February 2020 Daily Astrology Horoscope – Mood of the Day!

This is a new segment we are starting. I will pin this for February for you to look at daily astrology horoscope which can help you set the tone of the day inline with the behavioural patterns you are expected to experience, so your day flows more smoothly & is productive. Have a great day ahead!

25 February Astrology Horoscope

Daily digest of mood of the day –

8:45pm ET : Mercury meets Sun bringing home knowledge of experience. Mind is reborn. We move from past review to gathering resources for future – high mental energy & motivation to talk, learn, start things! Explore new alternatives, develop opportunities without finalizing or fully committing to them till 9 March. Plant a seed – research, learn, gather info, allow the optimism to drive you to new potentials but resist the temptation to fully commit or make major decisions which should be done 11 March or after.

***Warning! – on the same day we have Mars meeting ketu or South Node which creates tremendous energy & courage to follow through on ideas being generated by Mercury but it is also increases tendency to take risks and rush through leading to mechanical breakdown, malfunctions, accidents, confrontations.

We are driven to something from within – you know you are right – others don’t have to agree. Not yet !

24 February Astrology Horoscope

Daily digest of mood of the day –

Pisces new moon progresses – planets in water form symbiosis with planets in earth merging our nimble, creative, dreamy, sensitive, intuitive side with our ambitious, passionate, wanting to make it big materially side. Giving us chance to merge the best of both sides of us. Day of inspired actions, acting on intuition, making creative dreams true & sensual sparks!

Happy New Moon to all especially #Pisces . Its natural for things to be confusing & in a haze till 9 March. Pisces moon desires faith, going with the flow & a bit of release to bring what’s truly ours to us. We can’t miss our destiny as long as we don’t get lost roaming the negative maze of our mind.

22 February Astrology Horoscope

Daily digest of mood of the day –

Mutable ambition meets surprise & brilliance of Uranus – exciting new ideas, opportunities, optimism. Choose to shift ways of doing things making them more lucrative, visionary, current – you will find support & tools for it‬

‪#Aquarius feel a reset‬

21 February Astrology Horoscope

Daily digest of mood of the day –

Day to shake things up a bit but watch out for impulsive reactions & emotional outbursts. Get ahead of it – connect, socialise, brainstorm new ideas, check out a new app – keeping up with times 😉. Can you use tech is a new way today to work smarter – challenge the norm! Keep it simple – don’t overthink it.

19/20 February Astrology Horoscope

Daily digest of mood of the day –

A day to get a lot done at work or physical chores at home – we are practical, results oriented, systematic, steady in our endeavours & waste of time or energy or emotions won’t particularly agree with sober energy of the day. Capricorn could feel an emotional reset & at ease, at home with themselves

17 & 18 February Astrology Horoscope

Daily digest of mood of the day –

Mood of the day is to zoom ahead, optimism, adventure, big picture items, return of energy but #MercuryRetrograde will pull us to a screeching halt whenever we go over our speed limit. Use halts as opportunity to check if you are on the right road

Fire signs – Aries, Sagittarius, Leo can feel very energised & should direct the boost constructively & physically. Virgo & Gemini to large extend as well as Pisces can feel a bit under the shadow – it’s temporary – sort of forced to take a step back to reevaluate things critical to them. Reconsideration as we are afoot big shifts!

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