tough earlier, reconcile with a sibling, make use of support from your immediate environment/ neighbourhood / friends/ sibling, meet people & share ideas, learn a foreign language, teach, collaborate with others. This signifies increase in busy yet productive time – direct it to relevant projects of biggest impact which uplift you.

+/-3° or 3 days of 15° Libra or 6 Oct born benefit most in August, though most of you will feel the benefits all the way till 2 December.

♍️ #Virgo
Jupiter turning direct supports your sense of emotional well being, your inner world, your faith & spiritual houses to help you give the solid foundations required to go further up in your external life. Hope, positivity, expansion in home & family matters is greatly supported refurbishing your support system. Opportunities to have a comfortable living space with peace & positivity, overall real estate, family property expansion, home improvement/ expansion opportunities are supported in this transit.

Explore your heritage, reconcile with family, Mother or Mother figure can become great source of support, enhance / reach out to refurbish your support system, create a comfortable space of living – your sanctuary, grow opportunities out of a place of security comfort, create home away from home if required as this aspect supports success if you operate out of home or from a place of comfort. Then use this sense of emotional well being to go further up in your external life / career – go beyond your upbringing, beyond what your family thought you could do, heal your heart of any childhood critical memories or feeling of lack as you are being given a rebirth of growth in your inner life. Your core is being reborn here – refurbished first time in a decade, strengthened to taken on more & also to give more. Cause when your cup is full it overflows to your close one’s – it positively touches your private life, your parenting style, your intimacy, your ability to give & receive love which grows immensely.

As this positively aspects the spiritual houses, you might reconnect with past to release it or cherish it, unearth something – get a deeper insight which you didn’t see before – dreams, epiphanies, serendipities, sudden experiences of voila/ aha moments could be very helpful in giving you visions of your future path so listen to your senses. You are expanding the very foundations of your life so it can hold more – it’s time to check out of the past & check into a future beyond your imaginations.

+/-3° or 3 days of 15° Virgo or 6 Sept born benefit most in August/ September though most of you will feel the benefits all the way till 2 December.

♌️ #Leo
Jupiter turning direct emboldens you & opens up the once in decade opportunity to recreate yourself – your “I Am” your identity is embellished & expanded in creative bold ways as opportunities of gains, joy, fun, romance, passion, creativity, hobbies open up or become easier. This is your heart chakra receiving hope, confidence, faith to take more risks in life – both personal & professional.

This phase will help you take a few leaps, take a few risks & this is the year to recreate yourself as Jupiter enhances your confidence & risk appetite to go after what your heart truly desires. Open your heart to love, creativity, joy, hobbies, children & let your child like joy flow as this will come easy & makes you feel like you again. Recreate your identity through creative endeavours, taking more risks in investments – in business, romance & with children. Speculative gains & lucky breaks are highly possible under this & you might see returns of past investments which was blocked for some time. Giving birth to what or who we are passionate about & what we would grow immensely is greatly favoured under this aspect. Having more children, investing more in your children, being joyful like a child, growing a passion project like it’s your child, going into a more adventurous relationship, developing new ways of bold Creative self expression, catering to your heart health are ways to focus this karmic positivity. Options will be multiple so focus your energy on what truly is you.

This is our positive karma house – honor your God given / natural talents & gifts as we are given the confidence to let them flow in productive ways to benefit many. Health & physical energy is greatly benefited going forward. A new Creative vision of what’s possible for you over next decade is shown to you – enjoy the insights & now we have the tools to make it all come true.

+/-3° or 3 days of 15° Leo or 7 Aug born benefit most in August/ September though most of you will feel the benefits all the way till 2 December.

♋️ #Cancer
Jupiter turning direct opens up opportunities for expansion in work projects & easier access to better health. Work environment starts feeling more supportive to your growth with possibility of appreciation & support from team / coworkers. Opportunities for expansive project or a new job that expand your knowledge could open up provided you look for it. Past couple of months might have enlightened you on which type of projects / work environment/ work dynamics you would like to operate in which would support your growth & now opportunities matching that are sought & received. This transit brings us out of a phase of being behind the scene or in state of loss to busy active productive times ahead.

Intellectual freedom in projects, multicultural or diverse environment & coworkers, being a mentor / teacher or person with bigger vision at work, work that gives life a meaning by being of service to others in meaningful ways – are qualities that should be sought in your job or project hunt for success. Any daily health routine that you institute under this transit is of great benefit to you for longer term so take advantage of this till December especially. Positive work environment & coworker relationships, easier acccess to suitable work under this transit supports your health as well. It’s also a good time to gain knowledge on health matters & nutrition.

This transit positively aspects your material houses creating once in decade opportunities for more prosperity. So seek work, seek support of a team, seek knowledge expansion in work & health. Don’t overload your daily activities – prioritise what truly adds to you at work & what truly heals you in health – you are given knowledge of both & means to get it.

+/-3° or 3 days of 15° Cancer or 6 July born benefit most in August/ September though most of you will feel the benefits all the way till 2 December.

