Aquarius Season, Saturn in Aquarius (March 2020) & the Great Saturn Jupiter Conjunction (December 2020)

This Aquarius season (20.1-19.2) we are sowing seeds for next 20 years of material gains through the Aquarius part of our chart as the Saturn Jupiter will start new 20 year cycle of our material growth in December 2020 in Aquarius as well. A new age will start of gainfulness & prominence of Aquarius nature! Now this season we take a few bold steps towards it! Walk surely & uniquely towards abundance.

(FYI I am typing this on my very shattered iPad screen & it was in cover when it fell – take care of your devices during this week)

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Check where Aquarius sits in your birth chart that’s where you would be initiating in a new bold way & that’s what you would be leveraging to create next 20 year of growth cycle & gainfulness starting December 2020. This year with Saturn briefly touching this area of your life between 21 May-1 Jul you would find initial foundations being laid down. This season you will see yourself planting seeds in this direction.

Below are based on whole sign system for tropical zodiac signs below are key areas for you to contribute to society meaningfully in my view in this new age while being materially gainful –

#Aries – Network, Being an influencer, having a tribe of people working together towards a common cause of humanitarian, social & economic impact, being the nerve center of an influential network, your ability to bring people together in an inspiring way for a common worthy cause, public events or a platform launch or spreading innovative thoughts ideas to a common set of like minded people through a platform that leverages on high tech, AI, big data etc, big wealth through stand alone businesses where you leverage online presence to create a network or bring together talented people in some ways, bringing a great idea or innovation to the world which helps socially & brings gains to you, unique vision & dream which comes suddenly & progresses suddenly like something unlocks after thinking through for a while, friends / elder brother/ sibling / mentor / spouse’s children / nieces / nephews working & supporting in some ways in your unique vision of the world where you contribute significantly to the society

#Taurus – Career in innovation, new progressive technical fields, network head or distribution head or using your networking skills to lead, your career position or title & style of leadership, being a mentor / coach / inspiring head of a firm or group who brings people together through social ideals, Career growth by playing an important social role through your position, sudden opportunities & shifts, rebel against old form of authority or structure of doing business leading to new unique career path, following through on your ideals using your position, professing through career groups or leadership groups, creating a unique reputation & place in the world, unique style of parenthood, progressive parent, being like a friend or father figure as a leader, fame as a leader or General popularity in your profession

#Gemini – Media, publishing, travel, connecting people sharing higher progressive knowledge, always growing expanding learning, education, using technology or recent progressive innovations in education or publications of impact, promoting diversity, shift in religion & belief system – spreading higher knowledge of a religion or belief system, sharing your higher mind, traveling globally to spread information or for a humanitarian cause working with multi cultural multi national teams or networks or using technology to reach out globally, being mentor or getting Teachers & mentors together to enhance awareness, practical progressive philosophy – speaking your radical progressive thoughts & ideals challenging old thinking changing it in gainful manner, making information knowledge globally available rather than being property of a few elite

#Cancer – merging talents & resources to be more, financial mergers, sexual freedom, creating innovative ways of healing, unique ways of handling crisis, learning to handle your upheavals practically objectively through your spiritual awakening & using that to heal others, for social humanitarian benefit, using your depth or loss or fears or addictions or shadow side as your power or learnings – channeling the same into research, solutions, healing, occult topics, metaphysics, astrology that benefits others, psychology, knowledge & objective understanding of death, breaking free from outdated patterns or addictions blocking your power, money from other sources -debt /taxation /insurance /spouse’s money /inheritance. Getting sponsorship or loans for unique ventures possibly involving sexuality / spirituality / metaphysics / oil industry / investment / finance. Death of old self & rebirth of a powerful phenomenon which comes suddenly & swiftly and changes everything!

#Leo – marriage, partnership, client management, mentoring, organising events culturally, socially or for humanitarian causes, coaching, counselling, having an audience, group shows, group contracts, working in partnership with like minded, creative, progressive people with unique ideas & technically adept who are preferably your friends or your spouse or cohabitating with you, doing events to promote creative progressive ideas, your ability to handle & connect with others intellectually while staying emotionally separate or while staying objective, keeping personal emotions a bit at bay when partnering with clients or business partner, staying practical & objective in partnerships & while when counselling

#Virgo – health routines & work environment, innovative progressive solution to health issues & physical well being, serving humanitarian causes through practical means, creating technical services or progressive scientific ways to help those in need or those abused or suffering, creating a network of innovative progressive workers or skilled teams, creating a team of technical SMEs who can innovate or create a platform to help many socially or service people in health / diet industry through tech platforms & AI, progressive alternative medical healing methods especially involving body’s circulatory system (heart, blood, veins, body electric wiring), setting up innovative franchises with unique employee program – creating a unique & fair franchise in terms of people management or union benefits or employee benefits, volunteering or humanitarian work or project, acupuncture, homeopathy

