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As incense were burning, reminding me to sage my past away for upcoming Diwali weekend, my daughters Ghost mask was getting ready for Halloween. Being a Hindu living in western world – the two calendars – Hindu & Gregorian – clash a lot, offending the sensitive while enriching the sensible in my view. I like to move myself as much as possible to the later category though as a Scorpio rising I have to say I bruise easily sometimes.

So as my western Hindu family was getting ready for combined celebrations of Halloween & Diwali for this weekend, it came to me they both had one thing in common – cobwebs of the past. They both remind us that to celebrate the new year – Hindu and Celtic – the first step is embrace or deal with the cobwebs of the past.

But one tries to light fire or offer gold to tempt or ward off the evil or the death or the past & focuses on attracting the light, the monetary abundance ushering in the new life with the new year. The other celebrates the evil, the dead, the past, the devil within us cause it’s very much part of us but more importantly, Celtics believed that embracing the devil or the dead would give us premonition of the future. These are in my view the two ways of dealing with Scorpio energy.

Past is a big part of our future & in Scorpio season past will always come up. But whether the rituals or the season or the Mercury retrograde get us there – the whole idea is be… well whole in this season- healing our past & burying some of it – taking some of it with us.

So what are the after effects of Scorpio season beyond the cliche –

Being reborn yes but wiser; more strategic; with a bit less fear;

with a lot more knowing – cause premonition is essentially intuition created by those who don’t forget past patterns…our own past patterns – so yes with a lot more self knowledge;

standing a little bit taller without anyone propping us up – independent self worth as I would like to call it;

loving someone or something deeper than we have before…becoming one with someone or something or a subject so much that you know them more than they know themselves;

healing our bruises but embracing the marks left cause they make great stories & momentos…don’t they;

sheer dare – sheer hot red blood marsian dare to do what no one envisages you to dare to do cause Mr. Nice had taken over the planet for a while but we gotto get real now;

truth… your own truth… no one else’s… living with it fully unapologetically but without the need of display;

shadow on a sacred part of you – not sharing everything till you trust someone fully – holding a little part of you with you cause it’s too sacred to share till someone truly deserves it;

Creating gold or oil / liquid gold out of nothing cause you unearthed the facts someone else was too timid, too faint hearted, not intent enough, not intense enough to dig through;

Having game…having a strategy…holding a few good cards closer to chest till it’s show time…not giving all of your information professionally & personally…don’t play the game of chess with rules of ludo…nothing is fair;

Don’t bring a bouquet to a knife fight… I am saying this cause Mars is in Libra during its rulers’ season till 19 Nov, meaning we would act to reconcile compromise while in reality we don’t want to, hence the Mercury retrograde from 31 Oct-20 Nov when we would be recalibration our approach to make it more real, authentic, impactful. And just when Mercury goes direct on 20 Nov, Mars moves into Scorpio on 19 Nov. In short our ambition, talk & actions will match better & aim higher after 19th Nov. But try to not give up too much of yourself in trying to reconcile or in trying to be fair, nothing about this season is fair. We don’t have to be fair in Scorpio season we don’t have to be balanced but we do need to be true to your soul in this season;

Don’t dress the devil in a pastel frock – it won’t work – have your ambition out in bright red blue shades with kinky boots on – dress it like a devil, embrace your lust to be who you want to be, you can focus it in this season to move things you couldn’t move before, don’t become less to make the mediocre feel good about themselves, make them sweat a bit & hell yeah enjoy it a bit 😉

Deconstruct a part of you…not all parts of us are meant to go on, after all human body is in constant state of bouts of cell die off and regeneration, this season allows us to debaggage (I will keep using it till Webster’s accepts this word), debug, disengage from what we know isn’t us anymore – dead man walking besides us, draining memories, large part of this year & possibly last few, part of us that stops us for asking what we need, part of us that holds us back in the place “it” thinks we belong..this season is excellent to disengage from our own disfunctional self – first step of rebirth is death of us – you know what it is, it’s not a surprise;

Last but possibly the most interesting is the kundalini awakening – it’s sudden gust of energy compelling them to fully change their life, it’s like a dam has been broken & things in the way go combust like lava flow – it’s flood of intense emotions totally coming out of nowhere, it’s thrilling, exhilarating, freeing, sexy, mystical & connects us to our “source” in ways we didn’t imagine – it unblocks years of pent up energy blocks, hidden subtle force. Trigger can be an event, yoga mudra, sex, essentially things that disassociate you from yourself so you aren’t controlling your body so much as you would normally. It’s defined as coiled up serpent power residing down on the base of our spine as a dormant energy that needs a slight but accurate trigger to be released. It’s release is very much physically felt & spiritually experienced – it’s not a theoretical concept. Scorpio season brings the most opportunities to wake this up & you would find its obvious reflection in subtle yet intense sexual encounters, your own need to be intimate, intense yoga & meditative experiences, I don’t recommend it but in substance use.

There is an intense drive within us to start living our “real” life – where things are happening for us & what’s magical about Scorpio season is that – we are giving intensity, power, grit to make it happen – move our life lock stock & barrel to where we think it deserves to go.

Don’t try to dress it pretty, cause it’s not intended to be pretty, it’s meant to be powerful & sexy 😈

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