This site is an effort to join people in their experiences and provide comfort to each other by sharing thoughts and help in each other’s progress cumulatively. Take a few minutes for yourself and for everyone else to contribute to this group just by giving your thoughts and good wishes! We intend to create a tight knit community that contributes to each other’s growth.

The astrology pages are run by myself, Charu. Scorpio Rising, Aries Sun & Moon. Eclipses shifted my life direction and brought me the passion of my life, astrology. It helped me understand myself better and helped me use the energies to bring the much needed changes in my life. I use astrology as a tool to help guide me, my loved ones and my dear clients who are my tribe so we can navigate the energies for our benefit. I believe in free will and the fact that we are trying to manage our reactions to events and situations that life brings to us to be more effective.

Our soul chose this path to experience this life, we are not perfect, we aren’t meant to be but every experience is bringing us closer to who we should become.

I use Western astrology, tropical zodiac and I do use components & concepts of Vedic and traditional astrology that I feel can add to my analysis. I am a 6th house dominant with both Sun and moon there, so my readings and analysis are detailed and I try my best to be of service to my clients. My Mercury is at 29 degree Pisces so my intuition is my guide when I look at a chart to see what stands out, for all of us have unique charts and gifts that we are gifted with.

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  1. hollye says:

    I hope you are well. And that you can post more on utube. I’ve learned from your previous videos. Thank you,


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