#Libra – your passions & creativity – your hobbies involving gadgets, technology, computer games, fun social networking, festivals, fun, enjoyment, bringing people together for fun, arts (possibly digital), humanitarian efforts done out of love or with the one you love, your creative kids or you catering to your child’s creativity or creativity of child within you, karmic gains enlightenment, luck in game of chance – lottery / stock market but please go with a plan & don’t bet the farm – Aquarius energy is best leveraged with a plan & use of technology and analytical skills well (trading through algos etc). Offbeat lovers, insights on love and sharing them with others through a platform. Knowing, understanding children and sharing ideas the same using social network or innovative concepts on how to promote creativity in children, daring to do things differently involving love, arts or children

#Scorpio – home, property, real estate, country of origin, your soul, your emotional foundations, roots, heritage, parents, home based business or real estate business or green city projects or Creative gardening, socially responsible building, innovative real estate, innovative ways to feel emotionally secure & comfortable or ability to help people feel secure in themselves by understanding their pain & insecurity, having practical innovative ways to handle emotional life, parental heritage or property, parenthood, your solid emotional strength & EQ. Potential sudden relocation, using home as base for social causes or for business or group work, living in a progressive community, installing new technology at home & use of most recent gadgets for home based networking, investing in high tech or progressive fixed assets which contribute to your ability to network like electronics or conferencing facilities at home etc, leveraging your ability to see through security needs of people to create innovate solutions around it – emotionally, psychologically or physically through real estate business or home solutions

#Sagittarius – Media ,marketing, Communication & commercial negotiation skills creating self made wealth based on your ability to quickly learning new information or skills and then conveying tangible ideas, selling, convincing people on unique & progressive ideas leveraging your brilliant & unconventional mind. Immense courage to build something on basis of your communication skills and power of your mind, leveraging all resources available to you in your immediate environment e.g. your coworkers, acquaintances, friends giving them fair share but not clinging with it too much – needing own space & time, reading & learning about future trends & progressive topics, using devices which are state of art especially for communication, interesting short trips, intellectual & fast comprehension of subject at hand, radically free thinking leading to original ideas / writing / media work / sales process. Very busy, lots of calls conferences – create ways to release mental overload though you thrive in action

#Capricorn – Creating resources & assets of material value leveraging networks and causes or common theme of social of humanitarian impact, innovation in monetary ideas, Innovation in diets, philanthropy, financial abundance through network, technology & revolutionary new ideas, investing in new technology or through new technology, spending on the next big idea – futuristic scheme like a space program or new innovation or a social platform or digital currency after careful thinking and analysis, investing in or reaping benefits from stocks, investing in a friend or social cause or philanthropy. Sudden swings in earnings as they come from unique sources. Being part of large cooperative funds. More you network, more assets in shape of monetary gains & valuable skills you would accumulate

#Aquarius – Your external identity, how and as what you show up to the world as, your leadership style, your career & external image including appearance, your social contribution as a leader of a network of people, following your intuition to a new path where you know you will make an impact socially and would be gainful, basing your life path on your innate talents of innovation / unique ideas / networking / ability to bring people together & becoming more by uplifting the whole platform of people and not just yourself, progressive thinking on lines of new technology, being open to the world about who you are & not hiding your contributions anymore, desire to follow your hearts desire, very stimulating time with imagination of mind revved up throwing sudden new ideas, keeping your heart free not getting bogged by negative emotions, staying objective & rational as you normally are, not exhausting vitality by going in alone taking your group & tapping into your network of friends / supporters / mentors / influencers, making impact – standing out for the causes that are true to who you are

#Pisces – Spiritual awakening / journey, contributing spiritually to a society, alternative healing methods, breaking old structure suddenly due to a download or sudden awakening, sudden development while you are travelling or in a foreign country or sleeping or relaxing away from the crowd, meditation, psychic work, charity work without attaching your name to it – in hospitals, in field of healing, for mental health, in prisons or for those in need, doing it like your karmic duty & helping humanity in ways not previously seen or understood by others, being a blessing to others, discovering your hidden take to & knowledge suddenly in a moment of peace or in meditation and using it for helping larger set of people, past life memory, karmic times, experiences guided by your guides & angels, enabling group of people to connect with their own inner wisdoms, confronting their demons or fears, connecting with their angels & guides through innovative healing methods

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