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🎂 Virgo September 2018 Astrology Horoscope 🎂 Our Glorious Fiery Phoenix 🔥

Happy birthday dear Virgos, this is your September 2018 Astrology horoscope. Sun is shining in your sign, it’s start of your solar year and as you will wish it so be it, this is your month and that’s why it’s … Continue reading

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Rings in the Sky

No it’s not the UFO; it’s Jupiter you see clear in the night sky. So many planets visible together, it’s the energy of manifestation , of us having every tool in the armor available for us to make what we … Continue reading

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Cog in the wheel

“The individual appears for an instant, joins the community of thought, modifies it and dies; but the species, that dies not, reaps the fruit of his ephemeral existence.” — A.S. Byatt There was a time and place, such was a … Continue reading

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