♊️ #Gemini
Jupiter turning direct in your house of partnerships, opens up the external support from your partners – personal & business, your sponsors, clients, spouse, close one on one committed relationships. It enables you to receive support in projects from clients, mentors, seniors, partners provided you seek it. It unblocks opportunities, gains & success in client contracts, business contracts, partnerships & enhances warmth & support in personal relationships. This aspect supports enlightenment & foresight in terms of what you want in committed personal & business partnerships, enabling you to build those or expand existing partnerships in the right direction. Spouse or committed partner also is likely to benefit from this.

Reach out, socialise, seek support as required, build broader clientele, look for expanded commitments in your personal relationships & professional contracts. Your partnerships are likely to be the source of your expansion & growth. Choose multicultural multinational partners who add to you in terms of your sense of adventure, knowledge & faith. Travel if required to form expanded clientele or partnerships – else create clientele or partnerships with diverse people. Get married or expand existing relationship but more importantly get a broader view of what’s possible for you & what you need to grow in your partnerships. You might have choices & multiple options – this helps you choose what’s additive to you, gives life meaning & purpose. You attract others into your life, learn from them & appreciate what each of these diverse relationships add to you. This transit positively aspects your social houses so social life is positively benefited – share your life with others for success.

+/-3° or 3 days of 15° Gemini or 5/6 June born benefit most in August/ September though most of you will feel the benefits all the way till 2 December.

♉️ #Taurus
Jupiter turning direct expands your proceeds of partnerships – finances in business partnerships & joint finances as well as intimacy & depth in personal partnerships becomes easier to access & grow. Merge your talents, money, emotions to grow more & prosper both financially & emotionally. Blocked or held up financial opportunities tend to open up or money owed to you is usually paid up. Any impending loans/ insurance/ inheritance/ tax matters become easier to resolve. Balance of give & take in joint partnerships becomes easier to achieve. Partner resources usually grow and provide support. Depth in relationships, intimacy brings joy & ease to emotional well being.

This transit usually helps us have a transformation in our life – a much sought after rebirth – in material resources & emotional state. Under influence of Jupiter big life shifts are easier to go through & usually are accretive, lucrative & expansive. That’s why it’s suggested to carry out big shifts under this influence over next four months. Physical transformation, healing, efforts to leave life long addiction to a substance or a habit or a person, repaying a debt karmic or actual loan, merging with a partner are all encouraged & supported under this transit provided we take a step towards it. We also have easier access to deeper knowledge in space of esoteric & philosophical topics as well as are able to become a lucrative manger of other people’s resources – two different spectrums of knowledge – both of which we are able to master if we desire to & take a step towards.

Financial crisis or market volatility or crisis of any kind usually creates great investment opportunities for you under this influence as you are able to see beyond ordinary on how to create value in even the most difficult of the situations. This is a skill set which should be developed & used under this transit for benefiting you & your partners. Power struggles might come up but as you feel comfortable within your skin – you can use them as growth moments of relationships.

+/-3° or 3 days of 15° Taurus or 4/5 May born benefit most in August/ September though most of you will feel the benefits all the way till 2 December.

♈️ #Aries
Jupiter turning direct opens up once in a decade opportunities of expansion of our knowledge, our higher mind & our sense of adventure as we open our life to fresh experiences which will expand our life’s purpose in ways we never imagined before. Progress is made under this extremely beneficial transit through external support & opportunities finally opening up now which were held since past few months.

Experience the beautiful expansion of who you are – your mind, your knowledge, your faith in abundance, your ideology as motivation in life returns & there is enthusiasm positivity about future. This transit encourages us to create a higher purpose or goal of our life & take steps in faith towards it as tools required to make it happen will slowly now start manifesting.

Doors start opening to Adventure, travel, higher education, expansive learning through job or through exposure to multicultural multinational environment with people from diverse fields, legalisation to a foreign country, teaching, publication, becoming a guru / mentor serving a higher cause, Philosophical or spiritual pursuits, seeking home away from home – provided we take the requisite steps believing in abundance of this Universe. Support from mentors, sponsors, foreign partners becomes easier to achieve.

Karmic houses are positively aspected with this transit – giving us faith, creativity, courage to take bold steps as we feel supported spiritually & guided in some ways to ask life for more. Ask & it is given but most importantly have faith in your gifts & abundance of universe to provide you what you have asked for. Fate & faith plays a big role here. Having a faith practice of your choice can greatly benefit as can intentional positive thinking during this time. You have the gift & power of manifestation under this transit so use your words & thoughts wisely and positively. Whenever presented a choice – take the higher ground in arguments, with critics – choose the higher mind, higher ideals & keep the big picture or purpose of it all in mind during decision making – which will bring you more success.

+/-3° or 3 days of 15° Aries or 4/5 Apr born benefit most in August/ September though most of you will feel the benefits all the way till 2 December.

♓️ #Pisces
Jupiter turning direct opens up opportunities of growth, expansion & success in career & public image for you – its time to fulfill the promise of once in a decade growth in career that Jupiter in career house brings. Jupiter brings positive influence to your public image & eases any authority approvals or external support that’s awaited & pending to help you move further up the ladder. It expands the possibilities & options available to expand your job, career reputation, business success & accolades. Your optimistic outlook & faith in your path of choosing helps propel you even further. If progress seemed stagnant in past few months we see things progressing forward provided we take the initiative.

