13/14 Oct to 28 Oct Astrology Horoscope – Aries Full Moon at 20°14” Aries – It is War!

We are in cardinal season of Libra – new beginnings, changes, shifts, initiative to turn a leaf is part of charm & challenge of this season. Though the season is of doing things in partnership with our other or better halves, our partners – the Aries full moon of 13th Oct @5pm EST throws a light back to our own self – our individuality & next two weeks become about giving us and our ambitions & drive the stage.

The normal diplomacy, peace, cooperation, balanced approach characteristic of Libra season, is now giving way to its other or better half – Aries. We need to bring what belongs to us home. Aries full moon infuses our emotions with the impetus, the pioneering spirit even a naive foolhardy belief that anything is possible if I want it – cause we need this to move our mountains, to Pioneer our unique something, to go all in into what we truly want to manifest – it’s passionate, it’s impulsive, it’s all consuming & you very much need this right now to get something over the line.

Starting what we couldn’t due to inertia & fear, quick turnarounds, quick actions, actions requiring sheer willpower / raw energy / impetus / guts / oomph / assertion are best brought to completion over the next two weeks with the help of the fiery feisty energy this full moon is unleashing. Telling like it is, having courage to act on what you truly believe to be right / what your intuition is guiding you to, being comfortable in your skin to put yourself first & in front – are hallmarks of this full moon. We dare, we go in independent, take initiative to Pioneer our something unique, we get out of inertia/ out of self doubt/ out of overthinking it all – & just pour all we have got into taking massive physical action.

Don’t doubt your ability to do this cause faith plays an extremely important role here – opt in – opt into the challenge, opt into the competition, opt into the irrevocable transformation putting your hand up & going for it will bring you success right now. Don’t shy away from a challenge right now. The moment you take a step in the direction of trying this something new, giving it time & space – the moment you do that you will feel surer – this is belief that only grows stronger by physically acting on it & taking a step – so opt in! look at Jupiter video of your sign to see where support can come from if you need –

We don’t have to wish, we don’t have to meditate, we don’t have to discuss with anyone – we can but we don’t have to cause this is very much our individual fight – we just have to take simple clear steps – towards what we know we have to bring home – keep it simple, keep it clean, keep or straightforward, keep it fresh interesting & not Long drawn. Don’t wait for anything to find you, don’t wait for anyone to help you out, reach out, take initiative – where Aries is we have gotto to be the one taking bold steps with our own initiative & with belief that its turning up for you – destiny will go where your strong will takes you right now – you are in the driving seat – you are not a damsel in distress – you are a Pioneer who is responding to call of their heart & not taking no for an answer. There is no map, there is no predictability of each step – except that we will get there provided we keep driving.

You have all the tools for it – change is inevitable with this very cardinal full moon marked by a T-Square with Pluto as apex – making this full moon the most powerful rebirth of your personal power you have experienced in a while. Expect ego conflicts, expect that this full moon will push you – help you fight your own fears, inertia & not let you hide in the shadow anymore – this is not a comfortable full moon – I am giving you straight up what is it as any Aries moon would – This is nothing short of war but its required. We do need to fight a few battles to establish new order. Bring it home!

Full moon video link –

1. You do need to have a bit of game
While Aries energy is straightforward – the degree at which this full moon is happening & the fact that Pluto is a participant in this full moon – we would need to find a few manoeuvres to gain advantage. Little bit of game, little bit of politics or indirect way is required. Mercury our mind is in strategic sign of Scorpio so it will come easy – especially as it makes a positive aspect with Saturn on 14 Oct. So while you are a boxer in the ring – overwhelming power, survival of the fittest, primal sheer raw will power & physical effort are important BUT tactics are required else you would be punched out fast. Quickly access your options, think on your feet, take indirect approach where you need to – every fight isn’t worth fighting, manoeuvre where needed – don’t exhaust yourself. Mercury will go retrograde from 31 Oct & we might need to go over what we are doing right now – once more in Nov – another going over the strategy/ tactical plan.

