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Note – Apologies but 2020 Personal readings are currently not available for booking, you can email me for future bookings.

I have limited slots so it would help, if you could kindly email me mentioning which service interests you, format of delivery (recorded or written), dominant focus if any of the reading (family, health, love life, marriage, children, career, bosses/business partnerships) and expected timeline. I would need your date, time & place of birth. If time is approximate state that.

Below are standard offerings available with pricing in US$.

I look forward to working with you and being part of your future 💫

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1. Eclipse impact for three months – Jan 2019 eclipses $69.99 ✨Special Christmas offer✨ $39.99
Eclipses bring with them accelerated changes and fated events in our life. In this reading we discuss how the eclipses personally might impact you and how to navigate the changes being brought to you. I will take the two eclipses which we are having back to back in a month and detail it’s impact for next 3-6 months. The reading is very focused on how the eclipses pan out in time and is expected to give quick directional ideas. This reading is suggested if you feel you are on verge of a big change a month or so before the eclipse month.

2. New year special✨ – One question Wild card reading $49.99
I don’t normally do this reading but as a special offer to my subscribers and readers to rejoice with you in new year, I am offering you to ask me one question and I will try to look through your chart to answer that. Please note the effort required for this reading is same as a full extended chart reading so I can only offer a limited number of these. First come first serve basis 💫 Please note & I say it with a lot of love – no one, not me, not your chart or anyone can decide major life decisions for you. I can only help guide looking at your chart which way the wind is blowing. Our life is always a journey our soul took to experience something it wanted and final decision to go ahead or not is always yours

3. Personal Transits for one month $29.99
Quick and easy look ahead for key dates for you to have meetings or discussions in that month as well as any other major planetary aspects to your chart which would be strongly felt by you. I suggest to use this if you are expecting an important discussion or event or turn of events this month.

4. Personal Transits for three months $59.99
Next quarter landscape, major interactions with your chart of the cosmos and how it might personally affect you and any suggested precautions, remedies and critical dates to schedule important discussions, launches, downtime, datenight etc.

5. Personal Transits for six months $99.99
How the next six months look like, major transits and how they interact with your personal chart to create any significant personal changes for you in your relationships or career or health. Here I include more details on macro environment to reflect who we are becoming with the changes showing up in our life and purpose as I understand of the transits personally affecting you.

6. 2019 full year personal reading $199.99
What’s the road to success in 2019 for me, what areas of my life could be highlighted and become focus, where could the cosmos guide me to go, any significant changes that come with the transits which I should prepare for. This reading will look at key transits of 2019 and how they interact with your natal chart to see potential personal impacts so we are better prepared. 2019 is a year of manifestation, we have three major planets in their own sign, no major personal planet retrograde, it’s go time. I highly recommend to get a full year reading to get full picture of the year and how the potential of your natal chart can be realised in 2019.

7. Life purpose reading $99.99
Focus is on your karmic destiny, the way to be as coded in your natal chart that would help more success in your life overall. This reading let’s me explore with you the potential in your chart when it comes to your karmic destiny, are yo6 meant to work with other people or chart your own destiny, be in a relationship or focus on self, focus on servicing others or not, focus on home or career. These are key oppositions in our life, key cross roads which help us determine where our opportunities would be and where we need to let go control. I use your natal nodes here as my guide for longer term life path discussion.

8. All about you $199.99
This reading goes beyond life purpose and looks at strengths and weaknesses in your chart. This is a reading to know more about yourself, our hidden desires, potentials, even latent talents which might be lurking behind the busy life waiting to be explored. I also discuss past major life events if any, the purpose of it all to see where we are in our growth journey and which direction we are going to. As Erich Fromm said “Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is. The most important product of his effort is his own personality.”

8. You and me relationship reading $199.99
This is detailed synastry reading with a person of your interest. I would need birth details of both the people. I look through what effect one person has on another, what’s the potential of a relationship, how this relationship could bring changes in your life, level of attraction, spark as they say and other details. I don’t suggest to use this to decide yes or no on a relationship as every relationship has its strengths and weaknesses but yes I will try to highlight the strengths and weaknesses as I see them through the two charts. We will try to keep it fun, happy and interesting here ✨

Sample of my work

These are general readings as a sample of my work, I can’t share client readings so kindly use these as sample formats :

A. Monthly Video Readings
Sample transit reading

B. Annual Video Readings
Sample annual transit reading

C. Written horoscopes
Sample written monthly horoscope


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