18-24 January Astrology Horoscope – The week ahead of surprises!

Can you feel the tempo of your life & mind speed up? How are you all doing? Mercury and Sun will stay in square / hard aspect to Uranus, which just turned direct, for next whole week. It’s nervy yet exciting energy – when we are able to wiggle our way through the rusty old thoughts.

But a few surprising reactions or even erratic reactions are seen. It’s usually driven by need to shake things up, impatience in explaining ourselves, sudden ideas coming in which are brilliant yet not yet fully formed. Any kind of traditional constraint will be met with strong reactions.

Plans shift, ideas download, conversations are lively, we feel wired up – excitement, amusement, chance encounters. Careful with tech devices, during driving & of unintended secret revelations!

This aspect will be well embedded in the new moon that’s about to come on 24th Jan – which will bring a few surprising yet refreshing new beginnings in our life. It’s a new moon of breaking out of the archaic structure not serving us. It’s rebellious and we would see a lot of upheavals coming through in the coming week and following the new moon. It’s society detoxing it’s fabric & so would you.

So use this time to discuss new ideas, difference of opinions come with a new approach we didn’t see before. Sudden bends in the road come up with forks we didn’t expect but forks are choices – new choices, new vistas – this is an upbeat energy that can be harnessed to get out of any stagnant situation.

You will feel plugged in, switched on, turned up in your mind’s frequency – try to find people who can match yours & if others seem out of synch to you – use the dissonance to create a tune you both didn’t hear before. Innovation & conflict will walk together. Choose to make the best of it.

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