2. DO NOT exhaust yourself
Aries energy sizzles & fizzles fast too – we put our all in a moment & exhaust all pry faculties – take your power sips in between the punches, take breaks – lone time. Hydrate hydrate hydrate – I can’t emphasise enough – you will be migraine, headache prone if you don’t. Take proactive magnesium if you take it for migraines. This is a hot & dry full moon.
Adrenals get stressed if we are not mindful that we are running our energy to ground – Pluto just went direct – you would need SLEEP! Period – it’s a must not matter how amped up you feel. yoy would be facing a lot of truths right now – you will heal better if you are relaxed well slept & you might need more sleep on few days due to Pluto being strong this month & early Nov.

3. Precaution in driving
Overall hurry, fast actions even rash actions – you want to be careful especially next few days & then again around 5th Nov when Mars gets involved & I expect more global aggression & physical actions.

4. Yes People will have temper flying, impulses, rash actions
You can call it people acting up or you can understand that everyone is trying to claim their personal power & we are all learning how preserve sanity in our relationships while having this awakening. We don’t want to be less anymore, hold back, just make nice – but at the same time – we are test driving our new self identity first time in partnerships. There are bound to be teething fights & ego struggles. This will go on till early Nov.

Mundane / Global events
Expect acceleration of conflicts, war like energy, military actions getting aggressive especially going into November. I had stated 29 Oct as a trigger date in my July eclipse video – I maintain that. Look at July Eclipse video of your sign to see what to expect for you personally end Oct –

Fall or rise of leaders with more information coming to light, war peace decisions, provoked actions, high adrenal overall. But same time this can be channeled into innovation, getting tough tasks done, discovery & initiative in world conflicts. We do need to channel the physical energy collectively in a productive fashion.

I don’t know personal chart of y’all but looking back at dates or weeks when this same point in our chart was activated gives us a good idea on how we might personally receive this full moon.

While this full moon might be a completion of task or project that’s unique, exciting, Pioneering act, against norm or society or traditionalists – initiated possibly in April 2019. But a Long term theme might be at play. I will suggest you to take a look at events of October 2015 – specifically 12/13 October 2015 – did you start anything new, did you start something for another – to make someone else happy, or start a new partnership/ contract / relationship phase. You would possibly see completion / conclusion of that, result of that – more importantly you would see shift in roles in that equation now. So say you got into a partnership at that time, now you might go solo; started a job & now you might go independent start your own thing; there is a reversal of roles.

Though if you are able to see – I highly recommend looking back to October 2011 as same full moon happened on 11 October 2011 – though not with same transits but you can see how your personal chart was activated & if any significant life theme came up which might get picked up again now.

Galileo Galilei
People with this degree of Aries prominent in their chart are very inventive as Galileo – the Father of modern science, physics & astronomy was. But like him, we might feel like being put in house arrest (figuratively) by traditionalists & archaic administrative rules cause they have a firm belief that earth is the center of the universe and saying anything else is blasphemy. You would do your finest work as he did while facing this resistance from the traditionalists, naysayers, disbelievers. Pluto in Capricorn irrevocably changes the rules of the game – we can’t continue to be one trick pony when the whole game is changing. We are standing at a crucial point in history – for Pluto in Capricorn is an era of significance always – a piece of history never to be forgotten as it’s always significant – just as creation of America as we know it was when Pluto was last in Capricorn 200+ yrs back. You and me are part of an accelerated evolution – getting ready for the new era. Don’t believe the fly on the wall – the peanut gallery – we have gotto evolve or be deemed part of history in a museum. If you are alive – you know everything didn’t revolve around the earth. No matter what you are doing right now – it will become obsolete very very soon as the speed of evolution is amped up right now – think about your next era in this innovative pioneering full moon & move to join the new tide.

Jonah & the Whale
Now a bit of mythology to close this note. Fixed star attached to this full moon is called “Baten Kaitos” – it’s called a star of shipwreck – yes historically it was attached to shipwrecks including Titanic but over years it’s significance of what we mean by “shipwrecks” has shifted. It reflects breakthroughs or transformations in people’s lives after multiple shipwreck like events – a strong sense of destiny. But more importantly this is linked to Old Testament story of Jonah who was a Hebrew prophet with a specific Mission given by God / higher powers which he ignored to set sail somewhere else. Storm erupted in the sea & Jonas was swallowed by a giant fish only to be spit up after he accepts to follow his Mission.

