Welcoming 2020 !

As the clock is about to strike 12 & reset our life, I thought of you and the journey that we have been on. Still walking the tight rope between the past and the future with a knowing that life is about to be structurally shift forever in this magnificent year that’s upon us. We are together part of a history that’s being written in our own personal capacity & as each cell of our body contributes to us similarly each one of us contributes to the collective universe we create – together we are creating a new world & we collectively have a choice how we want it to look like.

When Saturn Pluto start their 34 year synod on 12th Jan (geocentric) or 10th Jan (heliocentric), we reset the very fabric that creates our little microcosm of existence. It’s the set of life rules, structural boundaries that we live by which help us decide every big decision we take e.g. what road we take when we arrive at a fork. And usually year before this final conjunction is spent in creating this fork cause decision doesn’t just suddenly comes with this conjunction. We are given time & 2019 was that time cause 2020 is showtime. So fork roads were created, choices presented, multiple options created when Jupiter in Sagittarius expanded our vision in 2019 to include more choices in life, making us aware that we are & can be & should be more than we thought we were. We thank 2019 for presenting us through push or pull choices – yes gift of choices that we have.

Now with Jupiter joining Saturn Pluto in Capricorn participating in two other synods in 2020 will tell us to choose. Choose one path. Cause duality isn’t a path of choice for earthy mountain goat Capricorn which will dominate 2020. We are being given the gift of Long term prosperity & growth but at the cost of loosing a few detours & focussing our gifts. There are no wrong choices – but there is always one that our soul chooses cause that’s what we want to experience in this lifetime. What’s the experience your soul wants to choose – it doesn’t have to feel easy – when we try to imagine the path forward it seldom feels easy. Cause it’s new with a lot of unknowns & yeah many always have not made it. But what fundamentally feels like “you”, we didn’t come here to live another’s life – each life is unique like our prints – our prints left after us would be each unique. What legacy you want to leave ?

At this stage I will quote Yoda “Do or do not, there is no try” – Jupiter in Capricorn is Yoda’s words personified – choose a path, make it your own, own it live it eat it drink it in 2020. That’s the road to success in no uncertain terms of this year that’s upon us. Three synods, 5 eclipses, multiple retrogrades of planets in their ruling signs – there is no question that world globally as we know it will turn to what we have never seen before in 2020. We would be writing history. What is yours ? Jupiter in Capricorn rewards the focussed, the well planned, the one that’s willing to burn the boats cause it knows in its soul that he or she will take over the island in 2020.

You have to do one thing in this eclipse season which will accelerate the process – choose.

That’s why Mercury has just joined the party of planets in Capricorn- in this period between the two eclipses – Solar eclipse that just passed on 26th Dec and Lunar eclipse that’s upon us on 10th Jan – you will find yourself getting clarity on your choice. We want to dedicate 2020 to one & only one goal. It’s gotto be material, it has to have an end goal in mind – mountain goat doesn’t climb to infinity – it has an end goal material one – well we are material beings having a substantially material experience & using that for our souls evolution. We do have to be careful though on the material part taking over – don’t forget this is for YOU – this experience this life this goal is for YOU so it has to fulfil you – it’s not about what’s “material” to the rest of the world. Cancer eclipse of 10th January will bring that message loud & clear.

There is no way for us to miss our destiny & cosmos in 2020 will make sure of it – more importantly it will teach us how to successfully live our destiny. Sometimes we get there but don’t know how to keep it.

Saturn in Capricorn creates base of a legacy that lasts – you would never again respond to life’s structural challenges in the way you did before. It’s not a New Years resolution – it’s just the new way of life that’s born & lived – with Saturn – there are no fireworks but we never go back to old rulebook. We can never go back & you would in no uncertain terms know when you are back tracking. 8th January Jupiter Ketu conjunction will remind us of old ways of clinging to a comfort zone we must not go back to anymore. Comfortable is subjective – it’s more of familiar that we are clinging onto – 8th Jan events & those around will give you a clue what boat you aren’t burning still – holding you away from your future as past feels too rosy.

Pluto in Capricorn makes sure we are being true to our power & not compromising it for the sake of worldly success as much as we would be driven to “succeed” in all material senses in 2020. Drive will be at its peak but can’t compromise our truth – you would never again suppress your strength & power to “smooth over” the ripples that you would create in 2020. You would never again doubt who you know you truly are. Again it’s not a New Years resolution cause resolution self extinguish by third week of January- this is the new structure of our life which is there up on us to be lived. And sometimes Pluto pushes us to that optimal breaking point before the element we are made of shifts from dusty carbon to diamond – Pressure will be dialled up from day 1.

