Virgo Season 23 August to 22 September Astrology Horoscope – Manifesting the Perfection!

Virgo season rides the duality & period of change between two seasons but only to be open to two sides of the argument to get it right versus liking to swing from one extreme to another. Mutability of this season helps you improve what you started with a gusto in Leo season embellish it with beauty of reality & material goddess meaning it has got to mean something useful to you versus just the call of your heart. It processes your impulses & makes it into something you can cherish, feel uselful in doing it & have a sustained way of doing it. Perfectionist is the name that’s given to this sign because it’s actually a very sensitive sign – sensitive to service of the world, sensitive to making sure we are giving our best to the world & somehow making it better cause their life’s mission is to make this world better.

Refine, define and then Devine is their motto and should be the qualities we need to incorporate in our work, our mind, our life to make this season productive as well as enjoyable.

My charge to you for start of this season
So let’s do today one thing, the thing characteristic of this season – let’s put three things – precise three things we want out of next 4 weeks. Practical, useful three things that require detailed work and that would serve you right in long run & you know in your heart what it is.

Leo season defines the What, Virgo season the How & Libra season With Who. One step at a time the building blocks appear in our daily life to make our dreams a reality.

Mind gets a toxic filter, it’s discerning knows what your body, your work, your health needs & it wastes no time & no energy of this diminishing summer sun on matters that aren’t worth your time or people for that matter that aren’t worth your mind. We get sharp, we get it right, but delight in mistakes is missing so be ready for that. You will be critical, you will be hard on yourself & you will find others judge mental too. Even love will be practical but it’s different kind of love. Love that is
straight up served with truth like medicine but it cures you, moves you out to a healthier place, let’s you choose broccoli over chips & in some insane way gains pleasure by that.

Things to be prepared for ?
Working too hard, thinking too much, love getting harder to garner cause it’s not yet time for mush – are hallmark of this season. It’s time to love through the works, doing little things at a time, making their bed, giving them what’s useful & giving world your love in form of something useful.

We learn from both the follies and excellence of each sign – for Virgo getting stuck in a loop cause something is not up to its perfection & hence not launching it at all can be an area you might want to look out for. Giving something to the world is better versus nothing cause you didn’t think your gifts are worth it or not upto the mark. Use this time this criticism of self to improve, hone into detail but don’t show stop.

Virgo is hallmark of health practices – allergies, health issues especially related to gut, stomach, digestion, colon, intestines can get highlighted so we can research our way back to health. It’s great time to start health practice, a new diet, regular exercise – nothing extreme – what’s practical doable – day by day Everyday. Good time for healing but practical healing – through earth herbs root vegetables less meat. Diabetics need to be careful in this season but they might find new health solutions from earth, herbs etc under good practitioners guidance to help them manage it better.

Impact of 8 Planets will be in Earth signs in Sept / Virgo season
We would have lot of planets in earth signs – grounded energy all supporting practical manifestation but it can be a downer we can undershoot. That’s where Jupiter Neptune the fantasy, the inspiration kicks in September to remind us Jupiter’s once in a decade manifestation – not forgetting to have faith, take some risks and shoot higher though now with a plan. Plus we start all this with Uranus trines right now in end August so as to not forget to be open to changes.

Mutable Seasons are meant to change – Virgo season is for practical, realistic manifestation of changes. So we won’t be hanging from the chandeliers but there is a lot of excitement in manifestation of changes we have been waiting for.

Earth planets make us materially successful so aiming for something tangible is essential so your vision board will look a lot more filled up with detailed steps of your bigger vision – all real all required. And it’s ok to start it with clutter or over information cause Virgo can easily cut through the clutter to establish the essential. With earth planets things will last for long term & not a fly by the night fantasy – your system will reject any of those even if it’s fascinated by the idea cause Virgo can see both sides but it’s knows which to choose. That’s why it’s duality isn’t so evident as – as much as we swing between extremes in Virgo season – we always manage to find our way back home.

Focus of each sign (rising/ sun/ moon) this season where we should try our best to refine, improve, detail our work to create something tangible & divine of great service and value while trying to keep at bay critical negative thinking –


♈️ #Aries – Work projects, work environment, employees, coworkers, health routines, health industry jobs, pets

♉️ #Taurus – Creative works, arts, crafts, useful hobbies, Creative ventures, children, health of loved ones, parenting style, love, romance, passions, speculative trades, pet or a business that is like a child, conception & giving birth with diligence

♊️ #Gemini – Home, family, real estate, Home improvements, home garden, farm, home cleaning, safety comfort of us & our family, ancestral property, parents & their health, fixed assets, home office/ working from home

♋️ #Cancer – Communication projects, devices & skills, short trips, transportation, busy mental activity & thinking process, neighbours, neighbourhood, local community, relatives, sibling, negotiation in contracts / documentation

♌️ #Leo – Financial abundance, ways of making money, financial projects, ventures which result in consistent yield, talents, diet, your resources of all kind – tools, skills, equipments, food, diet – that help create networth & self worth

♍️ #Virgo – Your life goals, what you are here to deliver to the world, your leadership style, your path, your external reality including your physical body.
Happy birthday to Virgo Sun 🎂

♎️ #Libra – Spiritual & physical regenration & purification, karmic duty / charity/ service without show off, ending detoxing what’s not working objectively, cleanse, healing

♏️ #Scorpio – Visionary projects of practical impact & service to wider audience / to the collective, future concepts, social service & presence, your tribe – friends & business network which supports you to grow in the world in influence, big wealth ideas & their practical details, duties to older sibling, aunties & uncles

♐️ #Sagittarius – Career, work of visible impact, authority figures & their approvals, visibility, public image, boss at work & Home, your material contribution through career goals

♑️ #Capricorn – travel for work, on job education, teaching on practical subjects, sharing details of your Long term plans or sharing your philosophy & knowledge, international trade / work/ interactions, editing & publishing work of significant practical impact, Father or mentor – also their health

♒️ #Aquarius – Renewal, death & rebirth, transformation of health & relationships, proceeds of personal & professional relationships, inheritance, loans, taxes, joint finances, intimacy, spiritual / physical / financial detox, detailed research work or deep cleanse to bring change & start anew

♓️ #Pisces – Committed contracts – personal or professional, spouse, client relationships, one on one relationships, skilled partners, diligent support staff

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