This story brings to focus a person stuck in a stagnant situation – potentially due to their own folly or if I can say our own stubbornness to accept our Mission in life or failing to see our purpose in life even though it has been clearly spelled out to us by our intuition / higher self / God or faith or events of destiny. But it also reflects that acknowledging our own role in our destiny – taking responsibility of whatever situation we might be in right now – just owning it to start with – can redeem us & give us something to count for our wait, our delays, our self created limbos & stagnancy.

Pluto during its retrograde period of last 5 months has recreated who we are from inside – our external reality has to reflect who we have become psychologically, mentally – recreation of our external reality begins with this full moon.

It’s going to be the most powerful rebirth of our collective personal power. Good luck & much love 💫

Themes by Sign
Aries full moon with Pluto in Capricorn at apex invariably highlights our ambition, life goals & career but let’s briefly look at what area of your life per your rising/ sun/ moon sign would be coming into focus over next two weeks. You would put in a lot of work into this area, look to innovate, might need to strategise to overcome administrative rules or face a few authority conflicts in this area but you pull through with sheer will, physical effort & faith. Check Jupiter videos for source of luck & support – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv3tUTLu8-MTyWkTtAzacdy0lco1NnXID

♈️ #Aries
Your career, physical body, how you show up to the world comes to focus as an old phase comes to conclusion so a new chapter of your life begins. You are more of you with this – more courage, energy, more direct, ambitious, goal oriented. And your leadership style / public image is undergoing a rebirth here. Your words presence will have more impact on others – assume your place, take a seat on the table, don’t shy away from a challenge & an opportunity to step up – it can feel overwhelming – do what you can do & leave the rest to destiny & higher powers. Avoid extreme sports, be careful driving, keep heat & inflammation away. BP, migraine, adrenal fatigue, eye pressure build up – needs physical outlet – drink lot of water, take magnesium if required, channel your ambition – once you know you can be more – you won’t want to be less so trying to compromise your ambition will feel like physical body pressure. +/-3 days or 3° of 10 Apr born or 20°Aries might feel the most. Check Jupiter video to see where you get most support from –

♉️ #Taurus
Secrets, hidden or repressed feelings & emotions might come to surface along with hidden passions, talents as you deal directly with things that are normally hidden from you – you meet this head on. You might also be working on a pioneering project or a unique project in isolation or travel long distance for a project. Lot of work might go into this but you would like to champion it. You might travel long distance away from your normal place to Pioneer something or take a bold step. Lot of energy might be going into creativity, healing, spiritual work, regeneration of the mind. It might feel tough to sleep & it can feel restless. Hidden support or divine intervention might come to light to help you complete an old chapter of life & begin a new purpose of life. Check Jupiter video to see where you get most support from –

♊️ #Gemini
You would be taking initiative & pursuing passionately your vision, ideas, ideals, your social status of business network positioning. You would be highly stimulated & charged up to stand out and stand up on something new that you are pioneering for the society or social structure or business network you are part of.tgos is a very public phase & possibly a dream that comes true to life in a very public way. Social activities are active whereby you would be breaking into circles you used to shy away from earlier. Pluto has reprogrammed restructured your psyche to our fears – making you bolder than ever to go after your dreams, to convince key stakeholders of your unique ideas, to breakthrough an influential business network you were not part of earlier – an important mentor or influencer might come to light as a part of this process. So seek out people, groups, associates, followers who can help you & will grow with you on this journey. Few friends might exit or their life might come into focus – be careful of confrontational energy. +/-3 days or 3° of 11 Jun born or 20°Gemini might feel the most. Check Jupiter video to see where you get most support from –

♋️ #Cancer
Your career, leadership style, life path, your public image& you come into focus. Pluto has irrevocably changed how to you respond to one on one relationship or partnership- balance of power has shifted & you only want authentic contracts that give you your fair share – that’s very much true in terms of kind of roles you take on, your career choices & your projects. It’s time to take initiative in your career, complete old projects / jobs / shifts in bosses or organisational structures & a possible change in home or place of living that comes with it. Major life decisions would be taken now – which set new course of your life – away from stagnancy – you might be taking bold steps by pioneering something – looking to do something new, taking care of your public image, taking care of you & getting your fair share. You are boldly possibly impulsively coming out of inertia & taking initiative by yourself, being proactive – vigorously pursuing a position, an achievement, a status, putting out your CV or going independently & starting on your own. You want to be careful of confrontations as many people may not like your new bold ways but detractors might just be pure distraction. You need quick actions & quick results right now. Put your name in the hat, enter the competition – you would have a lot of energy for career channel it. +/-3 days or 3° of 12 Jul born or 20°Cancer might feel the most. Check Jupiter video to see where you get most support from –