It’s the time to put yourself out there when it comes to your career & business – getting more adventurous, having more faith & taking a few bold steps to expand as it’s once in decade transit which supports our faith in our destiny so we can seek more out of our career or business life or from ourselves as a leader. Seek support from authority figures, move out of your comfort zone in your approach to your career & leadership style, travel if required or interact with people of different background who are influential in your line of work to gain more visibility & success or at the very least gain new perspective, invest in your business to grow it, ask for promotion or expanded role. It’s not the time to hold back or being conservative but direct this energy on the right projects & career choices for Jupiter gives you clear insight into what gives your life higher meaning & purpose – what life path will help you grow over next decade. You also know the trends of the industry well & hence know where it is materially worth investing your time & energy into.

Your family upbringing or past security blanket cannot be sufficient anymore to hold your ambition. You want more & this transit requires you to ask for more. It’s a go big or go home transit & your ambition will be on a upswing. Your faith, optimism, high morals, generosity as a leader of a group or of your journey are assets that would further support you as you boldly go where your ambition wants you to go without inhibition or false inner dialogue of lack. Don’t hold back. Your material houses are positively aspected by this transit so work environment & material resources benefit by you asking for more in your career.

+/-3° or 3 days of 15° Pisces or 5/6 March born benefit most in August/ September though most of you will feel the benefits all the way till 2 December.

♒️ #Aquarius
Jupiter turning direct unblocks opportunities, gains & success through lucrative & diverse network connections, fan base, your tribe – now the big vision & dreams look possible provided you take steps towards it. You are clearly shown what your vision should be for your growth & pathway to get there is through a network – a set of people with shared goals, faith, knowledge & values. You find support in friends, in your business influencers, in your spiritual gurus who guide & support you to launch something to a diverse set of people through online means or by travelling to foreign people or people of diverse background.

This transit also favours easier access to rewards & gains so if you found rewards of your aspirations blocked past few months, you could see that come to pass.

Connect connect connect, share your life, your ideas, socialise, seek support from your network, your business influencers, key business network people, friends, aim for a bigger vision, see more for yourself as more is now possible for you. This transit greatly expands your network influence & your network itself as now your unique ideas start finding acceptance & benefits at larger scale from your network. Accrued wealth through investment or big wealth ideas is positively aspected & set for once in a decade growth provided we take active steps towards it. Expand your network of friends as you refurbish your tribe, expand through group interactions, large group conferences / associations.

You are given keen insight into society or network trends – leverage that to initiate efforts towards a futuristic goal – ahead of current times & bigger in scale. Gains come through network of influential people or through network of people of shared goal or friends, working together towards a vision.

+/-3° or 3 days of 15° Aquarius or 4/5 Feb born benefit most in August/ September though most of you will feel the benefits all the way till 2 December.

♑️ #Capricorn
Jupiter turning direct brings hope, healing, faith, positivity back in our life – it expands our inner life in positive ways such that we feel supported from within. Faith, spirituality, healing & regeneration are made easier for us so we can use this support to break out of any work or health issues boldly & with positive intent. We find support from hidden sources – people or circumstances we have no knowledge of, bring help & support out of nowhere. This is hidden hand of God or higher powers being extended giving us karmic release from a place of lack or suffering or harshness.

Healing physically & mentally are key benefits of this transit as is seeing effective ways on how to access this healing – what blocks well being & what helps bring it about is a key illumination we are given to help us break out of any ailments that are bothering our physical body & mind. As this aspect positively aspects all of your spiritual, karmic houses – positive play of fate & connection to divine are highlighted and strengthened.

This is the house of moksha, spirituality, release – it makes it easier for us to rise above, loose any negativity or negative influence, bury the patterns that we know are our undoing holding us back in terms of growth & happiness. Using few minutes every day to detox people & external environment through a spiritual practice, affirmations, alternative healing methods, having private time, travelling long distance, expand your inner life by feeding it positive reading or listening or yoga practice can benefit you greatly in your external life & work. Your expansion is not in trying to attract growth from outside, your growth is in healing yourself from within, checking in with yourself, paying attention to what your intuition, body & senses are saying, creating positivity within your own inner core and then you easily attract external support & positive work environment as well as good health as a result of being at peace with yourself.

Helping others or giving service to those in need without any expectations of returns, giving compassion, can heal you & add to your positivity & growth. Sleep is key for your healing & positivity so make your bed is big & comfortable, sleep environment joyful, read before bed. Pay attention to your dreams, keep a journal if required as next growth idea strikes in most of the relaxing moments of retreat & ease. Imagination will be vivid – bring it to your work & projects. Private matters in this transit can be easily kept private or things can be easily worked out behind the scene. Bed pleasures expand & become adventurous joyful!

Jupiter’s next stop in December & 2020 is in your sign – expanding your external life, career, goals but before that end a few chapters & patterns with ease or work out plans behind the scene for future growth over next four months.

Good vibes & luck all. Light & love 💫

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