10 January – June 2020 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – Manifesting what motivates you from within💫

10 January – June 2020 #Astrology #Horoscope Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 20° Cancer

The peace & quiet of full moon in Cancer is raising the wave within us of deep & personal emotions cause it’s come to deliver clarity and messaging from within – what motives you from within?

It’s a manifesting full moon which has come with a completion of a task that got activated since May 2019. That’s challenged you out of your comfort zone & from your old defences – it wants to yes shift your external reality which the line up of Saturn Pluto Jupiter in Capricorn will achieve in no uncertain terms in 2020. But more importantly, it’s restructuring your structure within – creating a person of steel & draining any ounce of weakness hidden below the surface that will block you from manifesting your material desires. Desires of not what the world wants of you, but desires of what motivates you from within.

It’s bringing clarity which will come in no uncertain terms in next few days on your path ahead cause as I said this the year of focusing our resourcing & not squandering the resources of this earth or our time, each day has to count & each day has to produce material progress.

History of this eclipse goes back to 2000 & 2001 – you can look at what initiations from Oct to Dec 2000 produced karmic outcomes from January 2001 ending in Sept 2001. I know what you are thinking but nothing is ever exactly same – just look at the lessons to see if it applies to your next level of growth. Opposite polarity eclipse also happened in 2010 – you can see what began around July 2010 – you could see next chapter of that might begin.

(This is a channeled message written during the eclipse – you can see or hear the video for a more structured listening if you want)

Mercury is full as is the moon – this complete illumination usually brings about a news – clarity that we didn’t have before, information that was hidden or outcome that we were awaiting. The period from 11 Nov to 10 Jan was an experimental phase, we tested, we tried, it was time to test the untried, there was no thinking of consequences when few reckless actions were braved. It was the right time to take a few chances & roll the dice. But now after 10 Jan, deliberation will be the boss. Few who were blinded by ego & will or rage whose actions were not truly rationally arranged – will see a few cards topple in next one to four weeks as Mercury would in its in waxing phase. Introspection, completion of projects, maturity of experimental ideas, burst of creativity checked against practicality will be the theme as we are entering 47 days of completion of deeds (10 Jan-16 Feb). Mercury will be going retrograde from 16 Feb so business tasks would require deliberate completion – mind will be logical, organised & rational as w make material progress on our targets.

The pull of this eclipse is towards a destined path so if a few chips fall, let your path take a turn – a few diversions might take you through more beautiful vistas – stay open stay flexible as a few twists this month are expected. 18 Jan & 23 Jan are surprise & rebellious days that’s where this water full moon can help us prepare.

Intuition is high, we are closest to ourselves – there is a subconscious pull to where we belong. Saturn Pluto opposition to this powerful emotional moon – creates a push & pull that’s shows up as friction – external conflict with family or authority figure is just an indication. There is a conflict within you & this external fight is just a pictorial depiction. Female archetype butt heads with the masculine – both are part of us but may be there is an imbalance. As we have just started the year with a new moon solar eclipse of ambition & growth – our heart is possibly crying – what about my spiritual & internal growth.

This is such a year when Saturn Pluto Jupiter will pull us to our very core, to heights of our ambition, to material abundance & rebirth of our power & lust to high extend of the galore. There will be greed, ambition, redistribution of resources & power – weak structures will break down to give way to what’s sustainable. We will be taught to not compromise our ambition & with blinders on chase that dream doggedly for sure but this Cancer Moon is screaming what about my sense of belonging, my comforts, my feeling of being home, my nurturing side, my inner being, my original design. Am I loosing my reality, my truth, my own authority of self in process – I will reach somewhere this year for sure but first I want to establish that’s my purpose. Am I reacting to external impulses, the challenge of this world or this dream I will be chasing is truly my own.

Some shells surely need cracking & we will come out of our comfort zone – to some extend 2019 already transformed my core but Pluto opposition to this eclipse is doing an irrevocable deconditioning – it’s saying there is no place for your secret source of weakness in this new life beginning. Any guilt of ambition, of our lust, any weakness of our mind – is purged irrevocably by this watery weeping eclipse night. Psyche is split open in two – I am the Dark, I am the light. Finding both power, lust, sexual expression, passions as well as God, Faith, spirituality, belief, mother within you – you have to accept both are parts of you. At 20° Cancer Castor & Pollux the twins reside – they point out without one, the other won’t survive. Castor is intellectual, logical, graceful, skilful yet mortal. Pollux is dark, unbeatable, physically combative & immortal. They are inseparable part of the powerful being that is you – approach the chapter you have in front of you by combining those two parts of you. Come to the situation from two sides – the bright side & shadow side – blending of the opposites is positive manifestation of this point – William Blake, George Elliot, Charles Dickens or Charlie Chaplin for sure – they used their pain to create brightness for the world.

William Blake said – “We should go to heaven for form & hell for energy and marry the two” So use this opposition, these powerful emotions, emotional fortitude & tenacity to create a solid plan – there is no stone no obstacle this strong desire can’t reform – this directly rightly will clearly show you a way but first the obstacle will show up & possibly pain. Fluid response & organised form are perfect blend of these polarities – instead of standard response of – Fight / Suppression of desire / Projection of problem onto others – Try this new blend of opposites – compassion for the rules / the administration / the blockage while using your passions in organised form to create a new way to overcome the obstacle. Your old defence mechanisms will be challenged & dismantled cause it’s not just the world , the society rules, the administration that’s being reborn – so are you.

Sensitivity of brain chemistry, body parts – breasts, womb, stomach, ribs, gums, bodily fluids – could come up – ease yourself into this new brand world. As a new born is transitioned from womb to water – swim, take a steam, drink water & float. You will see a part of you slowly leaving as you find power in owning all of you.

This is the year when our plans mature – we are being taught to be responsible for our experience on earth, our dreams & our body for sure.

Stand up proudly & be counted in your new life & create cash value of whatever is your belief.

William James (20° Capricorn – Sun Mercury Ceres Conjunction)
“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human being can alter his life by altering his attitude”

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