Void of course

Fearless are we today, yes of course the energy is coming back, the Moon is in Aries in time for the weekend along with the quick and sharp Aries Mercury mind and yes a bit of sharp tongue too ; well it’s a package deal. Beware of the impatience and rash decision making , let’s be energetic but not yet break ground , the moon is void of course directionless as its slowly taking the Aries energy, if he doesn’t know where he is going how could we!

Let’s enjoy the unknown a bit more , Jupiter Neptune trine is offering perfect opportunity to go drown ourselves in a bit of creative pursuit under the beautiful Taurian Sun. Chiron impact on Moon gives this weekend perfect opportunity to heal while being direct and forthright or let’s just call it what it is … healing like an Arian, just accept dust off and move on. So a bit of healing, getting ready for action and enjoying the Taurian good food and the classic renewal of life as our energy comes back. That’s what weekends are for anyways !

As for me I will savour the last weekend of Uranus in Aries …my sign…that changed my life forever shaking out everything that didn’t work and more over the last decade. If you are an Arian too I salute you too, we made it and we are better for it ❤️❤️❤️

Love and light

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Rings in the Sky

No it’s not the UFO; it’s Jupiter you see clear in the night sky. So many planets visible together, it’s the energy of manifestation , of us having every tool in the armor available for us to make what we … Continue reading

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We are back!

Dear buddies,

I don’t know where to begin but the best way I have found to move forward is to just pick up from where we left so we don’t create gaps that don’t exist in reality.

A lot happened and in the end we are back. Watch this space …!

Love and light

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Cog in the wheel

“The individual appears for an instant, joins the community of thought, modifies it and dies; but the species, that dies not, reaps the fruit of his ephemeral existence.” — A.S. Byatt There was a time and place, such was a … Continue reading

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If you have…

… you can give

Nothing will ever fill you up…
… no matter how much you have…
… you will always want more

If you have …
… you can give

Your smile…
… a piece of your good day
kind words… some help…
… a hand … some of your heart
… some humanity…some light
if you have…
… remember you can always give …

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If you don’t know where you are coming from …

… you don’t know where you are going !

As we grow older, we learn so many different behaviors from our education, society pressures, performance pressures … and we unlearn a lot of things about ourselves.

We are rewritten so as to say, not the same raw naive self and we loose to some extend our essence, our original fragrance gets masked, our view jaded, our passion lost.
If we don’t know where we are coming from, we don’t know where we are going …

I was talking to one of my friend Jenny, very successful in her career still she felt a lack of satisfaction like she was missing something. She worked very hard in her life to make a good career…
Went to the best engineering college…She did well, in order to do better she moved onto the best management school there was, that put her into the highest paying bracket. She has been working for years as top management in her organization but somehow all the progress didn’t make her happy.

Till that one day when she unlocked her mystery on a phone call with her mother… She had moved back to her old house.
Remembering her childhood she told Jenny about her numerous science journals that she used to hide and read like other kids hid comics…that was her dream… to create something… to discover something. It took a moment and she knew what she had unlearned with years of education…

You need to know where you are coming from, you need to know your base, your roots, what you were, what made you happy. Journals help, people help even better.

Take a look back in your past before you run all over the place looking for who you are and what your life is for…you know… you just grew up… you know.

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Eye of the storm

Yes the ocean is wild
It thrashes against those rocks,
giving them the form
The force is so harsh that one would think all the beauty is lost …

But you can see the beauty in this wildness…
…when the sun sets against those waves and the perfect cuts of the rocks shine;
there is no sight to match the light on those drops of water that held their ground

Don’t forget though,
they were guided by its very still core
their own divine centered core … its all calm and clear in its core…

We all need to reach out to that core
before we start thrashing against our rocks
an action without soul and thought is just anarchy … thats beauty lost
thats a good life lost …

Whenever life throws you a storm
reach out to the eye of your storm
your own calm core
who knows the answers
who will give you direction
some call it your divine core
some call it … the voice of God

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And the clock struck 12 again !

The moon watched waiting for the tides to rise…
… just enough to wash away my writings of the day…
Smiled at me… handing me my life again …
Here… all is forgotten … good or bad
… sins forgiven good deeds forgotten.
Here it is… make it what you want again … you can be new again …

And just like that as the clock struck 12 again on another ordinary day…
I felt my clean slate …
just like that sitting under the moonlight a thought gave me my new life…
… another chance to live as I wanted

…. May God give us the strength to honor the gift of our mind and
vision to see how slight change in our thoughts can give us a new life.

Happy New Year everyone !

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This is your dream !

God doesn’t give you what you don’t want or what you wouldn’t need. Luck is you asking Him for what you want and Him giving you the faith or anger to achieve it !

Some call it creating your destiny and some call it living in faith.

Believe as you must but remember your life is a choice you made, it is what you asked for,… no matter how bad it feels right it, you are living your own dream.

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“Pop Goes Perfection”

“When you’re into Perfection, keep on your toes
You have to be quick, ‘cuz here how it goes
Push the plunger down, set the timer
Put the pieces in place, don’t be slow
In Perfection, you’ve gotta move on fast, move on fast
Or the pieces pop out before you put in the last
And that’s Perfection”

No this is not the eternal love for perfection which Plato mused, this is lyrics from the jingle of a game called “Perfection”, this is the jingle of our daily life, the game we play every day and call it drive towards perfection –“putting all the pieces into matching holes on the board before the time limit runs out”

Who doesn’t like to see perfection, the obsession has existed forever. The obsession has grown to this extend that we drive direction of our entire life towards attaining that feeling of perfection in things which are perceived as important, perfect education of kids, perfect salary, perfect physical appearances, perfect big houses, perfect number of cars, perfect career, perfect amount of money and perfect madness.

The real perfections are all lost, its like we decorated the crust perfectly leaving the core of life so unattended, so unloved that there is no joy in that perfection, its hollow, unsustainable.

So many people after pushing themselves to do their jobs to perfection, come back to their perfect house, where the perfect spread of food is laid out for them to have alone while their perfect kids are sleeping on their perfect beds, everything perfect just devoid of love, devoid of passion, devoid of truth.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t be giving a 100% to our profession or to our life but being true to yourself while doing this is important. Its important to check back and see what are you giving your 100% to. You have to chose and you cant make the world around you make the choice for you. Idea of a perfect life is to live it the way your heart wants it to, attaining the goals you have, which mean to you, which bring true happiness to you.

For the world around you that life might be of no value or a failure, but its your perfect life and it has to serve the purpose for you, it has to drive you every day, give you reason to get up every day, hence only it has to your choice and only your decision.
Then it wouldn’t be an effort to drive yourself to that perfect musical note, that perfect figure, that perfect profession or perfect balance in relationship, you would be driven only if its for you and your desire inspires you.

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