Daily Astrology Horoscope – Mood of the Day!

This is a new segment we are starting. I will pin this for January for you to look at daily astrology horoscope which can help you set the tone of the day inline with the behavioural patterns you are expected to experience, so your day flows more smoothly & is productive. Have a great day ahead!

20 & 21 January Astrology Horoscope

Daily digest of mood of the day –

Mind is having an adventure we didn’t plan for. Going into details isn’t the theme – keep the big picture, deciding on spur of the moment works better, publish, tap into higher learning, keep active & moving, advertise.

Sagittarius feel a reset! Fire signs will feel uptick in mood – Aries/Leo/Sagittarius

Here is some big picture for today / tomorrow for all of us –

Water signs (Cancer / Scorpio / Pisces) will find it easier to attract things required for them to success on their life path especially if they have planets around 8° of these signs or around 29 Jun/ 1 Nov/27 Feb born.

Fixed signs (Taurus/Scorpio/Leo/Aquarius) will feel restless to break free, rebellious & act outside their comfort zone feeling wired up especially if you have planets in first 5° if these signs or if born around 24 Apr/26 Oct/ 24 Jan/ 26 Jul – less coffee is recommended. But out of this restlessness will come lucrative breakthroughs.

Mutable signs (Gemini/Virgo/Pisces/Sagittarius) would attract good fortune while not fixating on outcome of their efforts. They need a bit of R&R and as they relax into they tasks with ease, something that they wanted comes a tad closer than before. You don’t know how far you have progressed when you are having fun!

Cardinal signs (Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn) would need to stay at higher frequency as they are more likely to attract tools, knowledge, sponsors required to grow professionally & personally – while they are in process of becoming. Prepare, grow, imbibe – lot of useful info coming your way. Be in receiving mode, student of life.

17 & 18 January Astrology Horoscope

Daily digest of mood of the day –

Deep waning quarter moon challenges our current course. Glass half full half empty like the moon, pushes us to release what’s forgone. Our mind gets brilliant independent streak. Genius & inventive or eccentric & erratic but one will speak!

Mercury our mind will bang heads with lightening bolt of Uranus tomorrow – it’s brilliant, can be erratic – channel what comes prudently – use technology, your network, stay connected, tap into your network – don’t worry these new ideas & inspirations will make sense. It’s pointing to a new start that’s just around the corner. From your brilliant restlessness will come the new beginning💕

Have a good weekend!

16 January Astrology Horoscope

Daily digest of mood of the day –

Clash between what’s fair & what’s needed to grow in worldly sense shows up. You feel you did well not playing the games but someone shows you what you might be missing by not playing.

Don’t fill the gap with food or alcohol – mind is a very powerful thing & a brilliant idea is about to be born inspired by this gap💫

Libra Sun/ Moon / Rising enjoy your moon but watch for overindulgence💕

15 January Astrology Horoscope

Daily digest of mood of the day –

Deal making diplomacy, harmonious coupling is the theme. Decisions are delayed- both sides of situation is reviewed objectively. You hear yourself better through partner or a sounding board. Beauty & relationship fixes find favors today!

Libra Sun/ Moon / Rising will feel an emotional reset or even a high!

14 January Astrology Horoscope

Daily digest of mood of the day –

Moon is in Virgo – organise away & analyze your way to tangible solutions. Spend time with your pets. Help someone in need. Try a new healthy recipe or order in healthy or shop a healthy ingredient or read / research a health article or solution

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