♌️ #Leo
This full moon stimulates your higher mind through travel, education, learning, publication of significance, faith, religion, legalisation, media, international work – you proactively take actions to expand your mind, to take a leap of faith, your world view / faith / mindset is powerfully expanded due to an experience which helps you go for a new course, or go for an education, get a guru / mentor, close on an international deal. Your life purpose comes to Light as you look at reason for your existence & you look to find meaning in life beyond the mundane. There is an idealistic belief here to pursue what we believe is our higher calling, you lead with faith possibly to deliver something unique to the world – as a teacher, as a motivator, as a person working in multi cultural multi national work. If you initiated an international trade or deal or interaction or publication or platform to share your views – it might be time to put all you have got to complete it – you will find huge motivation & discipline to do so. Get a mentor or guide if you feel unclear about your path as this is great time to set life Long goals. Your work environment might be undergoing restructuring which would need to be taken into account. +/-3 days or 3° of 12 Aug born or 20°Leo might feel the most. Check Jupiter video to see where you get most support from –

♍️ #Virgo
Focus might be on closing on terms of partnerships, joint financing, sponsorship for a unique venture, sex, physical transformation, evolving out, letting go what has been holding you back. Few things that were below the surface might come to open & would be discussed dealt with openly especially in your partnerships- personal or professional – especially where some kind of imbalance of give & take exists. A direct & honest discussion about deeper matters can bring matters to clarity. An expense can come to focus or we might need to settle a karmic debt with someone as we balance our books & let go a few burdens through our initiative. If you are in a career which involves managing other people’s resources – you might see a bit shift or a culmination of old deal or financial contract & begining of a new unique phase. You might find yourself driven to develop resources & talents of others – harnessing their strengths to Pioneer something unique. You are driven to create your legacy & that drive can pour into a financial matter or investment which might require loan or sponsorship – you want to be careful of impulsive expenses. You want to be careful on health – of any addictions, careful in terms of speeding & being accident prone at this time. +/-3 days or 3° of 12 Sept born or 20°Virgo might feel the most. Check Jupiter video to see where you get most support from –

♎️ #Libra
Committed partnerships, relationships, contracts, clients, your second child comes to focus & something in life of your partners or in one of your contracts might be coming to head or culmination. You might be required to take proactive massive action with your clients, your business or personal partners, you might be required to get out of your comfort zone to do things & might be deciding on important matters during this time. You might need to take a lead in a relationship or partnership or at job with clients & partners as you or your partner might be looking to Pioneer something & create something unique. Negotiations, legal discussions, contract discussions might be proactively pursued by you & other people in your life – your partner might motivate you to do something new or something significant might be coming to light in your partner / spouse’s life that can lead to important life decisions like place of living, your career & job. Pluto has recreated your core whether you realise it or not but you are much bolder, able to take much more risks – so you will find yourself aiming much higher than before now. +/-3 days or 3° of 13 Oct born or 20°Libra might feel the most. Check Jupiter video to see where you get most support from –

♏️ #Scorpio
Work environment, job opportunity, career progression one to focus with you looking to take initiative to bring to closure or to next step an innovative project or job opportunity that you possibly need to independently get over the line – you might be pioneering it & it requires a lot of courage, lot of communication, positive outlook, conviction in words to convince partners/ coworkers / clients – you are doing something that has possibly not been done before & it might be requiring everything you have got in terms of your mental power, skill set, courage. Pluto is restructuring hope you think, how you deal with your immediate environment, your commercial communication skills so you can bring this home. It would require you to overcome your inhibition, would require speaking up sharing your ideas, travel, interaction with powerful people & possibly require shift in your perception of people around you or complete change of immediate work environment. Your work is coming to light, as is your leadership style, take your seat on the table, share boldly your thoughts, ideas – go out – be extrovert with this energy – your mind is being reborn being reprogrammed – so your external talk would change with it. You might meet confrontation & enemies or critics head on – which is correct but choose your battles wise you will exhaust yourself in ego fights – weigh the outcome, find the right job or project which is worthy of your enormous efforts. Don’t wait take proactive action. Even in health routines – linked to any health issues of head (migraines), eye, blood pressure, any inflammation, any infection, any broke or torn muscles, hormones / adrenal fatigue – take proactive initiative & action. +/-3 days or 3° of 12 Nov born or 20°Scorpio might feel the most. Check Jupiter video to see where you get most support from –