Read the writing on the wall of your new life when it comes with a clear messaging on 12th Jan as Mercury is a participant in Pluto Saturn conjunction so new world order doesn’t begin in silence – it begins in a clear exchange of words. Actions of the new start come in full swing in March but January early & bright we know in clear words what 2020 is going to be about. As I said focus is key this year & focus is created early & bright. Mercury is grounded, intellectually, fantastically structured in Capricorn so we discuss objectively, decide for our prosperity & future what’s best & we do the right things. It couldn’t be in a better sign at this time & we couldn’t have a knowing more clear as we would in my view at this time. But voila just like that fate is written & crafted and administrative structures shift, rules seem to be rewritten, decision seem to be decided and we spend 2020 in making the path we have chosen a success..

That’s how I see it.

There will be bubbles that would pop cause Pluto Jupiter synod is known as a bubble buster of dotcom bubble burst fame. Mid year in July we would see certain industries & companies or enterprises which were never meant to be Long term or took short cuts in reporting etc not following the moral code of signature earth sign year – disappear into the thin air from where they suddenly came. Credit will be tight from the get go & we would see corporate greed rampant in first half as earth’s shadow side breeds overly focus on resources & power hog by a few which would ultimately not go well. If there was a year to thoroughly follow a moral code, it would be 2020 cause karma in my view would be instant. It’s not about loosing your flexibility, it’s about showing that you want it enough & you are willing to follow the right route to get to it. Don’t loose sight of following the requisite steps in drive to get there.

Dedicate less hours to wondering why it can’t happen for you & more on making your effort efficient – darkness of thoughts is a side effect of too much earth energy but a working cloud makes its darkness rain hard & makes it count – make every dark thought coming to you count for it indicates how much more you want it – and a strong desire finds a way. Get busy working, planning, finding answer – when you see a dark cloud, make it rain!

Never before a sea of people were gifted with such defining aspects that would shape history – let’s make each day of 2020 count.

Happy new year!

2020 key focus areas of each sign

♈️ Aries – Career growth, public image, leadership style & positions, life structure & path, father, dealings with authority & becoming the authority of ones own life. Physical body & health

♉️ Taurus – Travel, education, publication of significance, becoming a teacher, sharing your higher knowledge, philosophy & higher mind, expanding the framework of your mind by exposing yourself to totally different & variant experiences & thoughts. Growing in knowledge, influence & gaining back sense of adventure

♊️ Gemini – Year of regaining personal & physical strength through learning the art of merging resources, talents with other people & standing your ground in partnerships. Period of rebirth as you finally find your life purpose & come in your full element especially after May.

♋️ Cancer – Partnerships, contracts, significant others & their place in your life versus you & your life path. Year of walking your life purpose but more importantly learning how to walk it with your committed partner/s. Partnerships come in more than one form & shape, learning what’s the model of yours

♌️ Leo – Mind body connection – finding the job or work environment that fulfils you & gives your sense of purpose – healing your body health. Understanding you & only you are the master of your life & your daily life events – taking control of your daily environment & hence health.

♍️ Virgo – Love, passion, hearts desires – living the life on your terms for your passions – betting it all in some senses – taking a chance on yourself & for yourself. Finding what floats your boat emotionally & professionally – leaving now stone unturned to find it & get it. Children or the child like joy from within filling your heart up & your Life – like a karmic blessings from beyond

♎️ Libra – Home, family, real estate – your grounding your base – like coming home to yourself in peace & security . Coming from a place of security & confidence propelling you on solid ground to new big professional shifts & life path changes that are upon you in tandem

♏️ Scorpio – your words your mind your communication skills & commercial aspect of your skills – writing, reading, selling, talking, Publishing – reframing restructuring your mind & reaping the rewards of what you have learned by sharing it with the world in commercially viable ways

♐️ Sagittarius – Finances, assets, your values & ability to generate material abundance from your skills – the skills you mastered or learned or honed in 2019, nows the time to reap commercial & financial rewards from it – creating new assets & monetary growth from existing assets. Establishing your valets system & your self worth as you master the art of turning around financial situations for you & for yours

♑️ Capricorn – You – you are surely the focus & in spotlight with so many major planets focusing their light on you – your life path, physical body, leadership skills reset to a trajectory you didn’t know existed as you are introduced to you in all your strength. Use each day of this year wisely with focus towards your goals as you are gifted with expansion opportunities not seen before as the very frame from which you looked at your life is expanded & enhanced. Happy birthday & it’s surely the year of Capricorn!

♒️ Aquarius – Long distance travel, healing, psychology, untapped potential/ skills / talents – time of God’s timing with hidden support & strength opportunities showing up as your life resets from end 2020, this year will feel like your soul journey where you might be alone sometimes but always with support from beyond – huge amount of faith & rebirth of belief in life & your place in the universe. Lot has been happening below the surface much of which comes above the surface from March.

♓️ Pisces – Network, social influence, big wealth, vision, platform, mass influence, friends, business network, your position in social networks & society of influence – your vision & social influence and position is given a boost as you walk boldly on the path you think is your life’s purpose with the set of people who support you, help you, build you up to bring out your natural gifted talents to larger set of audience or people to benefit the society. World needs good leaders but more importantly it needs visionaries and you fit the bill.

Good luck & much love and success for 2020 💕

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