♐️ #Sagittarius
Pleasure, joy, passions, love, romance, children, hobbies, passion projects, your ability to take risk in life, speculative trades, fun & games, your creativity will come to focus, get highlighted & enhanced over next two weeks adding to you & your confidence. A few risks you might have taken in business or love might come to result here – enjoy this journey, this moment as your uniqueness, your talents, your positive karma comes to light here. Bets are paid off, passions flow freely – it can feel nervy or exciting – you want to be careful driving & want to keep a check on blood pressure if it has tendency to go up. Take a chance on you – Pluto is restructuring your ability to generate wealth, finances, assets & your talents, your value system to recreate your self worth & networth from scratch. This is an important & fruitful step in that direction. +/-3 days or 3° of 12 Dec born or 20°Sagittarius might benefit the most. Check Jupiter video to see where you get most support from –

♑️ #Capricorn
Home, property, real estate, your own sense of security might come to focus as you might be looking to get out of your comfort zone, or stepping away from convention to do what normally your family or your own old self won’t normally do. Real estate or fixed asset matters might come up where you need to take bold steps & initiative. Core & important decisions related to family & parents could come up, you might see yourself trying to balance your professional life with your personal life during this time. Pluto in your sign has changed who you ar irrevocably – your home dynamics, family life & living situation might need to reflect that as well. There is no living on the surface anymore, things won’t be glossed over – few things might come out & would be said openly especially in personal situations. Just be mindful that we are not externalising any internal conflict we are having within ourselves – we sometimes seek external permissions, approvals over things that we ourselves are stopping or blocking from ourselves as we don’t believe in our destiny to get them. Own your destiny, your life, your choices without giving anyone else power or responsibility of your life. There will be tremendous external change that will be experienced especially for those born +/-3 days of 11 Jan or planets +/-3° of 20°Capricorn. Check Jupiter video to see where you get most support from –

♒️ #Aquarius
Speaking, writing, communication / marketing project, commercial deal, short journey, your Creative communication skills, your mind, your thinking could come to focus. You might be pouring your all, giving it an innovative twist, doing something that’s unique, leading it or doing it independently – in the process adding to your skills, growing your mind, working on self development in a fun, Creative, exciting way. You want to be careful while driving, while using any sharp tools, also careful of a burn out due to doing too much, taking on too much, too many mental tasks causing fatigue or angry / impulsive speech. Invent or discover a new way, a new angle, a new idea, an original way of selling or advertising. But keep your communication in check as we could blurt out things we don’t want to reveal yet & it can lead to unwanted conflict. Though if done consciously you might be speaking up as you conquer your fears, you might be sharing your unique ideas by overcoming your inhibitions & putting to rest a few internal blockages irrevocably. +/-3 days or 3° of 10 Feb born or 20°Aquarius might benefit the most. Check Jupiter video to see where you get most support from –

♓️ #Pisces
Personal finances, financial/ business matters, your talents, earning power, your diet & physical body will come to focus – taking initiative, going in proactively, going independent, making it happen through will power, effort, motivation, innovation, through your business ventures could be in card but it might require you to deal with pressure of your social circle or go against established rules of an organisation or business network you are part of or it might involve confronting a few powerful people or it might require you to restructure your social life & reorganise your vision/ goals to shift them in line with what generates value & finances. With Pluto in your house of influence – you can command a lot of social following provided you keep your messaging real & approach your goals with clean intentions & open vigor – your enthusiasm for whatever you are pursuing can be infectious & take a lot of people along. Careful of impulsive spending & expenses. +/-3 days or 3° of 11 Mar born or 20°Pisces might benefit the most. Check Jupiter video to see where you get most support from –

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